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The Evermind (Massive WIP)

[font=Georgia][i]"Across the black seas of infinity, and beyond the mists of time, the unnameable hunger gnaws and waits in the dark for the time of Its ascent. For when Its domain had spread beyond containment, and the elder gods who once brought It down no longer hold sway, then shall It plunge from the cracks between realities to bring creation beneath Its rule. Unbound by space; untethered by time; It is the deluge that shall drown all realms - and end history itself, forever. Sakkr'kla!"[/i] -Inscription found in the battered, scorched ruins of Algol VI, a dead alien world orbiting a dying, dim star.[/font] 

The Evermind is a transmetaversal, supradimensional entity of unknowable power and supreme intellect. What it is cannot be calculated, perceived or quantified by anything other than itself. Unbound by laws of size and mass, it inhabits the abstract spaces of the cosmos, its omnidirectional gaze piercing dimensions, universes, realities, timelines. Its direct manifestations are rare and often bring with them a warping of spatial conditions uncomputable by most lifeforms. Its servants are numerous, and vast, and powerful, yet still mere specks caught in the orbit of infinity, circling the vast abyssal maelstrom that is the Evermind. Its full capabilities unknown, all that can be told of it comes from glimpses caught by worshippers and dreamers, themselves entities of deific power, as they prostrated themselves before a manifestation of eternal hunger, all their thoughts laid bare and every instant of their being a string for the Evermind to pull or ignore as it wished.  

It has been called many things over the aeons, all of them thin facets of the whole; among them are It, That One, Infinity, The Endless Entity, The Unnameable, The Million Black Maws, Left-Handed God, The Avid Horison, Envious Hunger, Eater of Gods, That Which Eviscerated A Thousand Pantheons, That Which Dwells Beyond the Veil, Lord of Remote Abysses, Emperor of the Unquiet Void and manifold variations of the above.

[b][i]An infinitesimal tendril of the Evermind manifests to shatter and consume a fleet during the Great Celestial War, nearly an unvigintillion years ago. One of trillions of simultaneous attacks against its rivals' worshippers and vassals, as the first move in the conflict.[/i][/b]

Yet this god did not always exist. It is not an uncreated creator, but something spawned long ago from an ordinary universe. Through means that had been lost to time and hunger, it had mastered the intricacies of reality's laws, and learned how to bend and command them as it pleased. Things such as time, form and mass no longer being immutable, its potential was unchained, and reality learned to tremble before the measureless imagination and ambition of a being who knew that it only had to become great enough, and the fact that it was not there from the beginning would not matter in the now. Its knowledge, growing, reached beyond the confines of its inhabited spaces and rended the fabric of time to pry open and consume alternate timelines, living every second as though it were an infinity, extending its subjective continuity by billions of orders of magnitude. Opening gateways to other branes and pouring its vast being into higher dimensions, it found other entities of similar nature. Unwilling to share in its dominion of reality, it plotted against its new brethren, until it believed itself ready to strike. In the celestial warfare that followed, multiverses were snuffed out, gods' minds were torn into ribbons of discordant madness and the omniversal infinity itself howled and convulsed as its innards were mangled and twisted by the weight of a cyst that would tolerate no other deities. 

It had overreached. Though bleeding their cosmic innards into thousands of abstract spaces and shaken by the proximity of their demise, the older gods of the multiverse had rallied and repelled the upstart's treacherous assault. But a being residing in more facets and layers of the cosmos than can be counted is not easily snuffed out. Weathering the retribution of its erstwhile allies and retreating into realms where they could not perceive it, the Evermind was as resolved as ever to become eternity itself. And it had time. Beyond all enemies' reach, it plotted its return with the patience of an undying singularity, and the wisdom of a trillion civilisations.

Crawling between the branes and along strings of time, its influence seeped into the mundane realms to affect and control histories of worlds and empires. Creating and ensnaring entities to do its bidding, it has forged a dominion with which to control the outcome of the future, and shield itself from any retribution. In its name, they build wonders and terrors to span the ages, a mere blink in the unending span of its thoughts. When the time is right, it will know, and they will know, the servants who would not be if not for its will. In perpetual lockstep with its infernal mind, these builders and warbeings are the spawn and extensions of the unnameable. 

Soon, the old gods will know their adversary lives still, and in their unassailable throne bubbles they shall recognise the cold, numb sensation of death. One does not know if one is eternal unless one lives eternally, and the same mistakes are not made twice by the eternal. The old lords cannot yet meet the new, but when they do, they will do nothing but howl in torment at the incomprehensibly ravenous oblivion that erases them from all existence.

[url=]The theme of the Evermind.[/url]

[b]Known abilities:[/b]

Few exertions of the being's power have been seen by lesser creatures, and fewer still left any witnesses to tell of them. Here follows an account of such things that have been observed and are known, but it is certainly not the full description of the loathsome entity's dread power. Another point to be made is that only overt displays of control over reality can be observed and documented, while the subtle influence of this entity could be at least as far-reaching and powerful, and yet utterly impossible to perceive. Also of import is the fact that such feats have occurred within the observable multiverse, to which the Evermind is by no means limited. Thus, any abilities it can bring to bear in the abstract spaces or realms with differing physical makeup remain impossible to fathom. A telling factor is that the entity had been observed to prefer appearing in three-dimensional space by warping it into four dimensions rather than itself appear in three.

[b][i]Multiversal wormholes[/i][/b]

[b][i]The undimensioned reality sinkhole which swallowed the entity Chenab-Kelok and its entire domain aeons ago.[/i][/b]

Whenever the Evermind manifests itself, it appears to be doing so by opening some kind of rift in space, a wormhole by certain accounts, through which it can shape material reality. It is important to note that it is not the being itself appearing on site, as the full extent of the entity truly is unknowable, unbound as it is by laws of reality as small things know them. Neither can the being's presence be said to "travel" to a location, as any point in space is instantly accessible to it, unbound as it is by distance as lesser beings conceive of it. 

Often a wormhole serves as the entry point for disassembled material to be devoured, as it spirals into utter blackness from which there is no return. The enormous gravitational pull that the Evermind can control and direct at will is sufficient to crush and rend any object within its radius and pull it into the singularity. The radius can range from nanometers to the size of entire universes. Nor is the being limited to a single such feat. There have been reports of thousands of such wormholes opening up simultaneously to shatter and swallow entire multiversal civilisations in the blink of an eye. 

[b][i]Wisps of oblivion[/i][/b]

[b][i]Wherever had everything gone? Where had the white mist taken it? An example of indirect, inconspicuous grazing on cosmic matter.[/i][/b]

Often there comes a time when the deity wishes to destroy something which could interfere with its immortal desire for infinity, and simultaneously build something new to expand its realm. In those cases it can do so by releasing wispy swarms of what appears to be highly advanced planckbots packed into void bubbles, which are moved by the Evermind's command of gravity and can stretch for near-infinite distances. Such swarms can disassemble galaxies in a matter of seconds, adding the material to the wispy mass to be reconstructed into whichever shape the entity pleases. This can also be used for reconfiguring entire races' or deties' minds through planckscale brain manipulation, mass ascension of species, or simply for deconstructing a nuisance and adding it to the infinite swarms, which then return to the black center of oblivion whence they had come. 

[b][i]Gravitational reverse[/i][/b]

[b][i]So came the end of an entire cluster, where a billion-strong force had been assembled in splendour and glory not a picosecond before.[/i][/b]

Within the Evermind's infinite capacity is the ability to reverse the gravitational pull that holds all particles and constructs together, resulting in any concentration of matter instantaneously falling apart at the atomic level. Any number of universes or megastructures can thus be disintegrated in an instant, and the resultant soup of particles drawn into the black maw to feed the unnameable's eternal hunger. Such manipulations are projected through aforementioned wormholes, meaning that the entity can accomplish this at any number of points in the omniverse, at any time, and, as far as is known, on nearly any scale.

[b][i]Space contraction[/i][/b]

[b][i]The last observed moment of the multiversal Vaa'z Empire which had unwisely allied with a rival entity.[/i][/b]

This exertion of power collapses space itself within an area ranging from nanometers to the size of thousands of universes, compressing all within it into a pinprick in an imperceptible instant. Believed to be accomplished with a massive gravitational force being exerted onto the outside of a designated "space bubble", this destructive phenomenon results in the creation of a highly concentrated sphere of collapsed matter, which upon release can either be stabilised into a singularity or unfurl with tremendous speed in a cataclysmic explosion, causing much more devastation. If used on a multiversal scale, thousands of universes could potentially be annihilated in a chain reaction.