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Global Nature Society (Joined Us)

Global Nature Society is a non-governmental non-profit for environmentalists in Hundredstar . This association was established as Nature Society Club in 1940. The GNS is environmental bodies and associations believed the oldest in Hundredstar. Preserving land protects our environment, our water, and our air. It provides natural habitat and enhances our lives. Our open spaces connect us to the great outdoors. Whether itís hiking, biking, boating, birding, or simply watching the sunset, healthy natural lands give us the most special gift. GNS brings together those interested in the natural world. Our objective is to promote the appreciation of nature and encourage a deeper knowledge of it through observation and sharing of experience. Our society supports nature conservation projects and is an active advocate for the preservation of plant and animal habitats.

GNS is a corporate / environmental associations active in addressing issues related to the environment, especially in Hundredstar . At the same time, the agency is managing several environmental studies are well known in Hundredstar such as Coalledge Valley Reservation Forest, and Hornbender Islands Reservation Area.

Management Body

Dr. James Ivorhammer
Founder/ Chairman & CEO

Dr. Pamela Y. Tillerbooth
COO & Hons. Secretary

Mr. Rafael J. Grexman
CFO & Hons. Treasurer

Dr. Lisa D. Ralconery
CTO & Chief Scientist

Global Nature Society manage site

Arthurstead Creek Nature Park, Deerworth Island
Arthurstead Creek National Park is vast, rugged, and one of the least visited national parks in the continental Hundredstar With three distinct ecosystems, endless views, and powerful landscapes, Arthurstead Creek may leave you feeling like you've stumbled onto a well-kept secret.

Merchantboat Bay Nature Park, Holmlock
Merchantboat Bay is in northern Hundredstar, east of Holmlock. The bay is famous for its scenic ocean karst topography and is often included in lists of natural wonders of the world.

Coalledge Valley Reservation Forest, Enfeld
Called by some as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the region, Coalledge Valley is one of Hundredstar's main draws. This 9,050-sq km park is centered around the Ripperthorn River and is home to one of nation's largest concentrations of wildlife.

Hornbender Islands Reservation Area, Hornbender Islands

Black Bear Park, Trosephstein
Black Bear Park is on Calvin Island, 8 miles north off the coast of Trosephstein. Calvin Island is known for beautiful black-sand beaches, trees thick enough for a car to pass through, and the indigenous Calvin bear. The Park shares the island with the city of Calvin. Manage by GNS since January 2017.

The Coaldeer River National Park, Saltbridge
The Coaldeer River National Park is a national park in eastern Saltbridge. The park extends over an area of 97 square kilometres of the province of South Bemwine. Manage by GNS since January 2017.

Global Nature Society works to preserve and protect the water we drink, the air that we breathe, the lands that our food comes from, and the natural areas that we enjoy. Protecting and restoring our natural resources directly enhances our quality of life, providing recreational opportunities like birding, fishing and hiking while protecting wildlife and native plants. Get involved - learn about and join our conservation initiatives.

Awesome Imperium
Awesome Imperium
Awesome Imperium
Bay of Ali Enviromental Studies Institute (BAESI), Kenneto Bay, Atok
Ministry of Enviornment, Awesome Imperium

- Save the Turtle Project (STuP)
- GNS Xavier Straits Underwater Mapping Initiative (X-SUMI)
- Weather Watcher (Global Warming and Natural Disasters research initiative)
- Konstantin Aquarium Seafood Watch programme with Lemlar

Please identify your role in GNS
[]Site/ nature parks provider - provide brief info about the location(s)
[]Project proposal - provide brief info about the project
[]Outreach project proposal - provide brief info about the Outreach project
[]Strategic partners - provide brief info about our Strategic partners which including a company, conglomerate, universities, NGOs, etc

Thank You
Dr. James Ivorhammer
Founder/ Chairman & CEO