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Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: American (USA)

iiwiki account (largely defunct since the 2019 switch to LinkKhuzifenq
TalkElections forum account: Linkkhuzifenq

Link8 Values Political Test Results

LinkPolitiScales results

LinkPolitical Sextant Quiz Results

LinkISideWith test results as of August 2017 (US 2016 presidential election)

2020 3-axis Political Compass update (casual)

I generally hold center-left stances but politically consider myself to be more of a pragmatist. Not a fan of how public opinion on climate change falls along partisan and ideological fault lines or of the Two Party System in US politics. This and this constitute a TL;DR of my political views.

LinkHow People on NS Imagine Me IRL
Link What Forum 7 thinks my racial/ethnic makeup is. No one correctly guessed it before the thread got taken down.

"What real-life nations are your nation(s) like?"

Meta Commentary on Gameplay

LinkThe Great Language Game

"There are perhaps six or seven thousand languages in the world. Even so-called hyperpolyglots, people who learn to speak six or more fluently, barely scratch the surface. You and I will never be able to speak all these languages, but perhaps we can learn to recognise just a few. That's what [this] game's about."