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TBH World Assembly Policy

The Black Hawks: World Assembly Policy

As you all should know, The Black Hawks previously held a (rarely enforced) policy of "No WA Nations allowed in The Black Hawks." This long-standing policy was intended to encourage our members to follow the current military orders and deploy their WA nation to our ongoing operations, but often just caused confusion.

As such, The Council of Hawks has decided it is time to try a new policy. From here out, WA nations will be allowed in The Black Hawks, under certain conditions.

>> All WA nations in TBH must endorse the appointed delegate. Our current appointed delegate is a retired Hawk of many years, New South Arctica. He has been tasked with encouraging culture, polls, RMB activity, and deployment, so get to know him!

>> All WA nations are still expected to deploy to our operations in a reasonable time frame. You are welcome to endorse New South Arctica between missions, but when orders are posted in the WFE, on the RMB, and/or telegrammed to you, they should still be followed.

It's that simple. With the enactment of this policy, WA nations in TBH not endorsing New South Arctica WILL be ejected. WA nations that do endorse NSA may be subject to frequent telegrams encouraging them to follow our current orders, but not ejected.

Thank you for reading this policy announcement. If you have any questions regarding this policy, or any other aspects of The Black Hawks, please feel free to telegram any member of The Council of Hawks at any time.

- The Council of Hawks