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Glacier Class Cruiser

Seeking a ship capable of delivering the W-20 Cruise Missiles, the navy commissioned the Glacier class cruiser. It would carry the W-20 as its primary armament, and deliver them anywhere in the world. Designed in 1982, it is the most offensively minded ship ever designed by the Federation in modern history. A total of 6 were planned for this class. Budgetary issues arose in the mid 80's over this ship. With the cost of the W-20 missile, it was asked if this ship could make use of such expensive missiles. Their construction was halted until 1987.

They were completed in 1990, and commissioned later that year. Two more ships were laid down but canceled and dismantled in 1991, with the last two planned ships being canceled in 1996. Both ships in service underwent upgrades in 2010 and are predicted to be in service until the late 2020's. Leaked documents suggest these ships may undergo refit for further VLS integration, a redesign as an Anti-Air Cruiser using the same hull, and reducing the number of missile pods from 16 to 4. These documents were dated in 2011, and have since been dismissed.


The glacier glass was designed to deliver the W-20 Cruise missile and was given it's distinctive 16 above deck launchers. it was originally designed to have one forward and one aft 127mm DP gun, but they were combined into a single turret after it was redesigned to have a helipad on the aft. With the modernization in 2010, it boasts some of the most powerful sensors of any ship.

COGOG: GTU M21 2x M70 cruise gas turbines and 4x M90 boost gas turbines , 2 cruise steam turbines, 2 exhaust gas boilers, 4 x M8KF Gas turbines, 2 Shafts, 130,000 shp (97,000 kW)

Electronic Systems:

2x 3-D roaming long range sensor arrays

Bow and Stern Mounted Passive Sonar Arrays

Radar Assisted Fire control with a top dome radar array

3x jamming systems

Push intercept array

2 multi-lens, 360 degrees cameras that will have a 200x optical zoom as well as inferred sensors, and night vision.


16 (8x2) W-20 Missiles

64 (4x Type 5F VLS) Swordfish SAM

40 (2x20) CISD Missiles

2 x 127mm DP guns (Dual Mounted)

6 x Lancer CIWS

24 (2x12) barrel Anti-Submarine Mortars

1x H-75 Helicopter


Length: 186.4 m

Beam: 20.8 m

Draft: 8.4 m

Displacement: 10,000 Tons Standard/11,500 Tons Loaded

Speed: 32 Knots (59 kmh)

Range: 3,000 nmi (3,450 mi) at 18 kn (33 km/h)

Compliment: 490

Propellers: 2 Shafts, 130,000 shp (97,000 kW)

Unit Cost: $300 Million

Program Cost: $1.12 Billion

In Service 1990-Present

In Service: 2

Planned: 6

Canceled: 4

Ships in Class-
FNS Uswr/Glacier
FNS Vonsun/Mountain