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Duskian Directive - Sailing the High Seas

Duskian Directive
Sailing the High Seas

The Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces has come a long way since The Birth of a New Era. It's been a steady rise from the ashes, and while perhaps not the best regional military out there, it is one of the top orgs once more. Regularly pulling numbers that it hadn't seen for over a year for liberations or even just standard updates, the RIASF has brushed off the pain and anguish that caused it to fall apart in the past. Now itís boasting regular appearance at updates, with itís fair share of missions already under its belt. With both updaters and pilers on the rise, we in the RIASF are already looking to become a predominant force in defenderdom. We have already proven why we Linkfight, now we need to show that we will continue to fight.

My fellow Renegades, if you think you might want to join the RIASF, then feel free to ask me for info. I will do my best to answer questions, and I know for a fact that the sailors already in the RIASF are enjoying themselves immensely.
It's not a commitment that is meant to be painful. To me, when you join the RIASF, you aren't a Roleplayer, or a government member, or anything other than a sailor. When you're in the Special Forces and participating in an update or just discussing a mission, you are a member of the RIASF, and that alone makes me proud. I'm proud of where the military I gave a kickstart to has come. But without the wonderful people I've met in my time serving as the Security Officer, I may not have had the drive to keep going.

After all, who doesnít like to have fun?
LinkJoin up with us

Red Dusk,
Security Officer