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Sovereign Charter: Role-plays & Organizations

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[C] - Character Led Role-play
    Each participant has only one or
    very few individual characters.

[F] - Faction Led Role-play

    Each participant commands lots
    of people, organizations, entire nations on the

[N] - Novella

    Role-plays that have longer posts and
    have a focus on detail and quality

[Q] - Quantum Role-play

    By default all role-plays are
    assumed to be "Origin" map based Q shows
    ''Quantum'' map based role-plays.

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A catalogue of live and archived stories created for the Sovereign Charter community, by the community. Created initially during the 2nd Charter known as the OEvRp (Organizations, Events and Role-plays) the function has passed from Regional control to private control to Region sponsored control before ultimately returning to Regional control with its current instalment. Each new iteration has brought about new design changes and continues to evolve being the most visited page in the region's history.

Role-plays · Organizations

A Kingdom Implodes Presented & Maintained by: Nouvel Acadie
[F] · Restrictions: Modern Technology, Human-only

    A role-play set in the context of the destruction of the Royaume of Nouvel Acadie and its re-establishment.

Against a White Background Presented & Maintained by: Myraxia

    Come by the Aurkhir Lodge for a drink and the amazing scenery, but beware, there is more to this tale than is seen at first glance...

Winter's Grasp Presented & Maintained by: Drekhi

    Come by the Aurkhir Lodge for a drink and the amazing scenery, but beware, there is more to this tale than is seen at first glance...

Yarbricht Inn (IV) Presented & Maintained by: Iryllia

    An Introductory, social role-play for the Origin side of the Sovereign Charter

The Iron Harbour: ShipwreckedPresented & Maintained by: Valyrien

    A whaling fleet has washed up after a severe storm on the shores of northern "Archon", with the Valyrien navy tied up dealing with Red Snow the fleet have been left stranded. Coming together they have built up a sizeable settlement making do with what they have...or is that all there is to it?

Shards of Strei-Ar Presented & Maintained by: Enfaru

    Monster-trainer style role-play with an emphasis on monster protection and creation, aimed at being complementary to Garlda in respect of sharing information but ultimately separate. Characters will be able work with monsters or Shardlings and go on adventures together.

Guardian Corps: Obsidius Initiative Presented & Maintained by: Enfaru

    After several events including the elimination of two nations and three invasions of monsters outside of the control of most Origin military forces, the Guardian Corps have been re-founded with a special task, to "handle" these incidents before they even begin.

Red Snow Presented & Maintained by: Myraxia
[F] [N]

    A long lasting military campaign and easily the oldest continuing role-play in the Sovereign Charter, charting war movements of a multitude of Sovereign Charter members.

Grand Treasury of Rúca GTR™ Presented & Maintained by: Enfaru

    Founded by Farian nomads, GTR is an established independent international bank aimed at state level institutions and providing services for international corporations.

Charterpol Presented & Maintained by: Oceanion

    Established by Louise Redworn, Deputy Prime Minister of Oceanion, after a terrorist attack in the capital, CHARTERPOL is an organisation to aid the cooperation of police and security forces across the world in the fight against international crime. It's headquaters is based in Oceanion but the organisation works internationally.

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