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Pokemon G: Latian and Glisten

Latian and Glisten have broken the rules of actual pokemon, as they are both Latias as well as siblings. Latian is a very sweet Latias, and she never fights. She can also become friends with anyone, but most people want to kill her for her beautiful and valuable pelt. She would do anything to protect her sibling, so much that she cares more about Glisten more than she cares about herself. Glisten on the other hand, was diagnosed with severe autism at a young age, and she is essentially mentally retarded. She loves to wander about carelessly, which gets her in trouble most of the time. She knows no evil, only good. As she is a shiny Latias, people are after her more than her sister. She is also a rape target, since she doesn't understand the ethics of sexual assault. Due to this fact, Latian does not let her out of her sight.