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The Council on Regional Security and the Endorsement Cap

The Council on Regional Security


What is The Council on Regional Security?
The Council on Regional Security (CRS) is the body responsible for the internal security of the Coalition of the South Pacific. Its primary task is to prevent the Delegacy from being taken by anyone other than the legally elected Delegate, and to reclaim the Delegacy should this occur or the elected Delegate go rogue and attempt to coup the region. The CRS will be composed of experienced and trustworthy members of the Coalition, and will be responsible for monitoring and responding to regional security issues.

The CRS will be responsible for establishing an appropriate cap on endorsements, ensuring that such cap is not detrimental to the growth of the region. Enforcement of the endorsement cap should be done with leniency if a violator does not pose a significant risk to regional security.

During a coup d’etat, whether committed by outside forces, infiltrators, or duly elected officials, the CRS may assume martial command of the Coalition, until such a time that a legitimate government is restored. All necessary measures may be taken to defeat a coup d’etat or hostile invasion.

To be considered for membership in the Council on Regional Security, a person must meet the following qualifications: World Assembly membership in The South Pacific; a Soft Power Disbursement Score of at least 50000, or an Influence Ranking of at least Vassal; at least 200 endorsements or half the endorsements of the Delegate; and six consecutive months of legislator status, or at least two terms in the Local Council. The specific influence score, ranking, and endorsement numbers may be updated by the Council, with majority approval by the Assembly, to reflect changes to the disbursement of influence in the region, or updates to the game.

Eligible members may submit an application to the Council, clearly showing that they meet the basic requirements, and offering reasons for why they should considered for membership. The Council will review applicants and choose whether or not an applications will be submitted to the Assembly for approval. The Assembly will vote on applications forwarded by the Council, using a simple majority threshold.

For the safety and security of our region, we ask that all WA nations in the South Pacific endorse the members of the CRS, as well as the Delegate and Prime Minister. There is however no requirement to do so.

What is the Endorsement Cap?
The endorsement cap is the number of endorsements a non-CRS nation, other than the Delegate, can legally obtain in the South Pacific. It exists to help protect the region, by ensuring that no nation can seize the Delegacy illegally; the difference in endorsement count between the Delegate and non-CRS members being more than any known military force is able to field at update, and sufficiently large enough that any nation attempting to rapidly gain endorsements to seize the Delegacy can be identified and dealt with before they are successful.

We ask that all WA nations in the South Pacific be mindful of the cap, and take the necessary measures to ensure they do not go over.
If you have any questions on the Endorsement Cap, or needs any tips on how to remain below or reduce your endorsement count, please feel free to contact any of the CRS Members.

The endorsement cap is currently 250.

Thanks for your attention,

The Council on Regional Security