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Government Armaments Central Office - GACO

Helicopter Segment

H-5 Hornet Anti - tank Attack Helicopter

H4 Mosquito Light Attack/ Utilities Helicopter

Dedicated principal anti-submarine warfare role, but H-3 Dragonfly is also envisaged for utility and transport missions.
Dimensions and weight
Length 22.81 m
Main rotor diameter 18.59 m
Height 6.65 m
Weight (empty) 10.5 t
Weight (maximum take off) 14.6 t
Engines and performance
Engines 3 xGACO- Heliux Industries GHI-2800HL turboshaft engines
Engine power 3 x 2 312 hp
Cruising speed 278 km/h
Service ceiling4.5 km
Range 1 056 km
Endurance 5 hours
Missiles 2 x - Tryget ATOS-89 anti-ship missiles
Torpedoes 4 x Saltbridge TOLAS anti-submarine torpedoes

COST: $3.9 million

GACO H-2 Beetle Helicopters
Dimensions and weight
Length: 23 m
Main rotor diameter: 18.9 m
Height: 6.76 m
Weight (empty): 6.86 t
Weight (maximum take off): 13 t

Engines and performance
Engines: 3 x GACO- Heliux Industries GHI-2000L
Engine power: 3 x 1 610 hp
Maximum speed: 248 km/h
Service ceiling: 3.1 km
Range: 1820 km
Endurance: 4 hours

Maximum payload: 5 t
Typical load: 27 troops or 15 stretchers

Cannon: provision for a 20-mm cannon or machine guns
Missiles: provision for 2 x light anti-ship missiles
Torpedoes : provision for 4 x Saltbridge TOLAS anti-submarine torpedoes

COST: $3.1 million
Sekangkang kera

the GACO H-1 Firefly equipped to transport 20 troops or 2500 kgs of cargo for standard heliborne operations such as tactical assault, search and rescue, medevac evacuation and general support duties. Could also be fitted for more specialized tasks as special operations or electronic warfare.

MAX. WEIGHT: 11,000 KG
CAPACITY: Crew (2) + 20 troops
ENGINE: 2x GACO- Heliux Industries GHI900 (2x3000shp)
MAXIMUM RANGE: 910km w/out external tanks
ARMAMENTS: Missiles: anti-submarine and/or air to surface missiles, 2x door gun
COST: $3.8 Million USD
COST of DPR: 31USD Billion

Land Segment

The Hundredstar Army's (HA) MBT 626 Spearhead main battle tank highlights by its improved firepower, protection, and mobility compared to previous Hundredstarian tank models. According to a local insider, the HA fielded the MBT 626 Spearhead MBT beginning in April 2019 to units in the 1st and 2nd Division. The MBT 626 is intended for urban warfare, low-intensity conflicts, as well as conventional military operations.

The MBT 626 Spearhead is equipped with a state of art 50-caliber 125mm smoothbore cannon with autoloader which translates into a crew of three-man. The 125mm cannon is capable of firing the Stevencousin-made Sickle III laser-guided anti-tank missile and the ammunition magazine at the rear turret has room for 41 rounds. The heavily armored turret is fitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) known as Modular Explosive Reactive Armor - Hundredstar III (MERAH III) and add-on armor modules. A mine protection belly plate was added. Areas at the rear of the hull and turret were fitted with cage armor and upgrade top attack protection. The cage armor provides protection against RPG rounds and anti-tank guided missiles. It seems that the armor uses new nano-ceramics materials and modern titanium and steel alloys. Other modifications include electric rather than hydraulic turret controls. The Sickle III missile is being manufactured by Project Irongates of Stevencousin.

In addition to the 125mm cannon, the MBT 626 Spearhead is equipped with a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The 70-ton class MBT 626 Spearhead tank is powered by a 2,100-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine based on latest technology developing a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour (kph) on-road and 80 kph cross country. Brakes and suspension were upgraded to cope with the increased weight.

The tank is fully digitalized and is fitted with a COBALT battlefield management system. Gunner and Commander use latest-generation cooled thermal imagers. It seems that these sights were jointly developed with SaltARMS of Saltbridge. Fire control system has a hunter-killer capability. This tank can fire accurately on the move. Computerized fire control system for the MBT 626 was developed by Dresslar Technology. At the time it was one of the most advanced fire control systems in the world. It gives a high first round hip probability and, accurate mobile firing. Furthermore, it has hunter-killer engagement capability, which enables to engage multiple targets rapidly. This feature was new at the time when this tank was introduced. Commander uses an independent panoramic sight to search for targets. Once the target is selected the gun is laid on the target automatically and the gunner completes all targeting and firing process. However, either the gunner or tank commander can aim and fire the main gun.

The vehicle is also fitted with a GPS navigation system. This tank is fitted with a combat-proven RobustUmbrella MkIII active protection system, which destroys incoming missiles and rockets. Protection suite also includes advanced threat identification and warning system. This MBT is also well protected against air-launched guided missiles and top-attack anti-tank weapons. Furthermore the RobustUmbrella system reportedly identifies the firing location and allows to engage anti-tank teams. Engine pack and transmission are located at the front of the hull. It can be replaced in field conditions within 30 minutes.

COBALT Battlefield Management System (COBALT-BMS) used in the main battle tanks and units of the task force increases the coordination and synchronization of all units from battalion down to single platform level. The system provides digital command capability with voice and data communications, real-time situational awareness and functions for operations planning and execution.

The main components of the COBALT-BMS for the main battle tanks are:

  • Command Control Computer

  • Command Control Software

  • Software Defined Tactical Radios

  • Vehicular Intercom System

  • Display Units

COBALT-BMS provides full integration with the tank platform electronic subsystems such as Fire Control System, Remote Weapon Station, Target Sensors and other sensors of the tank platform, enabling the automated use of sensor and platform information for command and control.

The main features of the COBALT-BMS are:

  • Real time situational awareness

  • Operation plan/order and overlays creation and dissemination

  • Military reports and messages

  • Logistics and personnel reports and functions

  • Movement planning and control

  • Decision support tools and functions

  • Modular and configurable system software

  • Open system architecture and use of common standards for interoperability

The new AIFV 2118 Centurion infantry fighting vehicle was jointly developed by GACO - Arix Arsenal and Karlinghurst Technology in Hundredstarian to replace the aging GACO-Mk III AIFVs, that are now over 30 years old. Five pre-production vehicles were delivered in 2014. This new infantry fighting vehicle successfully passed numerous trials and tests. First production AAIFV 2118 Centurion AIFVs were delivered to the Hundredstar army in 2016. About 350 of these machines will be delivered. Currently, it is the largest Hundredstar Army procurement programme. The AAIFV 2118 Centurion will gradually replace the GACO-Mk III AIFV.

The AIFV 2118 Centurion is the most protected AIFV currently available. It has a welded armor hull with add-on modular armor. It has an option of three various protection levels to suit operational needs. The weight of the vehicle varies from 29.4 to 43 tons accordingly to a protection level. The base model has a front and flank protection against 30-mm rounds, while the vehicle has an all-around protection against 14.5-mm machine gun fire. The most protected variant can be considered as a heavy AIFV. Additional armor modules can be fitted, increasing AAIFV 2118 Centurion's weight to 43 tons. It seems that the most protected variant of the AAIFV 2118 Centurion withstands 120- and 125-mm projectiles over the front arc. The vehicle also withstands mine blasts equivalent to 10 kg of TNT. The AIFV 2118 Centurion AIFV also features an advanced threat warning system. NBC protection and automatic fire suppressions systems are fitted as standard.

The vehicle is armed with a remotely operated weapon station. It includes a dual-fed GACO-made 30-mm cannon. It has an effective range of fire of 3 km. The AIFV 2118 Centurion will be armed with an ATGW launcher, however, its type is still unknown. Secondary armament consists of a 5.56-mm machine gun and a 76-mm grenade launcher for a close-range defense.

The AIFV 2118 Centurion infantry fighting vehicle has a crew of three, while it can accommodate up to eight infantrymen in the rear compartment. Passengers enter and leave the vehicle via a rear power-operated ramp. The vehicle is fitted with an air conditioning. The vehicle is powered by Radimes Mechinery RM-753H turbocharged diesel engine, developing a whooping 1 073 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that some of the latest main battle tanks haven't got that much power. This AIFV is not amphibious.

The GACO M-11 Wizard was developed by the Hundredstar Government Armaments Central Office Automotive Plant under a request from the Hundredstar Ministry of Internal Safety.

The layout of the M-11 Wizard is based on a standard truck, with the engine at the front, crew compartment in the middle, and the cargo are at the rear. The soldiers enter and leave the M-11 Wizard via a single door at the rear of the troop compartment. The crew cabin and the rear compartment are fully enclosed and provide a protection against firing of small arm and shell splinters.

Weight 24 tons
Crew 3+16
Engine GACO- Radimes Mechinery Ltd GRM-451B turbodiesel (450 hp)
Transmission automatic
Suspension 66 wheeled
Operational range 1120 mi (1800 km)
Speed 65mph (105 km/h)
Cost $400k USD

The GACO L-1 Patrol is a purpose-designed military vehicle, built for rugged, remote applications. It is well suited for desert conditions. It is designed to be highly mobile on difficult terrain.

Basic version of the L-1 Patrol has a payload capacity of 2 200 kg. Vehicle provides seating for driver plus three passengers. There is also a rear loading area for additional soldiers gear and weapons. The Patrol can be used as a patrol carrier. It can also tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 3 500 kg.

Weight 7.7 to 9.8 t
Length 5,900 mm (232.3 in)
Width 2,200 mm (86.6 in)
Height 2,100 mm (82.7 in)
Crew 4 or 5
Engine GACO- Radimes Machinery Ltd GRM 216J 215 hp (160 kW)
Suspension rigid axles
Operational range 800 to 900 km
Speed 110 to 120 km/h
Cost $110k USD
Oakwood landing

The GACO-GOLIATH armored personnel carrier was developed by Kellogbearing Proving & Arsenal in association with the Hundredstarian Defense Force. The main goal was to design a platform with better protection, greater mobility, payload and internal volume. The first prototype of the GACO-GOLIATH was built in 2011. Hundredstarian Army ordered a total of 86 GACO-GOLIATHs in various configurations. First vehicles were delivered in 2013 and production commenced in 2014.

The GACO-GOLIATH is fitted with modular ballistic protection. Armor composes of interchangeable modules of various thickness and can be tailored to suit mission requirements. Heavy armor is removed during peacetime and for transportation. However, it is restored once the vehicle arrives in the combat theater. Maximum protection level is against 30 mm armor-piercing rounds. The vehicle also has a top-class mine protection. It can withstand up to 10 kg TNT blast. NBC protection and fire suppression systems are fitted as standard.

The standard Hundredstarian Army Kellogbearing Proving & Arsenal GACO-GOLIATHs are armed with KPA-G804 remote weapon stations, fitted with 12.7 mm machine gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. A wide range of weapons can be fitted depending on customer requirements. This armored personnel carrier weights between 16 and 26 t according to armor and weapon systems. The vehicle has a crew of three and provides accommodation for up to 10 fully equipped troops.

The Kellogbearing Proving & Arsenal GACO-GOLIATH is powered by the Radimes Mechinery RM-VO8 diesel engine, developing 480 or 540 horsepower, depending on the variant. Engine is mated to POLH-98 automatic transmission with 7-forward and 1-reverse speeds. Suspension is hydropneumatic. Height adjustment is proposed as an option. Two front axles are steerable. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. The baseline variant of the Kellogbearing Proving & Arsenal GACO-GOLIATH is fully amphibious. It is propelled on water by two waterjets.

Cost: $690,000 each

GACO IFV-518 Spectre
GACO IFV-518 Spectre's design is based on the modular structure for maximum flexibility. It uses a single chassis with a snap-in modules for different purposes, including infantry carrier, command vehicle, ambulance, supply carrier and so on. These modules are interchangeable in less than an hour. The base vehicle operates independently from the modules.

Vehicle has a modular armor with special durable ceramic mix. The triple hull floor is shaped for maximum protection against anti-tank mines. Every mission module has its own primary safety cell. It is claimed that front armor can withstand 30-mm rounds, while the all-round protection can withstand 12.7-mm fire. Damaged armor slabs can be easily replaced in field condition. Also this APC has low radar and acoustic signatures, making it harder to detect.

GACO IFV-518 Spectres have a remotely operated gun mount with a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher, and with a 12.7-mm machine gun.

GACO IFV-518 Spectre in APC configuration has a crew of three and can carry 8 fully equipped infantry troops. Troops enter and leave via the rear entry ramp. Up to eight tons of cargo can be carried in place of the troops. The GACO IFV-518 Spectre armored personnel carrier is powered by the Radimes Mechinery RM-VO9 diesel engine, developing 700 horsepower. It delivers more power than the commercial version and can operate in extreme conditions. The GACO IFV-518 Spectre armored vehicle has a maximum road range in excess of 1 000 kilometers. Its chassis uses a number of proven and commercially available automotive components.

Cost: $670,000 each

GACO-Castle 4x4
Cost: $190,000 each

Cost: $340,000 each

Cost: $310,000 each

Cost: $289,000

Cost: $419,000

Cost: $59,000

Cost: $100,000

GACO-TT1955 "Monster"
Cost: $32,000

GACO-TT1517 "Fortress"
Cost: $62,000

Vessel Segment

Crosshurst Bay class OPV

Crosshurst Bay class OPV - Coast Guard version
Country of origin Hundredstar
Entered service 2016
Crew 79 men (up to 24 passengers)
Sea endurance 14 days

Dimensions and displacement
Length 95 m
Beam 12.8 m
Draught 3.6 m
Displacement, standard 1 500 t
Displacement, full load 2 000 t

Propulsion and speed
Speed 30 knots
Range 5 000 nm at 12 knots
Propulsion 4 x GACO- Tyler Maritime Industry GTM-955HQ diesel engines, total output 40,500 shp

1x vertical take-off/ landing UAV

Gun 1 x 76-mm dual-purpose gun, 2 x 30-mm anti-aircraft guns
Missiles 1 x twin launch tubes for Bison-Thamrov BT 75 SAM

$300 Mil USD
$249 Mil USD - Coast Guard version
Sekangkang kera

Petrusberg II Class Offshore Patrol Vessel

Type: Inshore/ Offshore Patrol Vessel
Displacement: 359 tonnes standard/ 425 tonnes full load
Dimensions: 75m x 8m x 2.1m (draught)
  • 1x 40m GACO - Arix Arsenal multipurpose gun

  • 1x 30mm M/gun


  • 1x Tryget A90E Doves Anti aircraft missile (MANPAD) twin-launcher


  • 1x RedBlaze Mk III surface-search radar

  • 1x OmniCampus MK IV navigation radar

  • 1x PhaseLiner Mk I tracking radar in conjuction with 1x EndVector Mk III fire control & optical director system

Propulsion: 2x GACO - Furman Marine GFM-900FT diesel engine delivering 10,390hp.
Speed: 25knot standard/ 30knot max.
Complement: 5+15
RHIB: 1x 8m FUX900 series
Cost: $65 million USD

Sekangkang kera

Erwick-class Patrol Vessel (55m)
$12 mil USD

Blue Fin-class Patrol Vessel
$10 mil USD

Nomadian Cay-class Inshore Patrol Vessel
145,000 USD