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Interior Executive Order 7

This order is to officially set limits on Gross Domestic Product per Capita (GDPpC) based on our preexisting oral traditions. Our roleplay culture is one of fairness and equality as well as realism and these limits exist to help engender this culture and help all nations operate within a range of power that allows relevant action from all nations in roleplaying. A hard limit is one that you cannot pass; it is set in stone. A soft limit is one in which it is advised to stay below but if you can prove that you will RP well, and you have SoI permission, you may go past it. Some nations may have their GDPpCs as they exist before this Order grandfathered into the legislation, but are encouraged to voluntarily reduce their GDPpCs to conform to the official stance.

This order mandates:
1. That the hard limit on GDPpC is set at $40,000, and;
2. That the soft limit on GDPpC is set at $30,000.


Atnaia, Secretary of the Interior