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Bringhurst-class Corvette

Bringhurst-class Corvette

The Bringhurst is a mass-produced corvette class intended for operations both close to and far away from the shore. These corvettes can be used for a number of different missions. The Bringhurst is fitted with a number of stealth features, although it is certainly not a stealth ship. These features include sloped surfaces and a compact superstructure.

Despite its small size, the Bringhurst packs a sizeable punch. It is a competent Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) vessel with two M-324 TOLAS 8-V torpedo tubes. When engaging ships, the Bringhurst uses two twin-cell launchers for supersonic sea-skimming Tryget Alarm V5010 anti-ship cruise missiles that have a range of around 150 kilometers. For close range this corvette has a two GACO-Fritzham System GFS-A11 76 mm dual-purpose gun. It fires 12 kg shells at a rate of 30-120 rounds per minute to a maximum range of 15 kilometers. This gun has 152 rounds ready to fire at all times. The Bringhurst’s air defense system is for short-range use only. The single Tryget Vampir A90 SR-SAM . These missiles are of fire-and-forget type and have a range of 3-9 kilometers.

The Bringhurst is equipped with GACO-Bishopworth B&W-21 Eavesdropper multi-purpose passive Electronically Scanned Array (PESA) radar and RedBlaze Mk II Surface-search radar, an AR-79FT2 fire control radar, a GACO-Petrusberg Electronic & Radar Industries (PERI) A10V hull mounted sonar, an SEaFalcoN H9 towed array sonar system, and a PERI P99G Infrared Search & Track (IRST) system.

Dimensions and displacement
Length 80 m
Beam 11.5 m
Draught 4.4 m
Displacement, standard ~ 1 300 tons
Displacement, full load 1 500 tons
* 2x GACO-Fritzham System GFS-A11 76mm dual-purpose gun
*2x quadruple launcher for
- Tryget Alarm V5010 SSM
* 1x Tryget Vampir A90 SR-SAM
*2x Torpedo launcher for
- TOLAS Light Torpedo
* KPA Flaghurst Avalon III decoy launcher
Electronics/ Sensors
* GACO-Bishopworth B&W-21 Eavesdropper multi-purpose passive Electronically Scanned Array (PESA) radar
* RedBlaze Mk II Surface-search radar
* AR-79FT2 Fire Control Radar
* GACO-PERI A10V hull mounted sonar
* GACO- Petrusberg Electronic & Radar Ind. B51XS bow-mounted sonar
* SEaFalcoN H9 towed array sonar system
Engines/ Propulsion/ Power
* Propulsion Type: Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD)
* Diesel Engines: 2x - GACO-Furman Marine GFM-11E Diesel
* 2x Propeller shafts
* Speed: 35 Kn

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