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(in RP thread: "Six-nil might be impressive for the Yafor 2s of the world who are impressed at scoring six goals all qualification, never mind in one day."
[10:15] <Yafalonia> I like the "Yafor 2" part :p
[10:15] <Yafalonia> Since that is really true, too ;)
[10:15] <zwangzug> yeah, i figured :P
[10:15] <zwangzug> no offense
[10:15] <Yafalonia> hm, that was a pun! :)
[10:15] <zwangzug> lol
[10:16] <zwangzug> oh, man, that's actually pretty funny
[10:16] <Yafalonia> hehe

19:37 ESF The Holy Empire 2–2 Ad’ihan (2–2 AET) (3–2 PKs)
19:38 LE pfah, not AGAIN
19:39 commerceheights that’s what you get for naming a country after England :P
19:39 ESF lol
19:39 Oli lol
19:39 Veph|busy lol
19:39 Tecumseh lol

[22:01] <HockeyCanada> thats what I love about being born before dec 25, 1991
[22:01] <HockeyCanada> i'm soviet
[22:01] <HockeyCanada> not russian
[22:14] * HockeyCanada didn't realize how much vodka she drank until AFTER she got up to use the bathroom
[22:14] <HockeyCanada> typing is a LOT easier than walking
[22:17] * HockeyCanada is RUSSIAN DAMN IT!
[22:17] * HockeyCanada runs for office... and wins
[22:18] * Zwangzug thought you were Soviet, not Russian? :P
[22:18] <Zwangzug> at any rate, hope the office is somewhat closer than the bathroom :P
[22:18] <HockeyCanada> lol
[22:18] <Vephrall> lol Zwang
[22:18] <Oli> lol
[22:19] <SoupNazi> lol
[22:22] <Rejistania> *lol*

[19:59] FSSO wait, why did you kill your keeper?
[20:00] V-Dog who DOESN'T kill their keeper

15:53 Sorth are the Twin Cities suburbs quadruplets?
15:55 Saugeais Chicago's great if you don't mind a little coruption.
15:55 Saugeais and a lot of your money going to taxes.
15:55 CDP i live in québec, i think either of those situations would be better in chicago. :_P

17:10 Aels I swear I have no luck with trains and people killing themselves at Atherstone

Saugeais: how long will Paraguay keep Brazil for?
PIS: til the next one i htink
PIS: then if they win them four times they get to keep brazil forever and they'll make a new brazil

17:37 Zwangzug Heh, it's all right. By no means a rocker, just musical and nerdy :)
17:37 Havl Trust me, most of the musicians we meet are nerdy. Many of them are musical, too.

13:31 ESF Someone else do my RPs, I'm sick and feel like crap ):
13:32 GAS Hope you feel better!
13:32 Zwangzug there once was a team with a flag
13:32 Zwangzug that flew around and had jet lag
13:32 Zwangzug alas, for now they
13:32 Zwangzug wave the white and the gray
13:32 Zwangzug something something something something onion bag
13:33 commerceheights <Zwangzug> there once was a team with a flag ← I always find that to be one of the entertaining aspects of the FIFA Club World Cup :P
13:35 Saugeais was it a waving flag?
13:36 Zwangzug probably not, they might have predated the ripple checkbox

(alongside much, much, more in this vein)
[08:52] <KP> put points in sprints and soccer? Don't make me laugh! They are popular!
[08:52] <zwangzug> I'll teach /you/ how to be good at sports

Things I've said that have been sigged by others:

(Oli says something about Vephrall only typoing on the first row of his keyboard:)
* Vephrall tries to hit Esc, but ends up hitting F1 instead :(
<zwangzug> if you cannot escape from us, you need help

19:13 Val|WI And the Alligators already have a Ph.D. at making enemies: Marinos, Nacional, TFC, Eterna Stars.... :P
19:14 Zwangzug And the Alligators already have a Ph.D. at making enemies: <- oh, man, speaking of making expressions up, this is fantastic :D

<Zwangzug> it's also unhelpful to claim that Olympic ratings need to be based on previous delegation track record, but that's beside the time-travelling trout point.

<Zwangzug> oh, that's a video game controller in the ICC logo
* Zwangzug was thinking their logo was a bear with a beard in a party hat

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