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Fujansk Designs (formerly Flags by Fujai)

Hello, and welcome to Fujansk Designs, formerly Flags by Fujai, a graphic design service run by yours truly, Fujai (pronounced foo-yEYE).

While this service began with flags, it has since expanded to include regional themes, branding (for nations, storefronts, or anything else), maps, seals, badges, awards, coats of arms, banners, and any other type of graphic design!

To request a design, simply send me a telegram or a Discord message at Smithy876#6074. I ask that you include what you would like, any ideas you have, such as color or style, and what it will be used for. After I send you a first draft, let me know if there is anything you would like to changeŚI encourage constructive criticism so that I can make you the best product possible.

A couple notes:

  • My only request is that after I've made you a design (assuming that you like it), you point people in my direction if they ask about it or need something designed.

  • If you'd like to credit me in an IC roleplay, you may credit LinkKeirvann, Fujai's premier design collective.

  • Programs I use, if you're curious:

    • For designing, I mainly use Adobe Illustrator (95%), Adobe Photoshop (4%), and LinkFlagMaker (1%). Free alternatives to Illustrator and Photoshop are LinkInkscape and LinkGIMP. If you are a student or work for a university or large company, you probably have some sort of discount for Adobe products. If you don't have a discount, they charge ridiculously exorbitant prices for much the same functionality as the free alternatives.

    • is a great utility for making scientifically tested color schemes for maps and other forms of data visualization. is also a useful tool for making color schemes.

    • I use LinkInstant Eyedropper to sample the color of any pixel on my screen, and LinkImage Resizer for Windows to resize my images easily.

  • This will always be a completely free service.



P.S. please don't steal my work, if you want to use something, just ask.

Also, take a look at New fakeland's flag rating dispatch in Balder!


TWP Imperial China Theme

Flag of the West Pacific

The West Pacific wordmark

TWP Ministry of WA Affairs wordmark

Proposed The Western Dragon wordmark (rebranded newspaper)

Proposed government structure of TWP

Proposed TWP Branding

Flag of The West Pacific

The West Pacific wordmark

Emblem of The West Pacific


Universitetet i Keiserholde (University of Keiserholde)

Universitetet i Keiserholde Sˇlr˙ner

Keiserholdes Tunnelbana (subway)

FJU (Fujai Utsending), Fujai's national public-service broadcasting organization

Keirvatn, Fujai's premier design collective

The Keiserholde Sentinel

Fujansk Stadion (Fujai National Stadium)

Continental Congress of Polaris (TWP RP)

University of Ozorus (Crandolus)

Lampadaires AssociÚ (Rešuešn)

Sporting Saint-Carl (Rešuešn)

League of Environmental Alliances

Coronet Airlines

Alagion International

International Revolutionary Front for the Advancement of Pie


Map of Avrostadt

Locator Map of Avrostadt

Population Density Map of the Fylka of Fujai

Locator Map of Fujai (non-canon)


Regional Flags

National Flags


Miscellaneous Graphics

Velktinget website header (Legislature of Fujai)

Velktinget composition chart (Legislature of Fujai)

University of Ozorus Ocelots foorball uniform (Crandolus)

Sanjurika National Football (Soccer) Team primary and secondary kits

Sanjurika National Football (Soccer) Team logo

Large Graphics

Fjord og Fjell (Fjord and Mountain) Magazine cover

TWP February Election Schedule

Unofficial TWP Election Schedule



TWP Needs You

Endorse and Protect

tl;dr Lots of designs. They're cool. Ask and I'll make you one.