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Historia Novorum | Conceptual Suggestions


Conceptual Suggestions

This is a List of Conceptual Suggestions for New Nations. These nations/concept ideas are available to be used by anyone. If you would like to use one of the concepts listed here, or take possession of one of the nations, please telegram Historia Novorum. Please Note these are NOT required to be used, they are simply suggestions for those who may not have a specific concept in mind.





A Revived Goa State in Southwestern India.


An independent Manchuria from Chinese rule.

The elban lands

A small state in the Tuscan archipelago ruled by a French separatist government.


The central african congo

A communist state situated in the western Congo with history running back to the Berlin Conference.

Isle of great-britain

Low netherlands

A Dutch nation that shares much of its history with the actual Netherlands, however was supported by Great Britain in its war with Belgium, and retained its southern land.

Low netherlands

Grand quechua

An Inca nation that survived the Spanish invasion of South America (the core lands of Peru, anyway) through clever maneuvering and superior knowledge of the landscape. The Inca survive to modern day and while being a second-tier country in most respects, retain their traditional languages, religion, and warlike nature. Currently seeking to "re-claim the empire"

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