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Sonnel Regional Council - Passed Resolutions

Besides the mandates laid down by the original charter, rules are laid down by resolutions proposed and passed by the Region Council.

Here is a record of the passed resolutions.
Passed format: M/D/Y; Aye-Nay-Abstain
Remember, Founder and Prime Delegate votes count as 2, other 3 officers as 1.

Bill #2.0

Hereby "Political Revision Act"

-Making endorsement of the voted in Prime Delegate mandatory

Punishment is votes not counted in regional votes

-any abuse of authority is hereby punishable

Punishment in its lowest form is suppression, can be scaled to a maximum sentence of ejection for a week, depending on severity of crime

*Passed 4/7/16; 6-0-1*

Resolution to Standardize the Format of Resolutions

Author: West Verrica
Government Sponsors: Mushcap

Recognising the lack of a standardized method for which changes to the charter should be submitted to the regional government,
Believing that a standard could help encourage region wide participation in government,
Requests Changes to II. b. to read:
Any member of the region can suggest rule additions, removals, or amendments, provided they have a government sponsor who can introduce the bill to the other members of government and make their suggestion in the following format.
1. The title should read Resolution to [insert goal here] followed by a empty line
2. The following three lines should be that of the Author:[insert author here] the Government Sponsors:[insert government sponsors], and an empty line
3. Next there is traditionally a preamble which is a number of short sentences addressing why the author decided to write it. It should be formatted as sentences that start with a verb, ends in a comma, and are separated by empty lines.
4. Lastly the author may continue onto their suggestion, traditionally simply by saying "Requests Changes to [item wishing to be changed] to read [what to change it to]"

*Passed 8/8/16; 6-0-1*