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Canon Project

OOC: In order to form one coherent storyline, I am going through my old threads and reposting them. In some cases with minor edits, and others with massive rewrites since my first few were basically filled with one-liners. Many of these threads had input from other players/nations and so I try to contact those who are still active and let them know about my plans. Some of the edits are to the other players' posts and due to inactivity, many of the edits are unilateral. That being said, those players, should they resurrect themselves, do not have to recognize any of these edits in their canon if they don't want to. I, in the interest of the storyline I'm following, will be recognizing them as canon. If these players wish me to make changes or get rid of my edits entirely, they can contact me.

Below are the threads in the Canon Project. This list includes the repostings that I mentioned, those yet to come, and new stories that are part of the storyline. It will be updated regularly;

Group 214 (Completed)
The Millennium Project (Completed)

Winds of Change (Current Storyline)
KAP News Service (Ongoing)
World Assembly Office (Ongoing)
Decision 2015 (Ongoing)
Carlsvadian-Klentian Defence Agreement (Completed)
Nothing but the Truth [NSI] (Ongoing)

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