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Youtabonian Army WIP

The Youtabonian Army is the largest branch of the Armed Forces. The Commander in Chief of the Youtabonian Army is the President, who is currently President Sawyer. The Secretary of Defense and the Senate both hold a degree of control over its use as well.

It's roots can be traced through the Cinigradi Army of the dark ages. In the early 1400ís it was reorganized into the Imperial Youtabonian Army. Following the collapse of the Youtabonian Empire at the end of the Youtabonian Civil War, the forces of the victorious Republicans were reorganized into the Confederate Youtabonian Army

The Youtabonian Army

Motto: We Will Defend

-Active: 1,000,000
-Reserve: 3,000,000

Headquarters: The NDHQ in Cinigrad
Bases: Revansburg, Adams Army Base, November City, Fort Dunstadt, Angel Island

- Commander in Chief: President Bailey Sawyer
- Secretary of Defense: Secretary Nick Tallent
- Secretary of Army: Secretary Dawson Calder

As the Imperial Youtabonian Army- 1403
As the Confederate Republic of Youtabonia (Youtabonian) Army- 1764

Other names: The Black Army

History of the Armed Forces-
The Modern Youtabonian Army has seen use in the Brasillistan, Belka, and the Northern Insurgency. The Youto-Belkan War was from 1980-1999, and the war saw the aging Youtabonian Army bogged down in enemy territory for a whole 19 years. The Youtabonian Army was finally able to capture the capital city of Kantis in the Summer of '99. The Belkans surrendered but it marked the start of the Northern Insurgency. In 2001, Belkan Nationals tried to occupy key areas in the annexed areas of Belka after several terrorist attacks, the Armed Forces were called back in and had put down the rebellion by January of '02. From 2002-2014 was a period of mass revitalization for all branches, compulsory military service and a massive growth of Arms Manufacturing. By 2014 the CRYAF was at its strongest since the 1940's. After Brasilistani military began kidnapping Youtabonian children, the new and highly trained Armed Forces were used to invade the nation. The YAF carried in paratroopers to quickly capture the Capital of Brasillistan, while the new T-14 divisions are dropped in following the first raids. Brasillistan refused to surrender, so the Youtabonian Air Force firebombed key areas of the nation, after hundreds of thousands of deaths, the Brasilistanis surrendered. Early 2016 saw a coalition of the banned Far-Left Parties and Islamic minorities banned together into the People's Islamic Coalition, which is currently using terrorist tactics against the Youtabonian Army in the Northern Island. Unable to seize any major cities other than Turner, they are currently engaged in Turner, which the Youtabonian Forces partially flooded by destroying the Red Dam.

- 5,860 M18 "Jaguar" MBT: Main battle tank armed with one 120 mm smoothbore tank gun (42 rounds) and two 7.62◊51mm general-purpose machine gun (4,750 rounds). Includes 27 spare tanks; armor: 3rd generation composite.

Armored Vehicles:
- 11,000 IFV-18 "Hurricane": Armoured personnel armed with 40 mm AGL and a 12.7◊99mm cartridge plus improved armor.

- 10,000 LSV-2: Light Strike Vehicle armed with GPMG, AGL and fourth generation anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile

- 10,000 Adams-Duval MRAP II: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armoured personnel carrier equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) and improved armour.

- 12,000 APC-6: 6x6 native armoured personnel carrier designed for a heavy weapons support role equipped with a 105 mm turret plus improved armour


M-18:Standard 5.56x45mm/.223 automatic rifle with free float barrel and rail integration systems. Coming into service this year, phasing out of the ARAK-14. First standard automatic rifle of the army.

A&D M-27 Infantry Automatic Rifle: 5.56x45mm automatic rifle. Second standard automatic rifle of the army.

- Sgt. Mark Crowder 82rd Battalion Testing the M-27 IAR.

PDW-4: 300 AAC Blackout Personal Defense Weapon.

Tillman 9mm: 9mm handgun, phasing out of the Saryn 9mm.

500 Marks: 12-gauge shotgun

DMR-17: 223 and .308 Designated Marksman Rifle meant to phase out the SSR-65

Hunt LSR.338: .338 Lapua Magnum Light Sniper Rifle

M-109: .50 BMG Heavy Sniper Rifle

HM-250: 7.62mm Belt fed light machine gun.