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Worldbuilding resources for fun and profit

[url=]A guide to mapping with, though seemingly quite transferable[/url]

[url=]Worldbuilding Magazine[/url]

[url=]Nice mountains in Photoshop (should work in GIMP too, I haven't tested it yet)[/url]

[url=]A load of questions to consider to help you develop your nation[/url]

[url=]Random generators, though more tailored to a medieval/fantasy setting[/url]

[url=]Parliament diagram maker[/url]

[url=]Various useful things[/url]

[url=]One page from there in particular, with useful mapping resources[/url]

[url=]r/worldbuilding's resources list[/url]

[url=]Grammars of not one, not two, but 1,362 languages[/url]

[url=]The famous Climate Cookbook[/url]

[url=]First tutorial on applying the CC to a world[/url]

[url=]Second tutorial on applying the CC[/url]

[url=]Some other climate-related tips that I had bookmarked for some reason[/url]

[url=]NASA's very own g-projector, for converting between map projections[/url]

[url=]Tutorial on good country design[/url]

[url=]Same site, dealing with cities[/url]

[url=]And currency...[/url]

[url=]Software to develop climates based on terrain - there is a free version[/url]

[url=]Flag designer, browser-based or downloadable for free with more features[/url]

[url=]Designing continents from scratch[/url]

[url=]A diagram for determining climates the easy way[/url]

[url=]Possibly the single best page on the internet for designing a whole planet[/url]

[url=]A collection of map tutorials, as well as some biome guides[/url]

[url=]A satellite map tutorial for Photoshop[/url]

[url=]Guide to good flag design[/url]

[url=]A collection of logo design tutorials[/url]

[url=]A guide to rivers[/url]

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