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The Texas Constitution

Texas Constitution

The Nations of the Region of Texas establish this Constitution to form a union based on respect for individual sovereignty.

The Region serves its Nations rather than rules them. The Articles described in this document should not be perceived as unequivocal, but are tenets mutually agreed upon by the Nations of Texas. This Constitution not only seeks to unite the Nations of Texas in common belief but also provides a basis for a stronger, safer Texas by ensuring justice, coordinating the common defense, encouraging trade and furthering communications.

Article I: Equal Suffrage in Regional Affairs

When it comes to affairs affecting the entire Region of Texas, each player shall have one (1) vote on a course of action. A player is the controller of one or more nations. It is illegal for one player to cast multiple votes for any issue.

Article II: Declaration of a Texas Regional Animal

Be it hereby resolved that the Regional Animal of The Great Region of Texas shall be the Armadillo.

Article III: The Right to Bear Arms

The right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period. No part of this article shall be interpreted or misinterpreted as reserving this right for groups of citizens such as "National Guard" organizations, and the right is not predicated upon the existence of a militia.

Article IV: Freedom of Religion

No nation of Texas shall suffer any persecution or sanctions for any religious beliefs they may or may not hold. There shall be religious tolerance amongst the nations of the region.

Article V: The Right of Self-Determination

The governing body of the region shall make no law or regulation governing the internal operation of any nation-state within the region. Each nation state will maintain the right to govern itself in accordance with its own desires.

Article VI: Equality with Respect to the Law

The equality of all nations before the law is recognized. No nation shall be deprived of any right, privilege or immunity, nor exempted from any burden or duty unfairly.

Article VII: Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the press shall be an inalienable right in Texas. The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of all nations. Nations and leaders may freely write and publish their sentiments on all subjects, as well as being responsible for the abuse of such right.

Article VIII: Mutual Defense

One of the main purposes of another Constitution (which has been pretty successful for a couple of hundred years or so) was to deal with the "common defense". This is in keeping with the overall philosophy of identifying and specifying only those issues which benefit directly from mutual cooperation and leaving everything else not otherwise specified up to the individual states, or in our case, the individual nations in the region.

Interestingly, this concept was specified in general terms in the US Constitution. You need to go back to the Articles of Confederation to find specific text, updated here for contemporary consumption:

The nations of Texas entered into a firm league of friendship for their common defense. They agree to assist each other against all attacks made upon them.

Article IX: The Neutrality Act

No inhabitant of Texas may ever threaten or attack another nation inside or outside of Texas unless there is an immediate threat. Texas has never been at war and hopes never to be at war. There is no glory in killing.

Article X: Texas Representative Council

A Regional Council shall represent the interests of all Texans in discussions relating to internal, external and constitutional affairs of Texas.

1. The specific duties of the Council shall include:

a. Mediating any internal disputes that may threaten Regional peace, security or prosperity.
b. Adjudicating any internal complaints and assist in formulating responses and courses of action in international affairs.
c. Conferring on matters regarding breaches of the Texas Constitution.
d. Proposing amendments to the Texas Constitution. Amendments approved by the TRC shall proceed to vote in the next regularly scheduled Texas Elections, along with other amendments submitted by Texas citizens per Article XII: Texas Elections
e. Participating in private discussions of the Texas Cabinet (without vote).
f. Approving any Alliance or Embassy approved by the Cabinet. If the vote of the TRC, excluding members of the Texas Cabinet, does not pass then the proposed alliance or embassy shall be declined.
g. Actively welcoming new members and engaging regularly on the offsite forum and/or RMB.
h. Seeing to any additional duties as requested by the Governor of Texas.

2. The Council shall consist of citizens of Texas, freely elected on a triennial basis, in addition to the Lieutenant Governor of Texas as chair. The number of citizens elected to the TRC shall not exceed the number of Texas Cabinet officers elected for that term unless deemed necessary by the Governor.

3. The Governor of Texas may remove any member of the Council for cause, including dereliction of their duties as Council members.

Article XI: Conditions for Ejection

Whereas Texas is a free region with open borders, conduct that will lead to a nation's ejection from the region should be clearly defined.

1. Spamming the Texas Regional Message Board with repeated messages, or, messages containing disparaging remarks about Texas or its fine citizens, or, recruiting directly on the Message Board thereby disrupting Texas business.

Spamming includes content that is:

  • obscene

  • illegal

  • threatening (in a non-game manner)

  • malicious

  • defamatory

  • disruptive

See: NationStates Etiquette Policy

2. Any nation entering or inhabiting Texas with a history of, or suspected of involvement in, invading activities may be subject to summary and instant banning from Texas. Texas will not harbor invader groups nor condone such activity.

3. Violating Article I Equal Suffrage in Regional Affairs by casting more than one (1) vote in any issue may result in ejection.

4. In accordance with Article XXIII Texas Endorsement Rules.

Article XII: Texas Elections

Cabinet Members: On a triennial basis Texas shall hold elections for new Cabinet Members. The election process for Cabinet Members shall include a one week period for nominations, a one week period for campaigning followed by a one week period for voting. Nominations and voting shall be open to all active registered citizens of Texas as of the first day of nominations. All nominees for Texas cabinet shall be informed of their candidacy by the President of Texas or other legally designated officials. All nominees for Texas cabinet must publicly accept their nominations prior to the first day of voting; otherwise, their names shall be excluded from the ballot.

Representative Council Members: On a triennial basis Texas shall hold elections for new Representative Council Members. The election process for Representative Council Members shall include a one week period for nominations, a one week period for campaigning followed by a one week period for voting. Nominations and voting shall be open to all active registered citizens of Texas as of the first day of nominations. All nominees for Texas Representative Council shall be informed of their candidacy by the President of Texas or other legally designated officials. All nominees for Texas Representative Council must publicly accept their nominations prior to the first day of voting; otherwise, their names shall be excluded from the ballot.

Texas Constitution: On a triennial basis Texas shall hold a vote on Texas Constitutional matters. These include Amendments as well as new Articles. The voting process for the Texas Constitution shall include a one week period for additional Article submissions, a one week period for commenting and rewording, followed by a one week period for voting. New Articles may be submitted any time between voting sessions and will be open to all active registered citizens of Texas (as of the date of submission). All proposals to add, amend or repeal any Article(s) must receive at least one endorsement before going up for a vote. Any amendments proposed by the Texas Representative Council in the previous term will also appear on the ballot, without the need of endorsements. Voting will be limited to actively registered citizens of Texas as of the first day of the additional Article submission period. In order for an Amendment to pass, it must receive over 50% of the votes that are cast for that Amendment.

These individual electoral processes will run concurrently. Schedules will be maintained by the Governor of Texas and published publicly on the Regional Offsite Forum Calendar well in advance of any proceedings.

The elections will begin on the last Sunday of March, July, and November of each year.

Article XIII: The Basis of Power:

The position of Governor of Texas will be held by the Founder of Texas until such time as Governor steps down from that position, or until such time as a majority vote calls on the Governor to resign. In case of a resignation, the Governorship of Texas is transferred to the Lieutenant Governor of Texas until a new Governor is elected.

Article XIV: Regional Security

In the interest of regional security, no nation may engage in the practice of verbal or written endorsement swapping. This means that no nation shall be allowed to telegram or post messages promising to swap endorsements. No other restrictions shall be placed on endorsements and nations are free to endorse whoever they please, including endorsing a nation because that nation endorsed them, so long as it is done out of free will and not mutual written or verbal agreement.

Article XV: Texas Cabinet

1. The Governor of Texas makes overall decisions determining the course of Texas activities and alliances, the defense of the region and provides general stewardship. The policies of the Governor shall not impinge upon any nation of Texas's sovereign rights. The Governor will also be held responsible for making and keeping Texas great. The position of Governor will not be elected but will inherit the position by virtue of being Founder of Texas. The Governor will handle all requests for Texas opinions on WA matters.

2. All other Cabinet positions and associated duties shall be determined by the then existing Cabinet and the Texas Representative Council and elected in the manner so stated in Article XII: Texas Elections, unless the Governor of Texas decides to make the office an appointed post.

3. All members of the Texas Cabinet who are part of the line of succession as laid out in Article XIX Texas Crisis Prevention shall be a member of the World Assembly. If a Cabinet member in the line of succession is not a member of the World Assembly at any time, said member shall contact the Governor immediately to discuss the reasons why. The Governor will have the discretion to approve or deny their explanation.

4. The Office of Lieutenant Governor shall carry member status in the World Assembly at all times without exception.

5. All members of the Texas Cabinet shall serve as Regional Officers. All duties and powers shall be determined and assigned by the Governor and may be subject to change without any advance notice. Any Cabinet member found to be abusing their power shall be subject to the provisions of Article XVII. Any further discipline will be at the discretion of the Governor.

Article XVI: Texas Citizenship for Allies Ejectees

Any nation that is ejected from the region of an ally of Texas shall be considered ineligible for citizenship in Texas. Any nation in that classification entering Texas shall be informed of this regulation and will be asked to leave immediately or be ejected. This Article will apply to any nations entering Texas as of the date of passage forward. Repealed 2017 - First Trimester

Article XVII: Vacancies in the Cabinet or Texas Representative Council

1. The Governor of Texas may dismiss any Cabinet or Texas Representative Council member for the following reasons:

a. Prolonged inactivity without warning (defined as 28 days on NationStates or the offsite forum)
b. Gross misconduct
c. Non-compliance with the Texas Constitution
d. The Cabinet member voluntarily moves out of the Region of Texas (for any reason other than military or diplomatic missions as approved by the Cabinet) and takes up residence in another region for a period of 5 consecutive days or a period of 10 days total out of any two-week period.
e. Ceasing to exist
f. The Cabinet member willfully chooses NOT to achieve WA status after being elected or appointed to the Texas Cabinet unless excused from doing so by the Governor.

2. Any nation, for the reasons stated in section 1, may request the dismissal of any Cabinet or Texas Representative Council member, with the exception of the Governor of Texas. This request must be approved by a simple majority (greater than 50%) of the members of the Texas Representative Council.

3. In the event of the vacancy of a Cabinet or Texas Representative Council post through dismissal as mentioned in section 1, or by request as mentioned in section 2, or through a vote of "No Confidence" in an election or through resignation, the Governor may appoint a replacement Cabinet or Texas Representative Council member until the next regularly scheduled Election. See Article XXI: Texas Cabinet Assistants) for ascension rules.

Article XVIII: Automatic Nominations for TRC

All Nominated Nations for a Cabinet position is Automatically Nominated for the Texas Representative Council. Any nation standing for election to any cabinet-level position in the Regional Government, whether incumbent or challenger, is automatically nominated to a seat on the TRC.

Article XIX: Texas Crisis Prevention:

1. If the Governor and/or the WA Delegate are unable to perform their duties due to losing access to their controls, the Lt Governor temporarily assumes the Governorship or WA Delegacy by endeavoring to gain access to the relevant controls instead. In the event of multiple Lieutenant Governors, the Lt Governor with the most endorsements assumes this role. In the absence of a Lt Governor to fulfill the role as President, the Secretary of State will then assume the Governorship until the next regularly scheduled election, with the Secretary of Defense to provide assistance as necessary. Once a new Governor is elected (or the previous Governor returns prior to the next election), everything will then return to its natural order.

2. In order to preserve the line of succession, the Governor shall assure that vacancies in the offices of Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are resolved quickly, through executive appointment if necessary. (See Article XVII: Expulsion of Cabinet Members) The line of succession will only apply to the position of Governor. No Cabinet member may assume the title, roles or responsibilities of another cabinet position, except by executive appointment.

Article XX: Texas Constitution Follows NationStates Rules

No changes or amendments to the Texas Constitution will be made which would cause Texas or any of the member nations of Texas to be in conflict with the rules governing NationStates. Texas is a part of NationStates and simply must follow NationStates rules.

Article XXI: Texas Cabinet Assistants

All Texas Cabinet Members shall have the ability to appoint an assistant. In the event of the dismissal or resignation of the Secretary or Commissioner, the assistant shall accede to the vacated post, absent any immediate objection from a member of the Texas Cabinet or the Texas Representative Council. In the event of an objection, the Governor of Texas shall exercise his powers under Article XVII: Expulsion of Cabinet Members to resolve the appointment, either in favor of the assistant or another nominee. This Article shall not apply to the office of the Governor.

Article XXII: Minor Constitutional Revision Amendment

By a simple majority Cabinet Vote, spelling, grammatical, typographical, style and punctuation errors may be corrected in the Texas Constitution with special permission from the Governor without passage of legislation.

Article XXIII: Texas Endorsement Rules

No Texas nation may have more than 66% of the number of nations endorsing it as the WA Delegate has endorsements. On the first offense, a nation that exceeds that number will be given 24 hours to correct it. Failing that, they will be asked to leave Texas for 24 hours to clear out their endorsements. Upon the completion of that time, they may return. If the nation refuses, it will be ejected. On the second offense, the nation will be ejected and banned from Texas.

Article XXV: Right of Self-Defense

1. All Texas nations have the right to defend themselves from any aggressors, whether state or non-state threats to security, up to the point of deadly force.

2. This will exclude the right to use chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear weapons or any other type of weapons of mass destruction within Texas regional borders. This will not impede any nation from manufacturing, testing, storing, or transporting any type of weapon so long as they have the capabilities to do so in a safe manner.

Article XXVI: Texas Regional Anthem

The Texas Regional Anthem shall be Deep in the Heart of Texas written in 1941 by June Hershey.

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