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Archive of Role-playing in the CoDN (contains old information and links)

Like many regions, The Coalition of Democratic Nations supports role-play among it's members. For more information on the subject,references on how to improve your role-play style, and role-play's place in the CoDN please click this link. This shall be a list of the RPs officially formed in the region after the formation of a new government in early 2016. All are based on the Nationstates Forums. to view older RPs, please form an account on our older Forum Linkhere to view our region's diverse history in Linkcharacter, Linknation, and Linkother Roleplays.

IC National Role-plays

  • The Great War
    Participants: Yurizlansia, Dragomerian islands, East persia, Republic of Washinton, The Uzbek State, English Caliphate, Yumanza, Union of Germany, Ascoobis, The scarlet shogunate, Cerma, Creinuntia, The Greater First Order--New and Free Panem, Greater Konstantinople, The Roman Republic(GK's known puppet)
    Summary: To simulate the atmosphere of the Real-Life First World War. Greater Konstantinople and its allies declared war on the English Caliphate in protest of the Caliphate's treatment of Konstantinoplean prisoners. A mass tangle of alliances and declarations soon expanded the war to include fronts mainly in southern Europe, the Middle East, and North America. As a sworn enemy of Greater Konstantinople, the Dragomerian Islands joined the fray and opened fronts in northern Egypt and a minor one in South America. The conflict remains unresolved.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • War of the Worlds: Non-canon Alien RP
    Participants: Yurizlansia, The Union of Germany, The Greater First Order
    Summary: A non-canon RP set immediately after the Great War. Europe in the process of rebuilding and nations are strained, both politically and financially. This rare epoch of peace is brought to an end by the invasion of Europe by technologically advanced alien refugees, the Martian Lar'kan, in a desperate bid for a new home. Due to the destruction of the Martian environment by the extensive exploitation of Mar's(To the Lar'kan, Mars is known as Reh'Ta) natural resources. Now, these tattered European nations must band together to meet this intimidating threat.
    Status: Incomplete, Underdeveloped, Inactive

  • The Third Arcadian Civil War
    Participants: The Arcadian Covenant, Dragomerian islands, Republic of Washinton, East persia, The scarlet shogunate
    Summary: A Scarletean form of Communism became influential in the Arcadian Covenant in the early 1930's. Leading to the formation of a rebellion movement. The tension became violence when a Communist sympathizer attempted to assassinate a major Arcadian leader. The Arcadian Government decalred martial law and declared an eradication of the Communist traitors. Early in the war, the popular Communist uprising captured great swaths of Arcadian territory. Seeing that the Arcadian government was underprepared to contain the Communist threat within its borders, the strongly capitalist Dragomerian Islands deploys its military in an attempt to brutally quell the uprising. Military assistance to the Arcadian Government was also provided by Ascoobis and Washinton in the name of supporting the official government. However, intervention by Arcadia's eastern neighbor, East Persia, complicated matters by supporting the Communist and inflicting heavy losses upon the Arcadian military. Drawing out and intensifying the war. This conflict became a sort of testing ground for equipment and tactics of the major powers involved. The results of the role-play remain inconclusive.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • World War II RP
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Republic of Washinton, Ascoobis, The scarlet shogunate, Kestvala/United canadian republic
    Summary: An attempt to simulate the Real-Life Second World War. The Dragomerian Islands and its ally, Scarlet Shogunate, began a series of offensive attacks on the nations of the North American western coastline and Southeast Asia. Fronts were established in Eastern Alaska, Central America, and throughout the Pacific Ocean. Results of these fronts and the war remain unclear.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

    IC Character Roleplays

  • The Tokyo Conference
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, East persia,Republic of Washinton, Runloc, Liberatin, Yurizlansia,Ascoobis, Yumanza, Arrethtrae, and Neigeland
    Summary: A worldwide conference in Tokyo, Dragomerian Islands to establish international laws regarding the rules of war.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • Tokyo Economic Summit
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Republic of Washinton, Kestvala/United canadian republic, Ascoobis, The scarlet shogunate, The Arcadian Covenant, Taralus, Liberatin, North amwell
    Summary: This summit of world leaders was launched by the Dragomerian Islands in order to combat and bring an end to the Great Depression that had found itself consuming the world soon after the Great War. Attempts were made by the Dragomerian Islands to establish international laws regarding rightful ownership on the international stage to put an end to illicit replication of products. The Role-play became inactive before progress could be made.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • The ATCO General Summit
    Participants: Ascoobis, Cerma, Republic of Washinton, North amwell, Kestvala/ShortUnited Canadian, Republic[/nation]
    Summary: As one of the founding members of the American Treaty Coalition Organization, a North American organization, the Emperor of Ascoobis has called for the meeting of its members to form a strong defensive policy and increase inter-alliance cooperation in an increasingly hostile world. The first steps were made to counter Dragomerian hostility in the Pacific and various methods of military equipment interchangeability were proposed. Due to inactivity, the role-play remains incomplete and the results of any measures taken, unknown.
    Status Incomplete, Inactive

    OOC Role-play and Related Threads

  • World War II OOC Thread
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, The scarlet shogunate, Republic of Washinton, Kestvala/United canadian republic, Versail, Ascoobis
    Summary: A Thread related to the In-Character WWII Thread where the results of battles and other discussions related to the IC Thread occur. Currently, the players are in the midst of discussions for a peace treaty for the war and discussing the events that they were unable to experience.
    Status: Incomplete, Active

  • Regional RP History Project
    Participants: Ascoobis, Republic of Washinton, Kestvala/United canadian republic, New american peoples republic(Khumieres)
    Summary: The first of a series of efforts to collect national RP histories into a single thread. Inactivity from its members and lack of participation form most RolePlaying nations lead to its demise.
    Status: Incomplete, Underdeveloped, Inactive

  • Invention Claiming Thread
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Republic of Washinton, Himania, Peninsual italiae, Kestvala/United canadian republic, prusswitonsiakekingkailand
    Summary: A second attempt to establish a common history through the claiming of inventions an the explanation of those claims. Inactivity and lack of participation lead to the discontinued use of the thread.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • Official CoDN Regional History Thread
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, The scarlet shogunate
    Summary: The third attempt by the CoDN to establish a common history. This thread has recently been formed and only time will tell if this third attempt at a history will be a success.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • CoDN Canon Discussion
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Republic of Washinton, Ascoobis, Cerma, and Komminland
    Summary: The fourth attempt by the CoDN to establish a common history.Mysteriously went inactive.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • Khumierian Civil War OOC Thread
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Khumieres, Ascoobis
    Summary: A short-lived attempt to work out the events of the 1980 Khumierian Civil War. Retconned by Khumieres afther much discussion. Further cemented by the time jump to 2000.
    Status: Incomplete, Inactive

  • History and Technological Achievements
    Participants: Dragomerian islands, Khumieres, Ascoobis, The scarlet shogunate, Versail, Republic of Washinton, and Nova capatentia
    Summary: The Fifth Attempt at an active CoDN Thread. RP Administrator Ascoobis has decreed it the last thread, in order to prevent the clutter of CoDN related threads that eventually go nowhere.
    Status: Incomplete, Active

  • UN Charter OOC Thread
    Participants: Dragomerian islands and Ascoobis
    Summary: The current attempt by RP Administrator Ascoobis to establish a UN for the RP world.
    Status: Incomplete, Active

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