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Regional Embassy Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in Selene!

As a roleplay and cultural region, our primary focus is on developing our own region internally, but there is always an interest in forging close relations with other like-minded regions and potential partners. If you are a foreign official seeking to establish diplomatic relations with Selene, what follow are some simple answers to questions you might have about our region and the process you should follow to establish embassies with us:

What is Selene?

Selene is a region founded on 16 February 2016 with the goal of forming a friendly community focused on roleplaying. Our canon takes place in a world called Artemia, where Selene is a historically influential nation and several large powers derive their culture from it.

Is there a regional government?

There is indeed a regional government, called the Privy Council, though it exists only to ensure basic regional management takes place and it isn't the focus of regional life. Our government is always open to involvement by any member, and elections are routinely held for World Assembly Delegate. Please refer to Regional Government for further information on all incumbent officials and their exact duties.

How do I apply for a gameside embassy?

Any region is welcome to send an embassy request, provided they meet the following basic qualifications:

  • Send a short telegram to Founder Justinian Kalominos to explain why they wish to establish an embassy.

  • Refrain from espousing hateful ideologies or views and sheltering those who do.

  • Establish embassies for their individual value, rather than collecting them in large numbers.

  • Are minimally active, defined as having at least one message board post per day.

In most cases, a region meeting the above qualifications will be accepted, though the Founder and the Privy Council reserve the right to deny requests from regions deemed objectionable.

Can I apply for a forum embassy?

Our forum does not currently assign a section for regional embassies, but that is certainly something we could add. Always make sure to ask, because there is a chance we might add a forum section for your embassy.

Who can I approach for further questions?

Please refer to Regional Government for information on who to approach with foreign policy questions. If you still have doubts, it is always best to ask Emperor Justinian Kalominos or Prime MinisterConstantine Lambros, or visit our LinkRegional Chat, where someone will always be online to point you in the right direction.

Hopefully this will be helpful, and may our regions become great partners!