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* zwangzug is about ready to relegate this bleeping team into nowheresleague, such do they mess up these bleeping tables
<commerceheights> o_O
<Bostopia> Zwangy showing emotion?

[15:45] <BluthCorp> zwangzug: your drummers are always smartasses...
[15:46] <Yafor2|AuxOrcs> All Zwangzugians are smartasses :P

[19:23] <Zwangzug> I'm not convinced the benefits outweigh the risk, is all.
[19:25] <Bostopia> "What risk?" said Bos, while holding a "Kickban them out, Kickban them all out" sign.
[19:25] <LE> lol
[19:27] <Bostopia> LE merely laughed as Zwangy nervously "heh'ed" and carried on with her plans to assimilate Alpha Centauri.

17:15 Catalan There are no girls on the internet
17:15 ESF except Zwang? :p
17:15 Sorth init Zwa... oh she's gone :(
17:15 Sargossa lol comment directed at Uiri's reaction
17:15 Sorth ah TheHURD!
17:15 Hanners she's here
17:15 Nethers
17:15 Sorth oh yeah, she is
17:15 Hanners and by here, I mean there
17:15 Sorth there or over there?
17:15 Uiri Sargossa, which comment?
17:15 Hanners and by there, i mean somewhere
17:15 TheHURD Sorth?
17:15 Sorth somewhere it that direction?
17:15 Catalan Zwang is not a girl.
17:16 Catalan "She" is an adroid.

21:46 LEBot [Q] SPORTS: When Babe Ruth broke the single season home run record in 1919, whose record did he break? <2 words>
21:46 commerceheights Zwangzug

10:51 Gruen I actually didn't know broomball was a real sport
10:51 Gruen I assumed it was a Zwangzugian invention

[18:53] <Rejistania> BTW: Delaclava, if you want a good political system let Zwang design it

[22:55] <Zwangzug> and thats why I play NS :P <- quite so; I don't see myself going into politics or association football any time soon :P
[22:56] <Gruen> i would vote for you
[22:56] <Gruen> if you did go into politics
[22:56] <Virabia> i would consider it
[22:56] <Virabia> but end up voting nader
[22:56] <Zwangzug> aw, thanks
[22:56] <Gruen> provided you ran on anti-designated hitter platform
[22:57] <Zwangzug> lol! I think that could be arranged :D
[22:57] * Vephrall agrees wholeheartedly with Gruen
[22:57] <Vephrall> anti-DH = guaranteed vote :P
[22:58] <AmyPond> I'm Australian, no idea about US politics
[22:58] <Baz|TGM> <--- Awesome
[22:59] <Vephrall> forget politics; this is a far more important matter - baseball

[20:19] <Falc> so the current doctrine is "don't panic, Zwangzug's been doing this for years and he's robots"

16:13 CC everything sounds weird in Zwangzug :p

11:56 Oli great... report from my uni: some pro-strike people, angried by the fact that the unlimited student strike hasn't been reconducted in a referendum yesterday, just vandalized a local
11:57 Zwangzug They vandalized a local? That can't be good for town-gown relations. :p
11:58 Oli damn you, smartass :p

15:33 Inevitable Oh my god. Zwangzug just taught me what you actually use the DRG button for...
15:33 Zwangzug \o/
15:34 Inevitable I just thought it was for spelling rude words!

CDP zwangzug also loves baseball and hates the letter e and used to run a nation of hockey playing robots

The Loquacious Lipograms of Zwangzug