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TOP Cement Ltd

TOP Cement Ltd

About Us
TOP Cement is a public joint stock company. The company engages mainly in the production of Portland cement, regular and Sulphate resistant, where TOP Cement Company owns the most modern factories that were established in the west northern of Tongkang Pechah located close to the national borders in accordance with the Tongkang pechah standard specifications and in conformity with the worldwide specifications.

The product has successfully passed all the tests required in Tongkang Pechah Specific Standard Central Organization (TSSCO) for standardization and Quality Control for a production capacity of 5000 tons per day in order to meet the needs of our customers inside and outside Tongkang Pechah, where the company is linked to a network of transport companies to fulfill the customers need.

Management Team
CEO: Dr Osman Tamby
COO: Ms. Hayati Wahab
CFO: Mr. Jamali Syadat

Our Products

Ordinary Portland Cement OPC - $67.00 per ton
Applications / mixes ordinary reinforced concrete, which do not require special types of cement) that need to withstand high strength

Examples of use:

  • Ready-mixed concrete

  • Bases and foundations

  • Concrete preparation in cold weather

  • Bridges and build towers

  • Concret Roads.

  • protected

Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC) - $69.00 per ton
This type of cement is different from the rest of the other types,to distinguish low aluminate content tri-calcium aluminate ratio which is responsible for interaction with the Sulphate ions in the soil or water which prevents volume increasing of concrete and the occurrence of cracks in areas where the soil contains a high proportion of Sulphate.

Examples of use:
Concrete pipe exposed to water with a high percentage of Sulphate s water marshes and sewage
Marine works such as ports and platforms (which may need to bear high strength)
Bases and foundations (that need to withstand high power
Sewage plants (bases of construction and foundations).

Type III / Pozzolana Portland Cement(PPC) - $71.00 per ton
This type of cement distinct because of its specifications differ from other types of cement is made up of (70% -80%) Portland cement plus (15-20%) Pozzolana a black (volcanic) materials hundred percent natural silicon and aluminum, taken from volcanic mountains not directly exposed to any interactions or chemical additives therefore advised to use where there is any damage or disadvantages of the various uses and which gives itselfa great value advanced

The use of Pozzolana Portland cement isRecommended in areas containing soil riches with salts dissolved in the cement, construction industries and infrastructure projects in areas with sandy soil containing silica free desert such as areas with very cold climates

The characteristics and advantages:

  • Plays a role in making the mixture of cement, elastic and flexible (interior and exterior finishes).

  • Reduces the heat generated from the first phase of water is added

  • Can prevent the alkali blocks interaction

  • Reduces the permeability of cement due to its high smoothness.

  • Improve the properties of plastics and cohesion (suitable for cement painting).

  • Thermal insulation (saving electric power for lighting and air conditioners) consumption Noise absorption and helps in sound insulation (reduces sound

  • Increases the fire resistance ability (due to the containment Pozzolananational silica and alumina, it can withstand high temperatures that occur duri

  • Health- friendly material is not harmful to the environment (natural materials do not contain organic materials and has no smell and does not export t

  • Resistance to salts (construction which carried out on the nearby salt water seashores or rich soil of soluble salts, which do not require bearing hig

  • Resistance to weatherchanging with time passing (ancient and historical constructions consist of volcanic source rocks, especially very old Romanian p

  • Health- friendly material is not harmful to the environment (natural materials do not contain organic materials and has no smell and does not export


Examples of use:

  • Factories of all kindsof Bricks Block.

  • Concrete pipe exposed to water with a high percentage of Sulphate s (water marshes and sewage, which does not require bearing very high strength.

  • Small sewage plants


Portland Slag Cement (PSC) - $112.00 per ton
  • It has high ultimate strength with higher rate of gain of strength than normal OPC available in market.

  • Lower water demand & Lower Shrinkage

  • With high compressive strength Portland Slag Cement ensures substantial savings in Cement Consumption.

  • Ideal to use in RCC Slabs, in all types of constructions especially for Marine constructions Elimination of cracks & gives Ultimate higher strength

  • Resistance of Sulphates, alkalis, chlorides & Co2 aggregates reaction

  • Resistance to sea water & Prevent water patches

  • Smooth surface in finish & Superior bonding

  • Greater durability & Better workability

  • Low heat of Hydration & Reduction in free lime leaching

  • Reduced bleeding as well as segregation & corrosion

  • Denser, less permeable concrete and mortar

  • Reduced drying shrinkage & Increased static modules of elasticity

  • Environmental friendly cement & Green cement


  • Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement is particularly suitable for rivers, ports, roads and tunnels.

  • Portland Slag Cement is most commonly used in Coastal regions

Foreign Customers
- Sumatra timur
- Stevencousin
- Karoghustan
- Hundredstar

all exclude 6% GST & 1% export tax

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