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by The 𝕋𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕗𝕚𝕖𝕕 Dystopia of Bedetopia. . 31 reads.

The Humanian-Bedetopian Troops Exchange - Aftermath

Humania, Border

Pain goes back to the ship with the released soldiers

Pain: (Hmm, these Humanians might have more tricks we don't know about. I should play it safe)

They get aboard, but before starting the engines, Pain calls back to Bedetopia

Pain: Hello? Bedebao, you there?
Troll: He's busy doing stuff with Pleasure. Do you need something?
Pain: I was sent to do some diplomacy in Republic state of humania and I'm going back to Bedetopia, but I would like to execute a Track Decoy maneuver on the way back. Could you send another ship, preferably something a bit bigger?
Troll: Sure. Did you get something?
Pain: Our captured soldiers. Not everyone died at the airbase. It's a bit cramped in the back of the ship.

Pain's ship leaves Humania and goes back to outer space. They switch ships midway to avoid any tracking
They arrive at Bedetopia

Bedetopia, Khan Military Base

Pain: Alright, those who were imprisoned, you'll stay in that barrack for now, I'll come back to you later.

Pain takes the Blue Line to get to the docked βetaship

The βetaship, Pleasure's Laboratory

Pain: I'm bac- what the f*** are you two doing?!

Pleasure and Bedebao can be seen operating on someone. Bedebao's arms are moving very fast thanks to his lightning reflexes

Bedebao: Come on...
Pleasure: Vitals dropping.


Bedebao: Damn, this is the fifth one we've lost. I'm tired.
Pleasure: I think it's ready, if even you and your lightning speed can't stop it.
Bedebao: Hehehehe... We've created a monstrosity.
Pain: Ahem.
Bedebao: Oh, it's you Pain. How was your trip?
Pain: It was interesting. I've collected useful information and also recovered some soldiers that were presumed KIA.
Bedebao: Good, good, I can't wait for your debrief. You'll do it at my quarters with the others.

The βetaship, Bedebao's Quarters

The hexad sits around a table

Bedebao: Let's get this over with.
Pain: The Emperor of Humania has requested a diplomatic exchange between their nation and Bedetopia. I went there and talked with Adam vi Humania. As it turns out, he was recently crowned Emperor because his predecessor was killed in a war with the Hellgustine Empire.
Bedebao: Whatever. Please focus on the Hashrian War, we don't care about what happened to them after that.
Pain: Fine. When I met with Adam, he revealed to me that some Bedetopian soldiers survived the airbase trap and were imprisoned. They were treated well but because of the other war they've decided to send them back to us.
Bedebao: They might have some interesting information on Humania, although I don't think it matters. We're not going to attack them.
Pain: True. I still don't know what I will do with them.
Anyway, after that he told me that his troops weren't intimidated by our soldiers.
Destruction: I doubt they just ignored our scary weapons and armor. But if it's true, it's yet another reason to develop new impressive weapons and vehicles.
Rape: On the other hand, having unintimidating troops may distract the enemy while we get behind.
Pain: After that, he told me that our soldiers were too confident. That's quite true, one of the Greens seemed to think we were unstoppable with the serum.
Pleasure: Well, it is quite a powerful asset...
Pain: Pleasure, I want you to remind your units that underestimating the enemy is a very bad idea, no matter what we have.
Now, here's a juicy piece of intel: Their EMP covers a wide area and will self-destruct if we attempt to dismantle it.
Troll: It's unavoidable, then? I really need to create some kind of EMP protection for our units. And something to scan enemy tech before dismantling it to avoid what you've just described.
Pain: This would be really nice, thanks.
Finally, he told me that his units carry gasmasks all the time, so that's why most survived the trap we had set. I've thought of weapons that shoot syringes or something with Nichiyoobi that would go through their protections.
Pleasure: Interesting. Why have I never thought of that?
Rape: We could even make sniper rifles and equip the Whites with it so they can infect while remaining stealthy.
Bedebao: An excellent idea indeed. Have you finished?
Pain: Yes, that's it.
Bedebao: Sending you there was a good idea, we've learned even more things.
It's getting late, we should go to sleep.