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The United States of Adainia Official Reference Portal


At this time, the Board of Government Education is currently undergoing revisions to its current articles and moving them to more appropriate sources. Due to this, information may be missing or inaccurate at this time. BoGE would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


In accordance to the Government Information Reform Act (1993), the United States of Adainia is required to inform you that information on all pages here comes directly from persons working with the Adainian government. To learn more about how this may affect your learning experience, Linkplease click here.

Welcome to the


Official Reference Portal

Intergovernment Services

Are you a nation seeking to establish diplomatic ties with Adainia? Perhaps you seek to establish an exchange with one of our many acclaimed companies. Adainia offers much to the international, and multiversal community, and it is working around the clock to provide more.

The Adainian Embassy & Consulate Program: In a multiverse as vast and as fast as ours, it is only proper to establish proper diplomatic fronts in nations to maintain communication and relations. Adainia invites nations of the multiverse, especially fellow human and P/MT nations with democratic values, to establish an embassy and possibly consulates within the nation.

ADI World Factbook

The ADI World Factbook has been a tried and true tradition of the nation's department of intelligence ever since its creation. First published in 1956, the ADI World Factbook's purpose is to serve as an unbiased, objective, and informative source of information for all persons in the government about matters both inside and out of Adainia. Since its first publishing, it has grown from a government source to a symbol for ADI's outreach in information collection of all sorts. An separate issue is published annually for both the public and the government to use as they wish.