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The IPNE Cold War

In Absolutus' early years it had already built a military bigger and more powerful than any of its post-war neighbors, except for one, a fascist slaver state fittingly named The Land of the Oppressed.

Based in eastern Europe, Land of the Oppressed had effectively overpowered and enslaved the majority of communities in the European continent and soon turned its eyes to the Americas. Seeing this, Absolutus threatened to use its nuclear arsenal on the slaver nation if it annexed another community, while the Oppressed threatened to used their own hoarded nuclear arsenal on Absolutus if the country didn't back down.

Eventually other nations joined into the conflict, The New Holy Roman Empire of Christ, seeing the actions of the Land of the Oppressed, called for a holy crusade against them and found itself allied with Absolutus. Socialist Kynotsu and its capitalist rival East Kynotsu both agreed to set aside their differences to also join Absolutus in condemning the Land of the Oppressed.

Still, no matter how barbaric the Land of the Oppressed was, it found itself a powerful friend, the religiously fanatic and cannibalistic people of Metalopia, based in the remains of Scandinavia. They allied themselves with the Oppressed with the promise of a vast number of slaves to sacrifice and consume.

As the conflict went on skirmishes were common around the world, though never evolving into a full war, and subterfuge was considered the norm. Things took a turn for the worse for the Land of the Oppressed when anarchist rebel groups funded by Absolutus and Kynotsu gained the upper hand in many areas arming and freeing the slaves there to assist in open rebellion.

With its industrial complex and infrastructure at siege from within many enslaved provinces fought for their independence as well, eventually toppling the Land of the Oppressed and throwing it into anarchy.

Metalopia was soon to follow, without any proper nuclear weapons it was promptly invaded with members of its ruling class that didn't flee tried and imprisoned in an international court. A new king was chosen by the people of Metalopia to lead them to a brighter future, renaming the country to Arstadsen to help escape the nation's barbaric and bloody past.