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The Airport System of NewTexas

[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=110][U][B]The Airport System of NewTexas[/B][/U][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Crimson][I]"Moving Texans around NewTexas and the World - A truly First Class Experience!"[/I][/color]

[U][B]Crown Jewel of NewTexas InterRegional Airport[/B][/U] [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
City of NewAustin (Capital)
Located in NewTexas in the Hill Country Region of Texas [URL=]Map[/URL]

[I]Service to all of Texas and TexasPrime as well as to other regions around the world.  This is truly an interregional airport with service to all Texas allies as well as regions beyond.  Due to Security and Customs regulations, this is the only interregional airport in NewTexas.  This astounding airport boasts over 120 gates and 12 long two-mile runways which, when viewed from the air, resemble a jewel.  World-class amenities include multiple restaurants, bars and conference rooms.  There are more hotels located on Hotel Row than in any other single city in all of NewTexas.  The Crown Jewel of NewTexas is magnificent airport designed with luxury in mind.  Catering to visiting foreign dignitaries from both within Texas and from outside Texas as well as to the local traveler, this airport is truly a gem of engineering knowhow with safety and security as well as elegance in mind.  The concourse system is intuitive, modern and designed to rapidly move masses of travelers with a minimum of discomfort.  Fully-automated shuttle services between terminals are a joy to any harried tourist or diplomat.  The Crown Jewel of NewTexas is truly a marvel to behold and well deserving of its status as the premier airport in all of NewTexas!  [/I] 

60 Flights per Hour/Indoor capacity accommodates 2,000,000 people.

[U][B]NewTexas International Airports[/B][/U] [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
Cities of NewDallas, NewCorpusChristi, NewHouston, NewSanAntonio, NewAustin, NewLubbock and NewElPaso. 
Conveniently located across NewTexas in the Hill Country Region of Texas [URL=]Map[/URL]

[I]The NewTexas International airports are a chain of seven international airports located in NewTexas.  These airports have flights hourly to all nations in Texas located in both Texas and Texas Prime.  While not quite as elegant as the Crown Jewel of NewTexas, passengers across the region have selected the NewTexas International Airports as the number one airport chain in the nation for customer satisfaction.  The airport manager was recently quoted as saying, "Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction.  Everything we do here is geared toward making sure the customer experience at NewDallas International Airport is a pleasant one. Knowing that the traveling public appreciates what we do is very rewarding.".  NewTexas International Airport - for all your Texas travel needs![/I]

30 Flights per Hour/Indoor capacity accommodates 1,000,000 people.

[U][B]Heart of Texas National Airports[/B][/U] [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
Located in smaller cities around Texas with connections to all international and interregional airports [URL=]Map[/URL]

[I]The Heart of Texas National Airport System serves NewTexas only. It has a mission of helping to ensure that its services and facilities are accessible to all the traveling public.   Landing on the HOT airfields are F-16's, jumbo jets, home built aircraft, luxurious corporate jets, crop dusters and seemingly every model of airplane in between. Customers operating these aircraft vary from commercial passenger, air cargo and commuter carriers; corporate and general aviation; and the Armed Forces; and aerospace related businesses. Most importantly, all of our flying customers, regardless of the size of their fleets, have access to the same high quality, specialized aviation services found throughout the HOT Airport System.[/I]

10 Flights per Hour/Indoor capacity accommodates 500,000 people.

[B][I]Air travel has never been easier or more pleasant than in NewTexas!  Come to NewTexas today to experience it for yourself!  A truly First Class Experience![/I][/B]