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State Gallery of Art and Culture.

State Gallery of Art and Culture

HM the Sovereign, HRH the Queen, and HG, the Duchess bequeath to thee this Proclamation
' In this our Courty, is serenity and life abounding: It shall be called the light of other brethen neareth it, And that light shineth in the wilderness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.'

The State Gallery of Art:

Containeth herein shall be found the works of art found in all nations and lands within Montaris. Any citizen may submit to the Royal Family a picture, painting, etc. they like and have it featured in the Gallery.

Works of Art within the Realms:

Rob Hefferan

Jose Royo

Alexey Rychkov

Robert Griffing

Jacques-Louis David

Leonardo DaVinci

Jacek Yerka

P.A. Renior

E. Manet

Peter Paul Rubens

Other Paintings to be Submitted

The Royal Art Gallery:

The Signing of the Tavern Charter

The Coronation of the Sovereign

Apollo and Daphne

Hermes and the Infant Dioysus

Laocoon and His Sons

David, by Donatello

Apollo Belvedere

Moses, Michelangelo

School of Athens

Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Bacchus and Ariadne

2nd Bacchus and Ariadne

Et in Arcadia Ego

The Swing



State Gallery of Art and Culture