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Western Atlantic RP List

General Roleplay Threads
Created by WA nations and including WA nations.

The Emperor's Birthday | Excalbia, open
A Return to the Excalbian Isles | Excalbia, region-wide
Tears for Zamimbia | region-wide
A Place in the World | TRD, Snefaldia, Excalbia, others
A Little Irredentism Between Friends | Uncle Noel, Kartlis, Snefaldia
A New Dawn in Upper Virginia | Upper Virginia, Saxmere, Excalbia, others
Simmering Problems | Cyretopolitania, Kartlis, Brasland, others
Not Peace but a Sword | Leagran, Kartlis, Excalbia, others
The General Secretary's Visit | Uncle Noel, Excalbia, closed
The General Secretary's Regards | Uncle Noel, Excalbia, Closed
Those Who Take Up The Sword | Balthorvia
Buying a ticket and storming the station | Uncle Noel, WA-wide
Escaping the Golden Cage | Pantocratoria, WA-wide

On Hiatus/Inactive
The Hearts of Men | TRD, Snefaldia, others
We Do It For The Homeland | Snefaldia, Knootoss
It Doth Cleave to Thee | Knootoss, Open
The Man of Straw | Pantocratoria, WA-wide
Three's a Crowd | Pantocratoria

Knootians in Profile

Ended, Defunct, or Closed
Ends of Empire | TRD, others
The Vanity of Nations | TRD, others

The State of Snefaldia