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Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

Point Blob is an old nation. We have seen many neighbours come and go. We have seen many more neighbours reduced to ionised plasma / fine ash / gaping wounds in spacetime by our peripheral pro-active defence systems (typically for getting too close, too uppity, or too good a target for experimental weapons research to overlook).

In our initial stages, much like any other nation, we were lacking particular direction and largely ungoverned. For large swathes of time, we remained in isolation largely due to the natural hazards of our original environment. The slime-based lifeforms now symbolic of our nation represented a constant selective pressure upon the existing human population, driving them to continually find new and creative ways to defend themselves and persist. Before too long, the largest of these survivor conclaves banded together to form the beginnings of the technocracy we now operate under, pooling together our scientific and technological resources in order to reach ever greater heights. Within a few generations we had already spread into space and started adapting the resources of the system towards our ends.

While we have been affiliated with various regions over the course of the past decade or so, we spent most of that time with [region]the Rejected Realms[/region]. The affiliation was a loose one however, and we remained there primarily because they were literally incapable of removing us.
This changed in the recent past during another routine zombie outbreak when it was determined that remaining within the Rejected Realms represented a security risk. At this point we withdrew our official ground presence to the region of [region]Secession[/region], a self-descriptive region founded by former residents of Point Blob.

For the record, our ground-presence only represents an effective embassy of our full nation. As noted elsewhere in the archives, we're presently a Kardashev II civilization, our space-stations and dyson spheres currently flourishing within several systems of this galaxy. The aforementioned ground-presence is less of a country and more of a fully mobile platform which can be relocated as needed. We have them on many planets.