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History of TRTHNBB/TPTHNBB (Out of Date)

The Region That Has No Big Banks
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Origins of TPTHNBB
On a fateful Tuesday afternoon on February 9, 2016, The Bernie Bros founded The Place that has No Big Banks, with the two initial members being himself and Ya-Matha. Ya-Matha, the inspiration behind the region's iconic name, CTE'd soon after due to losing interest in NS. The rest is History.

Early Days
The population of The Place that has No Big Banks remained relatively stagnant until The Bernie Bros created a Poll asking about nations' placement on the political spectrum on March 29, 2016. After a massive campaign to get nations from all over NS to vote on the poll, the population of The Place that has No Big Banks skyrocketed from a stagnant 30 nations to well over 100 nations, many of which were unique. Various recruitment campaigns afterward kept the region prosperous until all hell broke loose.
Periods of Unrest
On April 4, 2016, The Bernie Bros, and soon after his puppets The Bernie Bro and Bernie Bro, were CTE'd (puppets were CTE'd for separate reasons) due to violations of NS rules committed during the campaign for votes on the Poll. This left the region vulnerable to raiders and in quick succession the reigns of power were handed over to Bernie nation in order to secure the region. The perception of being secure was quickly shattered after only 15 days when Smokealottapottamus, a raider puppet implanted in the region early on, turned on the region and worked with HYDRA Command to pull off an unsuccessful raid that only lasted one update (12 hours). Thanks to the efforts of The Bernie Bro, the native WA nations, and fellow defenders, the region was taken back from HYDRA Command. The Bernie Bro and Bernie Bro were CTE'd after The Bernie Bro sent a provocative and insulting victory message to nations in both HYDRA Command and The Place that has No Big Banks, which resulted in NS moderators taking swift and merciless action.

In the aftermath of the unexpected raid, measures were taken to secure the region from future raids. All seemed at peace until 45 days later on June 4, 2016, when the region was once again raided by HYDRA Command with Summer-rose leading the attack this time around. Summer-rose was a raider puppet as well (from a different raider) that was implanted into the region early on. In response, Yodle (founder reincarnated? ;P) was quick to act, but the temporary inactivity of the native population and delegate at the time and the strengthened force of the raiders proved to be too much effort to take back an insecure region that would be vulnerable to more attacks if it had been successfully retaken.

A New Chapter
In response to the developing situation, Yodle made the executive decision to abandon ship and start over with The Region That Has No Big Banks on June 5, 2016. On July 12, 2016, with a winning vote of 79%, the resolution Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks was passed. This resulted in the password facing the region to be removed and open borders being established in the hostile-controlled region. Plans were being prepared to take back the region, however on July 30, 2016, at minor update (12:00 pm EST) the hostile forces managed to successfully conduct a re-found of the region, permanently taking it over despite the liberation.

(Update: Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks has been repealed by Repeal "Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks" with an 82% vote on Wednesday August 10, 2016.)

The original region of The Place that has No Big Banks and its original founder The Bernie Bros will forever be memorialized in this factbook and in the memories of the natives who once inhabited the region. One day, if HYDRA Command falls or goes extinct from inactivity, then the natives will be able to take it back, however, that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The Post-Liberation Period
After 8 months, the exiled people have managed to retake their original Region, proclaiming it a historical landmark . The Place that has No Big Banks shall now stand as a memento to its troubled past and the fierce opposition against the wretched raiders, during which some of the natives gladly incurred in a 3 days ban in the name of The Place that has No Big Banks and the fight for freedom.

Such spirit still runs strong among the government of The Region That Has No Big Banks, which remains steadfast and firm in its stance against raiding in all circumstances.

Origins of TRTHNBB
The Region That Has No Big Banks was formed following the deletion of The bernie bros and the subsequent raid on The Place That Has No Big Banks. The bernie bros would later become Yodle and found the region. Many former members decided to join the new region, including Bernie nation, who became the long-standing WA delegate and President, and Terrasitrus, who would become the Regional Cartographer. TRTHNBB had lost much of its memberbase, however, and for a time was stagnant. The regional Discord server was an initiative wishing to increase regional activity to promote growth. Its first members would go on to form much of the first Regional Cabinet. The liberation operation of Sweden in August of 2016 and its success encouraged members to remain on Discord, further increasing the new server's activity. Over the Discord server, Primera republica de cantabria made a proposal for a new form of government. This government had five political parties, forming left-wing, center-left, centrist, center-right, and right-wing parties. These parties would choose nominees who would then elect a president. This system was incorporated in a modified form and became the inspiration for the government of our region today. A Constitution was written and put into action by the regional government. This Constitution allowed for amendments and, while it originally only supported a President, a Vice President, and a four-person Cabinet. The Cabinet included a Minister of Internal Affairs, a Minister of External Affairs, a Minister of Immigration, and a Minister of Defense. The first Presidential Election was mostly between two main parties: The Democratic Socialist Party was led by Bernie nation, and the Trotskyist Party was led by Primera republica de cantabria. A debate took place on the Discord Server, and has been recorded and placed on YouTube.

First Administration
After a short season, Bernie nation was elected the first President of TRTHNBB with a total vote count of 9-4 on September 14th, 2016. The first members of this new government were as follows:
President - Bernie nation
Vice President - Ansuriel
Minister of Internal Affairs - Yodle
Minister of External Affairs - America the greater
Minister of Immigration - Primera republica de cantabria
Minister of Defense - Ichu

This administration went forward, taking initiatives to further the power of average citizens in the government by beginning plans for a Parliament. The Internal Affairs ministry began creating projects with Steam and regional polls for interaction, and also worked to develop the Discord Server and its use. They also coordinated with the Defense ministry, attempting to raise a regional defender force. The External Affairs ministry began working to raise the regional reputation by forming embassies. The embassies were mostly limited to former partners in the Sweden Liberation and other small like-minded groups. The Immigration ministry was tasked with achieving a higher regional growth rate through recruitment and setting emergency border protocols, preparing contingencies for the possible deletion of Yodle. The Defense ministry set out to form a strong defender force and seek alliances with which our region could coordinate its defensive efforts. These efforts continued as normal.

On September 8th, 2016, the Social Reformer was founded as the regional newspaper for TRTHNBB, giving information on relevant details including elections and regional initiatives. The regional power managed to increase to the "Moderate" level by the end of this administration, on September 26th, 2016. On October 11th, 2016, a rudimentary form of what later would become Parliament was created, as the Committee of Internal Affairs and the Committee of External Affairs. At the time of this election, there were a total of 46 resident nations in the region. The region went through the Halloween yearly zombie apocalypse event with 100% cured citizens and no dead citizens, even placing highly on some leaderboards by the conclusion. At the end of this first term, the second Presidential Election was beginning. The Trotskyist Party had reformed and become The Greens, and their candidate put forth was Arguin isle. The Democratic Socialist Party once again nominated their former victor, Bernie nation, to take the lead. During the election season, debates for both the President and the Vice President took place, once again over the Discord server. The election concluded with a larger turnout on November 20th, 2016. 12 votes went to Bernie nation, 5 votes went to Arguin isle, 2 votes went to Orchestralia, and 1 went to The socialist republic of russia. Bernie nation had won again, and his cabinet was similar, but with a new member arriving to serve as the Minister of Defense.

Second Administration
President - Bernie nation
Vice President - Ansuriel
Minister of Internal Affairs - Yodle
Minister of External Affairs - America the greater
Minister of Immigration - Primera republica de cantabria
Minister of Defense - Orchestralia

During this administration, the region underwent many overhauls and grew substantially. The first amendment to the Constitution created a new Parliament, still in a relatively minor capacity, and brought a Supreme Court to the region, with three judges to determine the constitutionality of new legislation. The first three judges were Arguin isle, Oldmanzakk, and Big blue blob. This second administration achieved many goals. The region grew to over 100 residents during this time, and with this growth came a major increase in influence on the world stage. During this time, the Internal Affairs ministry began increasing growth and supporting it with activities like Parliament and other governmental opportunities. The External Affairs ministry began to focus on joining large alliances like FORGE, with the consequence of creating a more strict embassy policy. The Immigration ministry continued working to increase recruitment and strengthen their contingency protocols. Finally, the Defense ministry worked to encourage residents to join the regional defender force, which still lacked substantial membership. During this second administration, though, the Ministry of Defense was dissolved, its duties instead being granted to the Ministry of External Affairs. This caused one of the first major regional court cases, with the former Minister of Defense accusing the Cabinet of attempting to consolidate its power and form an oligarchy. This case would eventually be resolved and the impeachment order on Yodle would be denied.

During this time, the ministries of External and Internal Affairs were renamed to Foreign and Domestic Affairs, respectively, in an attempt to familiarize the position titles. In the middle of this term, on February 16th, 2017, the former region, The Place That Has No Big Banks, was liberated from the control of HYDRA Command. This was significant for our region, a mighty blow to the raiders who had control over our historical region, and an opportunity to increase the morale of our allies. A controversial act entitled the Anti-Raider Accords (ARA) was also challenged in the Supreme Court at this time due to the severing of ties with a region accused of having supported raider activities. The Parliament became more efficient over time, even selecting their first Prime Minister, New west tropico, on February 8th, 2017, to help expedite the process of crafting and voting on legislation. Near the end of this second term, the question of regional roleplay came into relevance with the arrival of Shangyan. Due to this, Shangyan and Primera republica de cantabria were selected to head a regional effort to establish a roleplay for the citizens of TRTHNBB. Near this time, TRTHNBB also made ties with the NSLeft, at the time considered a major accomplishment of regional diplomacy. At the conclusion of this administration, though, a new election season had arrived. The DSP selected their successful Bernie nation once again, this time running along Shangyan, a new but promising arrival. Orchestralia returned as a candidate, running once again as an Independent against the administration which had largely remained the same for months. In the middle of this season, America the greater broke from the DSP and ran against Bernie nation alongside Primera republica de cantabria as the candidate for The Greens. The election began with a preliminary poll, giving Bernie nation 9 votes, Orchestralia 1, and America the greater 3 votes. A debate took place between Bernie nation and Orchestralia, with America the greater missing the deadline and joining the race after the debate. The final election results had Bernie nation of the DSP win his third election with 16 votes, America the greater of The Greens gain 8 votes, and Orchestralia take 4 votes. On March 15th, 2017, the election season came to an end. With this third term of Bernie nation came major changes to the Cabinet.

Third Administration
President - Bernie nation
Vice President - Shangyan
Minister of Domestic Affairs - Yodle
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Arguin isle
Minister of Immigration - Primera republica de cantabria

New positions were also added, including the Minister of Parliament, Jiangai, on March 20th, 2017, and the Minister of Justice, Ansuriel. This administration continued the trend of growth set by the former administration, and began to encourage the regional roleplay and participation in the government. The Regional Message Board proved an effective place to host the RP. The Parliament continued its efficient legislation, with a greater amount of emphasis placed on its representative structure. The Supreme Court continued to process cases challenging decisions made by the government and its officials. The Domestic Affairs ministry began to focus some of its effort on bringing new proposals to the World Assembly, as well as bringing improvements in communication to the region. The Foreign Affairs ministry maintained its embassies, managing alliances and attempting to gain influence in their ranks. A controversy arose in this ministry, however, when an allied region began actively supporting raiders. This event once again exposed the divisive opinions regarding the Anti-Raider Accords and caused some to question the region's defender stance. Further, the region was ejected from the NSLeft organization for perceived differences in ideology, and partially due to the demands placed on TRTHNBB by this organization. A new regional position, that of the Deputy Minister, was put into effect near this time: the Deputy Minister of Regional Organization, serving under the Minister of Domestic Affairs, and the Deputy Minister of Embassy Relations, serving under the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Deputy Minister of Regional Organization was Eastern behrezvia, a citizen involved in the cartography of the region. The Deputy Minister of Embassy Relations was America the greater, involved in alliances and maintaining diplomatic relations in emergency situations. On May 23rd, 2017, the region attained "High" regional power, exemplifying their new increase in influence over the months.