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RIA Institute of Cartography (Current)

Hello, Usniya here. As your regional Cartographer, I think now is as good a time as any to announce my new plan for how to apply for a spot on our regional map!

So, for as long as I am in office as cartographer, you will have two classes of map requests, which you can send to me via telegram on this nation, or via private message to Usniya on the RIA Forums or Discord. Please do not send telegrams to my Usniya here on Nationstates.

The Class 1 request will be available to anyone who has citizenship on the forums and has been in the RIA for over a week. In a class 1 request, you can select any existing land on the map, here:

(Although that map is going to be updated in the near future.)
To make a request, you will need to send me a message containing the following:
Name of Country for Map:
Link to Forum Account:
Link to Nationstates Nation:
Link to image of Map Selection:
Preferred color for selection:

Class 2 will be available to more prominent members of the RIA, and eligibility will be decided on a case by case basis. If you wish to apply for a class 2, you will first need to send a telegram asking if you are eligible. Class 2 requests will allow you to provide your own map and request to add it into the regional map. You will need to provide:
Link to Forum Account:
Link to Nationstates Nation:
Link to image of map:
Preferred area to be placed:
Preferred color for selection:

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a telegram on this account, have fun!

Ria institute of cartography