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by The 𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕗𝕚𝕖𝕕 Dystopia of Bedetopia. . 45 reads.

Operation Status Quo and The Thunder War - Aftermath

Aftermath of this RP, which involved Bedetopia, Hellgustine empire, Skyhooked, and Republic state of humania. Characters that are not part of Bedetopia shouldn't be able to make decisions based on what is said here.

The βetaship, Pleasure's Laboratory

Pleasure is typing on a computer. Next to it is a vat which contains a naked Rape clone, with its head connected to a series of electrodes

Pleasure: How much data can a human brain contain? I remember Troll telling me that it was over 2 petabytes, but we'll never be able to fill it completely. How big can be someone's memories then? In this era of limitless information processing, it only takes a few minutes to transfer them, but how much time would it have taken if technology wasn't as advanced? We truly have come far.

The vat empties. The clone removes the electrodes, comes out and cracks some bones

Pleasure: Welcome back, big bro.
Rape: Tsk, I'm eager to know what caused my death, the Skyhookedians seemed too primitive to cause any harm. It's a shame we can't continuously update memory backups to avoid that kind of questions.
Pleasure: I'll go fetch you some clothes while you dry yourself. Bedebao wants to meet us in his quarters after that.

The βetaship, Bedebao's Quarters

Pleasure and Rape enter the quarters and sit down on the tatami flooring with the others, because Bedebao is a freaking weeaboo and designed his quarters to be Japanese

Bedebao: That was quite a mess, but we came out victorious... As always, we're now going to review the events and try to learn from our mistakes.
Operation Status Quo was doomed to fail from the start thanks to the lying and manipulative Skyhookedians, but we got our revenge by destroying their capital city and helping the Hellgustine Empire invade them.
Pain: To think that the operation was going so smoothly and went even better than expected... these bastards, how dare they trick us like that?! The Hellgustine Empire's intervention was a godsend, although it didn't look like it at first.
Bedebao: Indeed, but we've managed to turn the tides around in our favour. I'll be totally honest here, the Hellgustine Empire scares the crap out of me. Even if they can't attack us directly because we're very well hidden and take extreme measures to avoid getting traced, having that kind of juggernaut as an enemy would have threatened future plans. We killed two birds with one stone by attacking Skyhooked, which got the Hellgustine Empire on our side.
Troll: This may seem weird now that we've completely crushed them, but I think that if Hellgustine had not gotten involved, attacking Skyhooked wouldn't have been necessary. The research they have only applies to old versions of our equipment, which is useless since we've improved our stuff and patched the vulnerabilities. We've also cleaned up the battlefield before retreating to make sure they don't get anything, which was easy since it was only a few uncounscious soldiers. That psionic link really is a wonderful improvement.
Pleasure: We should probably tweak it so that even uncounscious soldiers don't leave loot. We'll see that in your workshop, Troll.
Rape: Can we get to the point already? I don't want to die again in a preventable manner.
Bedebao: Alright, we'll quickly go over Operation Status Quo first, since we didn't encounter much problems there.
Destruction: My mech. It's a damn shame I didn't get to use it (OOC: Alternate timeline with mech battle coming soon).
Troll: You got hit by a big lightning bolt despite being in your mech. How?
Destruction: I guess it went through the window? It was painful but I quickly recovered.
Troll: I'm going to install a lightning rod on your mech so this doesn't happen again. Actually, multiple lightning rods.
Pain: That was the only important thing I can think of. Should we get to the main event?
Pleasure: Wait. What about that nano-virus Victor had before the war started? We still don't know who is responsible for this, even if it was cured.
Troll: They hacked the code, right? I could've done that easily. It's not a major issue for us.
Bedebao: Moving on... This is what you want to know, Rape.
Rape: I'm listening.
Pleasure: You were flying with your Omni-Jetpack and pointed out some Skyhookedian assassins, when suddenly one of them managed to poison you with a dart. I cured you with the serum but you stayed uncounscious for a little bit.
Rape: So what killed me then?
Pleasure: Well, just after you woke up, a sniper blew your head off while I was holding you. Before that you told me to find a way to make you immune to poisons, which is something I will definitely be working on.
Rape: I need a forcefield. Getting sniped like that is humiliating.
Troll: I will work on adding that to your Omni-Jetpack.
Bedebao: Next up is my battle with some Skyhookedian leaders or something. While I managed to hold them off until the Black Panther was fully charged, I must focus on enhancing my reflexes and my energy consumption. Maybe I should bring knives to throw too...
Pain: By the way, good job on manning the ship and the Black Panther, Destruction.
Destruction: It's nothing, really, I was just following orders. We are all trained to be able to pilot it for cases like this. At least it compensates for not being able to use my mech to blow up stuff back at Humania.
Pain: You even used that diamond twice. Being able to fire at 50% right after jumping is a strong advantage for us. Troll, are you sure you can't increase the thresold so we could blow up planets instantly?
Troll: We'd need to build a new βetaship with a stronger power grid. When it was first built we didn't know that we would get such a powerful weapon in such bizarre circumstances.
Bedebao: I also commend you for calling Breachers, Pain. Who knows what that Skyhookedian ship could've done if we didn't destroy their beam.
Pain: Common sense. Destruction wouldn't have jumped while the enemy was there anyway.
Bedebao: I think we're done here. We will not be attacking Humania unless they are foolish enough to provoke us, even if they're allied with the GGP.