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Settlements of Crockerland



Pearystead, TH

Capital of the nation, named in honor of Robert Peary. The presidential palace is located here, on 801 Thrussel street.

Grainland, TH

Known for it's production of various grains and other plant products, including vegetable oil used to make biodiesel, largest agricultural city in Crockerland.

Greenpoint, GR

Green point of land heated by volcanic activity discovered by settlers.

Myrwall, TH

home of Crockerland's first nuclear power plant

Deseret, GR

Founded by Mormons fleeing persecution of polygamists, named after the word for Honeybee in the book of Mormon

New Kirtland, EL

Another town founded by Mormons wanting freedom to practice polygamy, named after a town in Ohio that held historical significance to the Mormon church.

Saint Petersburg, FF


Key of provinces:
GR = Grant's Land
TH = New Thule
EL = Ekblaw's Land
FF = Finfirth
WL = Whiteland