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People's Country of Tekirlemmih
Official website of the Institute of Tekirlemmih

Welcome to the
This website, administrated by the Institute of Tekirlemmih, is intended to assist travelers who are planning to visit Tekirlemmih as well as the general public who would like to learn more about the construction of the World's Utopia!

Official name: The People's Country of Tekirlemmih (Tekirlemmih Dnalsteklof)
Location: Northern Sea of Midgard (Tekirlemmian: Tevahsdrågdim).
Time Zone: Tekirlemmian time (OOC: For practical reasons, it's just UTC+1 for now)
Area: 450,978 km²
Population: 87,030,958 (Year of 217)
Largest cities: Nedatsarots,
Official Language: Tekirlemmian
Currency: Atulav
Capital: Nedatsarots
Form of State: Tekirlemmih is a unitary lemmihist state based on a unicameral parliament: the National Congress (Nessergnok Allenoitan).
Deputies of the legislature are elected from Tekirlemmih's [number] municipalities (Renummokstekir) and serve for lifetime.
Under this form of state, the Head of State is responisble for foreign and defense policy and shares the power to appoint Government officals with the Head of Government. The Head of state also is in charge of the appointments of prosecutors and the judiciary.
Legal system: Civil law
Electoral System: Universal suffrage for women and men that has served in the Army. Candidates must gain at least 25% of the regional vote for representation in the National Congress, but this number can be changed accordingly to the population of the municipality.
Head of State: the Errehstekir, Netkavlekcyn Kire.
National Government: The government is led by the Nretsinimskir, whose is appointed by the Errehstekir.
Head of Government the Nretsinimskir, Nossnevs Folo.
National Elections: The first Saturday in October each 5th year.
If you want more information you may want to have a look at LinkTekirlemmih's Wiki page, but it is very biased so take it with a grain of salt.

We at the Bureau of Tourism of Tekirlemmih welcome you to Tekirlemmih! Here you'll find everything you need to know about travelling to Tekirlemmih.

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