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World Assembly Resolutions

Passed Resolutions

Repeal "Condemn DEN"
Official Debate Thread

The Security Council,

Noting the acts of aggression committed by the DEN military machine against innocent regions and recognizing it as a threat,

Appalled by the simply atrocious number of spelling, grammar, and syntax errors throughout the proposal, including:

  • The use of “appaled” instead of “appalled” in the third clause,

  • The inconsistent use of punctuation marks throughout the proposal,

  • The statement that the invasion of Catholic occurred in “the 2012”,

  • The multiple uses of the phrase “on Nationstates” in clauses two and five, which a member of the Secretariat has described as being “grammatically incorrect”,

  • And the horrific half thought, “even though the atrocities they have done to many regions on Nationstates” in the sixth clause,

Asserting that the language used throughout SC #187 is not fit to be used in a book report, let alone in an international law,

Exasperated by the concept that there were raiding “strategies and tactics that condemned the Black Riders”, when it is a well known fact that it was the Security Council that condemned The Black Riders,

Recognizing that the current incarnation of DEN and the Black Riders are separate entities, despite similarities in style and membership,

Shocked that SC # 187 insinuates that DEN “destroys unique cultures and communities” throughout NationStates, but fails to provide even a single example of a refound to support this claim,

Reminded that while raiding is capable of taking away a community’s region, it is impossible to permanently destroy a region, and even more difficult to destroy a community in NationStates,

Further reminded that DEN has not even refounded a native region by force since its revival, excluding the raider region Power Is Rising, which negates the second clause completely as none of the listed raids caused regional destruction on any scale,

Confused as to why DEN’s raid of Paradoxia went completely unmentioned throughout SC# 187, despite being one of DEN’s most controversial raids,

Realizing that the condemnation was publicly dismissed by many Security Council veterans as being hastily submitted and poorly written,

Remembering that the condemnation of DEN is not a time sensitive issue, and should be done with at least enough care as to not make basic spelling and grammar mistakes,

Concluding that Security Council Resolution #187 “Condemn DEN” is not fit for use by this esteemed body,

Hereby Repeals SC #187: Condemn DEN.

Co-Authored by Tim-Opolis

Votes For: 9,591 (70%)
Votes Against: 4,143 (30%)

Implemented: Tue Jan 26 2016

The World Assembly,

Noting that the goal of Security Council Resolution #201 “Liberate The Place That Has No Big Banks” was to remove the password applied to The Place That Has No Big Banks by the raider organization known as HYDRA Command, in order to allow the native population a chance at reclaiming their homeland;

Disappointed that a high number of the region’s natives abandoned the region less than 12 hours after the initial invasion, and have not made any attempts to mobilize international forces against the raiders even after SC #201 took effect, thwarting any chance at retaking the region;

Observing that despite the best efforts of this esteemed council, the forces of HYDRA Command have successfully refounded the region, taking away any ability to bring the region back under native control;

Seeing no point in keeping a Liberation in effect over a raider controlled region, especially when the original natives have established a more stable home in The Region That Has No Big Banks;

Hoping that future Liberations will be more effective in combatting raider occupations;

Hereby repeals Security Council Resolution #201, "Liberate The Place That Has No Big Banks".

Co-authored by Kaboomlandia.

Votes For: 11,617 (82%)
Votes Against: 2,578 (18%)

Implemented: Wed Aug 10 2016

Repeal "Condemn DEN"
Official Debate Thread
The Security Council,

Reminded that the author of SC #192 "Condemn DEN" was unaware of the typical procedures of the Security Council, and therefore neglected to seek assistance from their fellow Security Council members in drafting their proposal,

Noting that despite heavy criticism, and the disapproval of many well known World Assembly members, delegates, and authors, SC #192 was passed,

Deciding that SC #192 is, frankly, poorly written and riddled with factual errors,

Disturbed by the fact that SC #192 attempts to downplay the act of invading by referring to said activity as a mere “sport”,

Observing that despite the author’s claims that DEN was known for “destroying small regions”, DEN was actually never successful in destroying any inhabited regions,

Exasperated by SC #192’s inclusion of DEN’s intelligence gathering and embassy forming as condemnable acts, seeing as the strategies employed by DEN in these areas are widely used in various other large regions,

Bewildered that SC #192 only includes three examples of DEN raids, neglecting to note the far more important raids that DEN committed on Paradoxia, Power is Rising, Japan, Union of Proletarian States, California, St Abbaddon, Yorkshire, and NeoConfederate States of America,

Pointing out that one of the few examples of a DEN raid SC #192 identifies was an incident in September 2015 involving an internal coup of The West Pacific, in which DEN was the primary region providing support to a rogue Delegate, which is not widely considered to be a raid beyond DEN propaganda,

Cringing at the timing of this proposal, going into effect directly before a major scandal resulted in the complete annihilation of the region known as DEN, the fallout of which has made the region permanently uninhabitable,

Concluding that the only reason SC #192 was passed was due to the belief that many uninformed World Assembly members held that this proposal was the replacement for SC #187 Condemn DEN, which had recently been repealed, unaware that SC #192 was submitted while the replacement proposal was still being drafted,

Finding that while it is important for the Security Council to take action against Predatory regions that cause harm to others, it is equally important that the Security Council upholds its long held traditions and procedures, and hoping that removing this resolution will help encourage other aspiring Security Council authors to present their proposals for drafting before submission,

Believing that due to SC #192’s poor quality, factual inaccuracies and exclusion of major events, the Resolution should be removed from the record,

Hereby Repeals Security Council Resolution #192 "Condemn DEN".

Votes For: 11,445 (69%)
Votes Against: 5,031 (31%)

Implemented: Thu Sep 29 2016

Drafts and Proposals

Commend The Black Riders
Official Debate Thread

My first Security Council proposal, please excuse its noobishness. I will not be posting text for it because there were seven different drafts, but let's be real this was a joke proposal from the start. At best it was a very strange propaganda piece.

Liberate The Black Riders
Official Debate Thread

This draft was actually a cover-up for Operation Estonian Paralympic Team, the Raider Unity operation that resulted in every democratically elected position within the "New Black Riders" government (the occupying forces that invaded after the founder of TBR was deleted) was held by a raider sleeper agent, including the World Assembly Delegate. The goal was to make it seem like the raiding community wanted The Black Riders to be Liberated, and the hope was that reverse psychology would win the day. Did it succeed? Well, The Black Riders were never Liberated by the Security Council despite serious efforts to do so, though this proposal was honestly mostly just for fun and probably did not contribute.
The Security Council,

Remembering that The Black Riders were one of the most feared military forces in history,

Memorializing the thousands upon thousands of regions that were felled by The Black Riders,

Recalling that the region became founderless when The Black Riders Commander ceased to exist,

Applauding the region’s new leadership for its attempts to create a free and democratic system to replace the military hierarchy that preceded it,

Saddened to see the truth, that their attempts have ultimately failed,

Realizing that the first delegate of the new Black Riders, Unitedgermanregions, up and left the region, leaving it at the mercy of invaders,

Pointing out that the second delegate, Pontacium, actually attempted to hand the region over to the invaders,

Amused by the lack of concern that the publicly ratified "democratic" constitution of The Black Riders permanently installs Harenhime as Delegate,

Angered by this bastardization of Democracy, a concept that this very council has been charged with upholding,

Horrified by the constant undermining of those who hold the delegacy by those who have been entrusted to help secure the region,

Denouncing the various plots to overthrow UnitedGermanRegions and Pontacium,

Disappointed at the naiveté of those supporting the new government, for not realizing that said government is, in reality, a group of raiders who are unable or unwilling to admit what they truly are,

Understanding that the new government forcibly took control of the delegacy, closed the region’s embassies, and exiled those native to the Black Riders from the region,

Sympathizing with the former citizens of The Black Riders, who were forced from their home and suffered derogatory and tasteless leering from their occupiers,

Accusing the new government of becoming the very thing that they have fought against, through their actions in taking power and their unethical behavior since,

Infuriated that these invaders have the gall to claim themselves to be “Liberators”,

Warning that a storm is coming, and that the new government of the Black Riders has proven itself to be untrustworthy, and unworthy of permanently controlling the region,

Believing that the new government of The Black Riders will eventually seek to refound the region,

Wishing to block the corrupt leaders of this new government from achieving their nefarious plot,

Hereby Liberates The Black Riders.

This draft was probably my most serious failed attempt as a Security Council author. Written by myself and multiple anonymous co-authors in the aftermath of the repeal of the original Condemn DEN, the creation of this draft was spurred by a barrage of poorly written attempts to replace the recently repealed SC #187. While this draft was receiving feedback and undergoing revisions, another (poorly written) Condemn DEN was proposed. Said proposal was passed and became SC #192, which I would later write the repeal for. This draft failed because the region DEN was deleted by moderation before SC #192 could be repealed, making it impossible to submit a new Condemnation.
The Security Council,

Observing DEN as a notorious military organization, known for its unprovoked attacks against innocent regions of various sizes and ideologies,

Recognizing DEN as the most powerful military in the world, capable of taking over and occupying multiple regions at the same time. For example, throughout the St Abbaddon campaign, four other regions have been placed under occupation, including Yorkshire, NeoConfederate States of America, Anarchy, and Portugal,

Disturbed that DEN forces have recently occupied the regions of St Abbaddon and Anarchy, both of which have previously been liberated by this very council,

Horrified by the actions DEN takes during their occupations, including the forceful removal of each region’s population, causing mass migrations of displaced refugees throughout the world,

Noting that since it’s revival, at least eleven large regions have suffered under DEN occupation, including:

Further Noting that this is not the first raider organization to be associated with the name DEN: a name that has been a part of raider history since the early days of the world,

Disappointed that while the current version of DEN is very different from the DEN of the past, it has garnered the support of several members of the original region,

Concerned by the fact that DEN has inherited and consolidated the possessions and conquests of the now defunct raider region, The Black Riders,

Pointing out that Gest - the founder of DEN, and highest ranking member of it’s military - has already been branded with a condemnation via Security Council Resolution #122,

Troubled by the number of regions and organizations that have shown support for the activities carried out by DEN, and that such support has resulted in DEN’s partnerships with a number of regions, including Brotherhood of Shadows, HYDRA Command, Knights of Ren, The Black Hawks, Auralia, Europeia, Lone Wolves United, The Kingdom of Great Britain, and Cimmeria,

Understanding that while DEN is far from the only raider organization in the world, it is one of the most well known and active groups, giving it symbolic meaning in the eyes of the world as a representation of the raider ideology,

Denouncing the regional destruction carried out by raider influence under the organization and leadership of DEN, and all the future destruction that is sure to follow,

Wishing to discourage future groups from falling under raider influence, while simultaneously expressing the utmost disapproval of DEN,

Hereby Condemns DEN.

Repeal "Condemn Lone Wolves United"
Official Debate Thread

There was an ongoing practical joke that Lone Wolves United had been couped and was becoming a defender organization. Multiple oblivious people posted in the thread for a joke proposal to Commend LWU that they would be willing to support a repeal of their Condemnation, so naturally I wrote a second joke proposal.
The World Assembly,

Contemplating that the name “Lone Wolves United” is an amusing paradox,

Acknowledges that the Lone Wolves United, otherwise known as the LWU, were one of the oldest and most influential raider regions in NationStates, who were condemned in 2011 for raiding several regions,

Reporting that after a recent revolution, led by Alpha Emeritus Scardino, the LWU has switched sides and declared itself a defender organization,

Delighted to find that the LWU has followed through with their claims by cutting relations with, and compromising the operational security of, over seven major raider organizations,

Noting the critical damage that these actions have dealt to these raider regions, who were blindsided by the LWU’s surprise attack,

Relieved that several major raider operations were thwarted due to LWU’s actions, including:

Thankful that the LWU has selflessly sacrificed it’s long held reputation as an elite raider hunting pack in order to save these poor defenseless regions from the Darkspawn scourge,

Concluding that the LWU feels regret for the actions mentioned in SC #74, and that they are currently attempting to make up for these sins,

Realizing that, in hind sight, raiding Anarchy is not really a Condemnable action, since it is so easy and it happens all the time,

Pointing outthat the region’s founder, Evil Wolf, has previously been commended by this council in SC #169 “Commend Evil Wolf”,

Believing that while they still have a long way to go, the Lone Wolves United have proven themselves to be productive members of society, and a menace to raiders across NationStates,

Deciding that these actions have made up for the LWU’s previous mistakes,

Hereby Repeals SC #74 Condemn Lone Wolves United.

The Nohthing of Nohbdy