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(OLD RP 2) Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 10


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FROM THE OLD UPDATE... (in a chronological order):

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

"Good, good" said Ecthelion once he received news about a successful exchange of land between elves and dwarves. "Since it went so well, send elves to inquire if our fellow dwarves would be interested in exchanging Emin Uial for Western Arthedain... or River Lhun. But I think they would want to have direct access to the Blue Mountain... Anyway, go and ask what they want. This exchange would make our borders clear and our troop movement efficient."

Offer land exchange to the March of Maedhros.

Kingdom of Rohan:
(RP nation: The rohirrim empire, NS nation: The remnants of angmar)

Elfwine was sad to hear the cries of the men of Athedain, even worse The Anduin was once again in trouble, this time his own kin (half-elven) of Gondolin had his men flee south, "Very well If Gondolin wants a war, we will give it to them, unless they want to rethink. We shall fight orcs no longer, this time there is a greater threat, even Maedhros was a part of the Downfall of Arthedain. Have all men in Gap of Isen retreat to Fangorn in fact have them attack Wold & Foothills, and relocate the capital in Fangorn, the men in the Anduin Vales will retreat to Rohan, and send a diplomat to Rhun, the Unfettered, The White Fanged Mountains, and everyone except Maedros to attack Gondolin and Maedhros, whom will now be known as... The Scum Of Arda

Relocate capital to Fangorn
Cease control of the Anduin Vales to the gods
Have all men in Gap of Isen AND Anduin Vales attack Wold & Foothills
Request that all factions (that I have AT LEAST a non-aggresion pack with) to attack Gondolin and Maedhros contrary that Gondolin and Maedhros seize hostilities.

The Kingdom of Angmar:
(RP nation: Angmar of the witch king, NS nation: The olog-hai)

"The Elves of Gondolin say what?" the Witch King hissed in anger. "They think my generals made a mistake? No, this was a carefully and cleverly disguised probe. But, tell them that it was indeed a mistake. We now know the strengths of their armies, and their weakness, and are now prepared in case of anything going wrong."
An Orcish messenger left with the message in written format, and memorized.
A host of messenger began arriving.
"What is this? Even more of you? Tell me, what is it???" the Witch King growled in frustration. "So, the Elves are making this Western Alliance? Tell them that we don't want a part in it, for it could anger our neighbors, and they are not interested in our land anyways. Send a message to the White Hand saying that we want no part in these pointless wars, and that we won't interfere for either side. And march the men into position. Soon we will strike."

All Orcs from the Woodland Realm are to move to Northern Rhovanion. All troops from the upper anduin are also to move there.
Send the above messages, two to Gondolin and one to the White Hand.

White Hand Tribe Rebels:
(NPC nation)

News of losing the Gap of Isen to the humans of Rohan fell heavy on the orc chieftain. He was expecting a party, indeed ... but a party to join the Crusade, not one to attack their Capitol. Such a misunderstanding, costing them their most esteemed province, the Gap and the areas around Isengard.

Getting back the Gap was the 1st priority now for the White Hand Rebels, and a show of alliances was in order to secure the safety of its borders. To that extend, a message is to be send to the Unfettered:

" King of the Unfettered,

It is time now for you to select your allies, as two of your allies have entered hostilities with each other and you can not remain allied with both; you have to select one, between the orcs of White Hand Tribe Rebels and the humans of the Kingdom of Rohan - with whom do you wish to side, and continue to support?

I advise you to choose wisely, as having us on the receiving end of your alliance termination means that there will no more a buffer between you and the invading armies of Gondolin and Maedhros - and terminating the alliance with Rohan means that you may give up some inter-human relations to the favor of orcs.

I realize this is a hard choice to make, but I hope it is one you will take soon. If you decide to side with us, be aware that we would like you to contact your now formal ally, and instruct Rohan into ceding control of the Gap of Isen, and not to cross the Gap any more - or else we will march against their realms before the invading powers of Gondolin and Maehdros decide to invade our realms next. After they do this, we would feel confident into pursuing a triple-alliance, you, us, and Rohan - as we don't want to make enemies of your allies, but if they attack us unprovoked ... then we have to reply."

To the Kingdom of Rohan

"King of Rohan,

Your latest attack on the Gap of Isen, unprovoked, especially after we ceded control of our claims of Rohan - as we discussed in the Summit in Mithlond, has left us confused. Why have you attacked us, when we have decided to be on your side and supported your claims.

We will march on the Gap of Isen, to reclaim our own lands. If you wish to pursue a war with us, let us know now - but realize that such course of action may forfeit your own claims on the provinces you hold dear - and will only bring instability in the region.

So, as we offered peace - you refused. We offer again, but this is our last offer. If you fail to answer, then you will be marked as an enemy of both myself, and the people in the summit - as you've attacked the Gap of Isen, a province owned by me and with you having no claim in it. We are willing to forget your transgressions if you decide already to repent interacting with the traitors of Gondolin and Maedhros - or, if you want to be just like them; a traitor to your own kind ...."

Send above messages
Crusade moves to Eastern Arthedain

Druadain Hill Dwarves:
(NPC nation)

"To Unfettered, and to Dominion of Rhun,

Shall we bury the hatchet of war, and call a truce between our kingdoms? Say, for 3 updates? We don't wish to attack - we want to be left in peace. Secure this peace for us, and we promise not to dwell in your lands - but we shall not give away our lands either.

The dwarves of the Broken Kingdoms and the dwarves of Druadain Hill Dwarves are ready to divert their attention elsewhere. We have no news on the orcs of the Darkmarshes, nor can we control their actions. All we can do is to speak for the dwarves of this part of the world.

So, what say you, King of Unfettered and King of the Dominion?"


Elves of Cardolan:
(NPC nation)

"It is time to reclaim our own lands from the usurpers of Gondolin - we march for Northern Cardolan, in complete quietness!

March with all soldiers on Northern Cardolan

The Broken Kingdoms:
(NPC nation)

Move crusade to Gorgoroth, taking up any soldiers that want to join the crusade in the same time

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

- What? There were Rohirrim in High Pass? What were they doing there?!" Ecthelion was furious. News about an accidental war with Rohan surprised him. "Ugh, now what do I have to do?" he asked his generals that were supposed to think when lead troops.
"Send apology to the Kingdom of Rohan. We value our allies and it was only by accident that they were caught up during the battle. And congratulate them on their recent acquisition of land around river Isen. It is only right for that land to belong to men and not those foul creatures of the White Hand. Inform him also that he is to have our full support in his war against the White Hand. And send messengers through High Pass, no need to pass through orcish lands"
- And while at it, send these messages as well:
[To the Unfettered,
You may have already heard about the glorious victory of Rohan over the White Hand. I believe it would only be right to ask you what is your stance on this issue. Whatever it may be, my sword will be with Rohan, so choose wisely if you decide to participate in this conflict. I am aware that there are fears about Western Alliance in the South. But fear not, we have no intention of leaving Eriador. Why would we? Unless you attack us or explicitly try to threaten us, the Kingdom of Gondolin will not initiate a war. Decide your side after you've considered my words.
Signed, Ecthelion of Gondolin]
[To the Witch-king of Angmar,
Shall we try negotiating before starting a war? I believe your generals have misunderstood your orders and attacked me. It is indeed hard to find intelligent generals, trust me, I'm having the same problem.
Signed, Echtelion of Gondolin]
[To Frizar of White Fanged Mountains,
I would like to apologize on behalf of the March of Maedhros for stepping into your sphere of influence without asking for your permission. Unfortunately it was the only choice to end the conflict with Arthedain quickly. For now, in return I authorize you to step into Wold & Foothills, which is in my sphere of influence, as well as pass Fangorn - but in Fangorn's case I recommend you also check with our friend Elfwine. You are free to use these lands belonging to my sphere of influence in any way you want until High Pass issue is solved, but for that please address Nelyafinwe.
Signed, Ecthelion of Gondolin]


Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

- And now, my messengers, deliver this declaration to all the kings and queens there are in Middle Earth.

[To my fellow rulers,
It has reached our lands that kingdoms outside of Eriador are worried about recent movements of the Western Alliance.
I would like to tell you more about the alliance.

* First of all, we are a defensive alliance, aimed to protect its members should a need arise. The alliance was created in the middle of the Arthedain conflict, when we realized on the example of the Elves of Cardolan how treacherous simple allies can be. Western Alliance is the alliance of powers which look to the West for their values - to Valinor and the Valar.

We are not a closed defensive alliance, but an open one. We are open for new memebers.
Current members are:
- The Kindom of Gondolin (Elven Chapter)
- The March of Maedhros (Dwarven Chapter)

To become a member you have to contact one of existing members and present your views on the world. Not everyone will be accepted. You have to show that you care about peace and try to preserve it. As well as the fact that you will protect other members of the alliance should the need arise. A nation is accepted only if all current members of the Alliance say OK. War inside the alliance is strictly forbidden, such an attack would lead to your exclusion of the alliance.

Therefore, Western Alliance is a fellowship of countries who declare to NOT wage war against one another BUT to defend one another would a need arise. If you become a member, you are a part of the family, and family doesn't leave its members fight against aggressors alone.

* Second of all, I would like to remind you about the position of Kingdom of Gondolin and the March of Maedhros and goal of the alliance. We are indeed in the West of Middle Earth (but as I explained earlier, this is not the reason for the name). And we intend to remain in the West. And guarantee peace and stability in our "corner". Being a ruler of the Kingdom of Gondolin, I can assure you that I have no interest whatsoever in any land South of Enedwaith and East of Moria. But beware, should you try stir problems in this corner - I will not remain silent. So for instance, unless White Hand provokes me, why should I create problems in my calm corner of Middle Earth?
To my knowledge, the March of Maedhros has no interest in any land past High Pass and Moria either. Both of us simply want peace in Eriador. Should you become a member of Western Alliance, we would work together to restore peace in your corner of Middle Earth as well. But if you do not wish to join our alliance, why do we have to spend troops for nothing? We have enough land in Eriador for both.

I hope my explanation has put your minds at ease. Don't fall for rumors and attempts of others to make you fight their wars. Protect you lands and your peace. If you want to join Western Alliance to do so together, send a messenger to me indicating this and I will get back to you.

Ecthelion of Gondolin, Member of the Western Alliance, Elven Chapter


The White Fanged Mountains:
(RP nation: The white fanged mountains, NS nation: The northern frost dragons)

"Sire, Elfwine has moved his people to conquer the wold and foothills."
Frizar pounded his fist against his throne, shaking the entire room. "We've been saying we want to occupy that area as our territory. Why are they moving there? We also have permission from Gondolin to do so. Sometimes the people of men can be so stupid. Send a message to Elfwine of Rohan, ask why he is moving to a land we've been talking about conquering for several updates. Also, send a message to Maedhros, request from them to release the High Pass to us to prevent the conflict that might ensue for bringing war into our sphere of influence."


The March of Maedhros:
(RP nation: The sons of feanor, NS nation: March of Maedhros)

"Oi, Nelyafinwe sire! A message has arrived from Frizar"
Nelyafinwe read the letter over: it asked for the High Pass to be given up...
"Scribe, my dear slave, write back to Frizar with these words:
'We understand your concern about our occupation of the High Pass, yet we refuse to release the area to anyone's control save ours. We do not wish for conflict with anyone East of the Misty Mountains, yet the threat of an attack is present: we don't have allies East of High Pass (no true enemies either), so we have decided to hold the Pass in case of an attack upon our lands.
And you seemed concerned about our conflict spreading East; I assure you no such thing will happen. Our enemy has been utterly destroyed, their people slaves, their villages burned: they are nothing. And so, our only quarrel is in Eriador, and so we will protect the West.'
Sounds good yea?"

Send above message to Frizar

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

When Ecthelion heard of Nelyafinfe's reply to Frizar he quickly wrote him another message:
"To Frizar of White Fanged Mountains.
My friend, I have heard of Nelyafinwe's reply. Please, understand his concerns. His capital is adjacent to the High Pass. And High Pass is the point where anyone can enter the heart of his kingdom. Therefore I beg of you to be reasonable. Since Nelyafinwe holds that region so dear to his heart, my offer to you stands true and I will transfer the rights on the Wold & Foothills region to you for absolute ownership.
In addition, you must have received my previous letter explaining the existence of the Western Alliance. If you feel interested in protecting harmony in your corner of the region, as well as have a guarantee of common protection against any aggressor, I am ready to support your application. As I already specified, neither me nor Maedhros have any interest outside of Eriador, but we are willing to supply our allies with defense troops should they be attacked and guarantee stability in their kingdoms. It's better to have friends than enemies anyways, as you know that war between members of the Western Alliance if forbidden (so you have nothing to lose). And we don't have any Dragon Chapter in our alliance, you could be the first.
Awaiting for your reply,
Ecthelion of Gondolin, Elven Chapter of Western Alliance
P.S. Please be reasonable with Nelyafinwe. His words may be harsh, be he is a dwarf, and they are like that - harsh, simple and strong on the outside, but they are kind and loyal inside. "

Send above message to Frizar

The White Fanged Mountains:
(RP nation: The white fanged mountains, NS nation: The northern frost dragons)

Frizar received the messages from the Western kingdoms.
"The nerve of Elves, thinking I want to join their alliance. Tell them this, I don't want to join their alliance because I know these giant kingdoms will fall eventually. In the mean time, move our troops in the Anduin Vales to the Wold and Foothills, we need to secure it before Rohan does."

Reject alliance with the West
Move troops in the Anduin Vales to the Wold and Foothills

Elves of Cardolan:
(NPC nation)

After receiving a message from the elves of Gondolin, one that apparently was sent not only tp him, but to the rest of the kings and queens of Middle Earth, Elohir just had to issue a reply; he felt it was his obligation as he was one of those that had direct dealings with this "alliance". Thus, he wrote the following, to be sent to all kings and queens, except the rulers of Maedhros and Gondolin.

The letter was as follows:
"Nations of the world, kings and queens ... you may have, definitely, already received a message from the deceiving forces of the western alliance; now hear me out, for I bring important words of wisdom relevant to this matter;

Many of you do not know me, and have not heard of me before. I am a small king, ruling a small but fair kingdom. Many such as I have already fallen into the hands of these suppresors, of these brutes and savages; while they offer sweet words of honey, their blades cut your flesh.

Make no mistake; the fate of Arthedain will be my fate, and will be your fate, and will be all of our fates - even if we do so choose to ally with the suppresors. Do you think they will leave in peace? After all is said and conquered, they will turn against you, for their thirst for expansion is absolute.

Don't assume that they will not, for you will make a grave error! Have you not had, in your kingdoms in your past, people that advocated peace, only to turn aa conquerors supporting genocide? We have had such people, and we have suffered the price of believing them and opening our gates to them turned into a sacking of our towns.

I leave you with this, and with the following question: if they do not want to expand, then why have the forces of maedhros install their capitol so close to the east? To promote peace ... or to have an easy launch point, for their armies from their capitol? Think good ....

I already know the answer, even if it is veiled in words of honey. The question is ... do you?"


The White Fanged Mountains:
(RP nation: The white fanged mountains, NS nation: The northern frost dragons)

The orcs of the White Hand Rebels received both the messages of Gondolin and of Cardolan, and issued a statement of their own in return, to be sent only to the factions that have attended the Summit:
"My personal experience with this Alliance is filled with untrust; and its a grave day in Middle Earth when the words of an orc shadow those of an elf.

I call all nations that sent representatives to the summit to declare war on Maedhros, and to call all those that support Maedhros as enemies to the Summit.

My reason is simple - they don't care about anything other than their own expansion, in the detriment of any cultures they stumble upon - see Arthedain - but more than anything, they are untrustworthy. We've all been there, we've all made our claims and we all want the rest to respect our claims, as that was the purpose of the Summit. I have sent many messages to the dwarves, asking for lease of province - in at least three different updates! You know their answer? No, really, I am asking you - do you know their answer, because I don't. They didn't even care to reply. So they have no respect for any others - don't expect them to have any respect for you!

The only way for them to grasp the notion of respect is if we all, together, teach them the definition of respect. Thus I say to all of you, declare Maedhros and all that stand with him as your enemies, and let us build a coalition of justice and fairness for us non-hegemonies!

My views on the elves of Gondolin is fairly mixed. I strongly believe they are the same as Maedhros, only to have a better silver tongue. They had the same crossing of provinces as Maedhros, breaking any and all we discussed in the summit - but they had the decency to at least reply. But their nerve when replying! I had to declare war on a kingdom they viewed less than them, just so I can help Gondolin finish them, and in return I would get a province that was already promised to me in the Summit.

For that I say ... Gondolin, you have but one chance to repent; relinquish your alliance with Maedhros, go back on your borders before your unjust attack on Arthedain realms and we, the collective of the Summit, may yet find some forgiveness in our hearts for you and for your transgressions".


Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

"To all nations of the Mithlond Summit,
I have no knowledge of White Hand trying to negotiate the exchange of land with the March of Maedhros, for there were none. Their claims are empty at best. Just as their attack on my honor. On my side, I have offered exchange of Emun Uial to them right away, but they have simply ignored my message.
Now, the question is, what are they doing in my sphere of influence and why are they messing with my internal affairs? I wanted Cardolan elves to exist by my side as an ally. But it is no secret they it was the White Hand that encouraged Elves of Cardolan to declare war on me, and now they are protecting these elves, threatening to attack me as well, should I defend myself. Where is justice here?
Stop using the name of the collective of the Summit, orcs of White hand, your rotten tongue has no right to do so! Stirring problem and launching wars is the orcish way. Don't push responsibility onto my shoulders. Have I not tried negotiations? Every nation is a witness, I've been constantly trying to restore alliance and friendship with my fellow elves, and I've been constantly trying to be a good neighbor to you, Whitehenders. Don't cover your personal ambitions and insecurities.
My fellow nations, I encourage all of us to return to negotiations and avoid starting wars. Let's negotiate land exchanges, terms, peace.
Ecthelion of Gondolin"


Kingdom of Rohan:
(RP nation: The rohirrim empire, NS nation: The remnants of angmar)

Elfwine, being sick for a few days, was not in the best mood, but hearing good news from Gondolin and Maedhros made thing easier, "Apologies Ecthelion an Maedhros, I was worrying to much. And to the dragons up in the north I was hoping we could trade the Wold & Foothills for Northern Rhovanion

Send to the Kingdom of Gondolin and White Fanged Mountains

The White Fanged Mountains:
(RP nation: The white fanged mountains, NS nation: The northern frost dragons)

Frizar received the request from Rohan, "Why would we trade a region we own for one we have had our sites on for 2 updates? You left the Wold and Foothills, choosing Fangorn over it. Also, I have gotten permission from Elves of Gondolin, who has it as their sphere of influence, to occupy the land. So no, I will not trade territory with you. I will keep Northern Rhovanion, and I will occupy the Wold and Foothills. And I will not g down without a fight."


Send above message to Rohan.

The March of Maedhros:
(RP nation: The sons of feanor, NS nation: March of Maedhros)

After reading the messages written and sent by the guy who rules Cardolan and whoever "rules" the White Foot Orcs, Nelyfinwe had himself a good chuckle: they had their view of him all messed up. Why did they think he wanted to expand eastward? That would be a terrible idea: only enemies that away!
He got his letter writing slave to pen the following message to all members of the summit:
"Peoples of Middle Earth, please here me out: the White Tribe Extremities and Cardolan Elves are spreading lies about me!
To start, White Fingers says I have taken the lands he claims for my own. Not true I say! Does he not see that Arthedain held that place, and defiled it? I liberated it, and now I am letting White Hand and his petty tribe take the land they claim. I am not their enemy: I have never declared war against him, or spoken ill of the old fool. And the reason for me not replying to him... well, my advisor's are mute (they are smart Dwarves, but can't communicate very well). The letters must have been lost in the lack of communication, and Dwarves are generally low on patience (as you all know). So it must have been overlooked: very sorry buddy!
And on Cardolan, their "king", Elladan I believe it was, says I have put my capital to the Ettenmoors to launch Eastward. The poor old cretin is poorly mistaken and blind: the endless years must have gone to his head. How he does not see that my capital is in the Ettenmoors so I can eliminate him is purely astounding! He is of the same level of stupidity of the now vanished King of Arthedain. Pure brutes, controlled on the whims of the same God (OOC: If you know what I mean ;)). Furthermore, they expanded in Eriador and terrorized its peoples; they control provinces I claim for my own (Moria) and blame me for controlling provinces claimed by others. Pure hypocrisy! Such blindness must be punished, and so it shall!"
P.S: Artedain and Cardolan both rejected peace by not joining my alliance with Gondolin. And further attack my beloved ally and/or threatened him. I will not stand for the disrespect of Gondolin and so they have called doom upon themselves.

Send above message to all member of the Mithlond Summit

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

Echtelion was reading Nelyafiwe's message with a smile. "This old dwarf actually cares about me. Well, he is kind of obliged, since he is a part of Western Alliance. So Cardolan's attack against me meant an attack against the alliance. There is nothing wrong with rejecting the alliance, but attacking is big deal. Poor elves of Cardolan, and I was trying to save them till the very end. Silly me"

He rose and went out of the small building he was staying at. He went to the cliff. It was dark, the moon was full. Corners of his elven cape were caressed by the wind. Ecthelion look to the direction of Cardolan, he was at the edge of the cliff and raised both arms. A sudden gust of wind blown the cape behind.

"And now at last it comes. Elrohir, you declared the war freely! In place of a stupid lord, elves of Cardolan shall have the king! Not brute and oblivious but elegant and mysterious as the the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun! Dreadful as the Storm! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and adore! Face the Wrath of the Western Alliance, Elrohir the Unwise..."
The wind calmed down, and Ecthelion lowered his hands. He felt empowered.
"I have passed the test. I shall diminish, release my ambitions outside of Eriador and remain Ecthelion of Eriador, Protector of Elves, Defender of Allies, Guardian of Loyalty.".


The March of Maedhros:
(RP nation: The sons of feanor, NS nation: March of Maedhros)

"Hmme yes, sounds good!" Exclaimed Nelyafinwe

Agree to switch River Lhun for Emyn Uial

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

"Hm, so that was a mistake" hummed Ecthelion while reading the letter from Angmar. "These types of mistakes lead to losses on each sides - orcs or elves. Well, I guess we'll need more cooperation on these matters. And both sides need to understand when the war is there and when it is a mistake. Send a messenger to Angmar, ask for more cooperation. Since they decide not to join Western Alliance, propose them a formal one, there should be no concern about it, since unlike Western Alliance it does no oblige allies to protect one another in case one is attacked, if they don't want to share so much economic activity, then a non-aggression pact would do. But try to persuade the Witch King to become a formal ally. Send him the gems that we got from the Dominion of Rhun, they were taken from the Mountains of Mordor, he may like the faint aura these gems have. But stress that these doesn't oblige him in any way to join us in our wars."
Having instructed his messengers, Ecthelion turned back to the window. "Yes, the world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. Much that was lost is found. Elves and orcs might have future together"

Offer Angmar a formal alliance. If not, propose a non-aggression pact.

The Unfettered:
(RP nation: Starrp, NS nation: The starlight)

Seeing the message of the White Hand Rebels, Valinus replied thusly:

"It is indeed a predicament, and a sad one, for we should be preparing to fight against the Western Alliance and not amongst myself. I will speak with Rohan and attempt to dissuade them from their current path. When my campaign against the Dwarves is complete, the Unfettered march north, to deal with the tyranny of elves.

Replying to the Druadain Hill Dwarves, Valinus replied:

"Only when you surrender Anorien, our ancient homeland to the Unfettered and Ithilien to the Dominion of Rhun shall this war of ours end. If you do not depart from lands that are rightly ours, dwarven blood will be spilt, and I will not rest until every dwarf is gone from my rightful lands.

To Rohan, Valinus sent an emissary with this message:

"I urge you not to pursue war with the White Hand Rebels. I did not drag you into my lengthy campaign against the dwarves and I would hope you would do the same. I am allies with both of you, and even if I sided with you, we would not win, for I have no troops to spare to travel through the Old Pukel Gap to attack them. I counsel you to seek peace."

Send above messages to directed recipients
Reject peace offer from Drudain Hill Dwarves.

Dominion of Rhun:
(RP nation: Gurthanc rp, NS nation: Gurthanc)

(In Khand)
<The time of retribution is at hand! Our forces have been defeated and pushed back by the cowardly dwarves, and the abominations that they call allies! Now we will strike out and free the East of their taint!> Spake the Lord In'tirrilas to his council, and Warlord Arthang'uthil.
<We shall drive a deadly blow to both our enemies, felling them forever!> he raged.
<What of the heathen crusade against our fortress in Gorgoroth, m'lord?> questioned on of the advisors.
<They cannot take our great fort, so forever shall Rhun reign in Mordor! Now go! Move men from Harondor, take the armies of the East to WAR!> shouted the Lord of the East

Reject dwarven pleas for peace
2640 Men from Harondor to Ithilien, requesting aid from the Unfettered
3290 Men and Hero from Khand to the Horse Plains

The Unfettered:
(RP nation: Starrp, NS nation: The starlight)

Seeing that the opportunity presented itself, and Rhun was ready to attack, he ordered an army of 2490 men in Lamedon to combine forces with the 1635 men in Lebennin and attack Ithilien. He himself would lead his forces, and with their forces, they were all but ensured victory!

Though, to cover their backs, he ordered the 1,160 men remaining in Lamedon to march to Lebennin to defend it.

Combine armies and join attack on Ithilien with 4,125 men.
Move 1,160 men in Lamedon to Lebennin

Kingdom of Gondolin:
(RP nation: Old gondolin, NS nation: Eglamar)

"Move all armies to Cardolan. Spare the innocent. Capture those who fight. Only if they resist, I permit you to use violence". Said Ecthelion while sorting last issues in the capital. All was, of course, secret.

Move all forces from Norther Cardolan, Eryn Vorn, Southern Arthedain, Southern Lindon, with hero, to Cardolan (3060 elves + Ecthelion with the main host from the capital)

The March of Maedhros:
(RP nation: The sons of feanor, NS nation: March of Maedhros)

(secret post)

500 from Ettenmoors attack Hollin
200 from Ettenmoors to High Pass
260 from E.Arthedain to High Pass (can only reach Upper Rhudaur)

Read dispatch


The rest of you that want to skip reading this info, feel free to continue reading on.

Thank you for your understanding !


ARDA NEWS, the unofficial news service of the RP :

No news for this update.

What has been done until this update :
  • Kingdom of Rohan - successfully conquered 1 province: Wold and Foothills.

  • The White Fanged Mountains - failed to conquer 1 province: Wold and Foothills.

  • Elves of Cardolan - successfully conquered 1 province: Northern Cardolan.

  • Kingdom of Gondolin - successfully conquered 1 Capital province: Cardolan.

  • White Hand Tribe Rebels - successfully conquered 1 province: Rhudaur.

  • White Hand Tribe Rebels - successfully conquered 1 province: Gap of Isen.

  • The Unfettered - successfully conquered 1 province: Ithilien.

  • Dominion of Rhun - successfully conquered 1 Capital province: Horse Plains.

  • The Broken Kingdoms - successfully conquered 1 province: Harondor.


  • Dominion of Rhun is NO LONGER AT WAR with Druadain Hill Dwarves.

  • The Unfettered is in a WAR with Druadain Hill Dwarves.

  • Darkmarshes Faction is in a WAR with The Unfettered.

  • Elves of Cardolan is in a WAR with Kingdom of Gondolin.

  • Kingdom of Rohan is in a WAR with The March of Maedhros.

  • Kingdom of Gondolin is in a WAR with Kingdom of Rohan.

  • White Hand Tribe Rebels is in a WAR with The March of Maedhros.

  • The White Fanged Mountains is in a WAR with Kingdom of Rohan.

Wars status throughout the realm:
  • End of war between Dominion of Rhun and Druadain Hill Dwarves
    - Dominion of Rhun conquered Ithilien - 3 updates ago
    - Druadain Hill Dwarves conquered Ithilien - 2 updates ago

  • War between Darkmarshes Faction and Dominion of Rhun
    - Darkmarshes Faction assisted in conquering Harondor - this update (3 more updates until hostilities automatically end)
    - Dominion of Rhun conquered Horse Plains - in this update

  • War between The Unfettered and Druadain Hill Dwarves
    - The Unfettered conquered Ithilien - this update (3 more updates until hostilities end)

  • War between Elves of Cardolan and ]Kingdom of Gondolin
    - Elves of Cardolan attacked Northern Cardolan - this update (3 more updates until hostilities automatically end)
    - Kingdom of Gondolin attacked Cardolan - this update

  • War between Darkmarshes Faction and The Unfettered
    - Darkmarshes Faction assisted in conquering Ithilien - 2 updates ago (next update hostilities automatically end, if no other attack)

  • War between Kingdom of Rohan and The March of Maedhros
    - Kingdom of Rohan defended (as ally) against an attack on High Pass - 1 update ago (2 more updates until hostilities automatically end)

  • War between Kingdom of Gondolin and Kingdom of Rohan
    - Kingdom of Gondolin assisted in conquering High Pass - 1 update ago (2 more updates until hostilities automatically end)

  • War between Kingdom of Rohan and White Hand Tribe Rebels
    - Kingdom of Rohan conquered Gap of Isen - 1 update ago (2 more updates until hostilities automatically end)
    - White Hand Tribe Rebels conquered Gap of Isen - this update

  • War between The White Fanged Mountains and Kingdom of Rohan
    - The White Fanged Mountains failed to conquer Wold and Foothills - this update (3 more updates until hostilities automatically end)

  • War between White Hand Tribe Rebels and The March of Maedhros
    - White Hand Tribe Rebels conquered Rhudaur - this update (3 more updates until hostilities automatically end)

The Map of Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 10:
The Map of this Update can be found LinkHERE.
** IF you want to check out the other updates, go LinkHERE **


    • Kingdom's Name: Dominion of Rhun

    • NS Player: Gurthanc

    • RP nation: Gurthanc rp

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: In'tirrlias, King of the East

    • Hero: type A, Arhtnang'uthil the Crusher

    • More info:

      Name of Kingdom: --- Dominion of Rhun
      Race: Men
      Number of Provinces: Two
      Name of Provinces: Harad, Khad
      Hero: Offensive Hero, Arhtnang'uthil the Crusher
      The name of your ruler: In'tirrlias,King of the East
      Your desired color: Orange 5
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +15% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 7 (-5% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (6 of 5) : Horse Plains, Khand (C), Near Harad, Nurn, Sutherland, Upper Nurn

    • Armies under command: 2370 Humans in Horse Plains(with Hero) and 1510 Injured Humans in Khand

    • Kingdom's Name: Kingdom of Gondolin

    • NS Player: Eglamar

    • RP nation: Old gondolin

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Ecthelion

    • Hero: type A, Ecthelion

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: Kingdom of Gondolin
      Race: Elves
      Number of Provinces: 2
      Name of Provinces: Northern Lindon (capital), Southern Lindon
      Hero: Ecthelion
      The name of your ruler: Ecthelion, A
      Your desired color: 14
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 115 (+ 10% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (9 of 5) : Cardolan, Eryn Vorn, Mithlond (!), Northern Lindon, Rhudaur, River Lhun, Southern Arthedain, Southern Lindon (C), The Shire

    • Armies under command: 2320 Elves in Cardolan, 320 Elves in High Pass, 300 Injured Elves in Southern Lindon (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Kingdom of Angmar

    • NS Player: The olog-hai

    • RP nation: Angmar of the witch king

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: The Witch King of Angmar

    • Hero: type A, The Witch King of Angmar

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: The Kingdom of Angmar
      Race: Orcs
      Number of Provinces: 2
      Name of Provinces: Angmar (capitol), Gundabad
      Hero: The Witch King of Angmar (Type A)
      The name of your ruler: The Witch King of Angmar
      Your desired color: 7
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 13 (- 5% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5 of 5) : Angmar (C), Gundabad, Upper Anduin, Western Mirkwood, Woodland Realm

    • Armies under command: 4220 Orcs in Northern Rhovanion (with Hero), 2100 Orcs in Upper Anduin, 2640 Orcs in Angmar

    • Kingdom's Name: Kingdom of Rohan

    • NS Player: The remnants of angmar

    • RP nation: The rohirrim empire

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Elfwine

    • Hero: type A, Aragorn

    • More info: page=dispatch/id=

    • NS Stats: -10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 93 (+ 5% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (4 of 5) : Brown Lands (C), Fangorn, Rohan (!), Wold and Foothills

    • Armies under command: 1430 Humans in Wold and Foothills (with Hero), 2160 Humans in Brown Lands

    • Kingdom's Name: The Unfettered

    • NS Player: The starlight

    • RP nation: Starrp

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Valinus Welbrooke

    • Hero: type C, Valinus Welbrooke

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay

      Name of Kingdom: --- The Unfettered
      Race: --- Men
      Number of Provinces: --- 2
      Name of Provinces: --- Lamedon(C) and Belfalas
      Hero: --- Type C, Valinus Welbrooke
      The name of your ruler: --- Valinus Welbrooke
      Your desired color: --- 6

      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +0% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 5 (- 15% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (5 of 5) : Anfalas, Belfalas, Ithilien, Lamedon (C), Lebennin

    • Armies under command: 3755 Humans in Ithilien (with Hero), 1160 Humans in Lebennin

    • Kingdom's Name: The March of Maedhros

    • NS Player: March of Maedhros

    • RP nation: The sons of feanor

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool

    • Hero: type C, Maedhros the Ironically Short Dwarf

    • More info:

      MORE INFO :: region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay
      Name of Kingdom: --- The March of Maedhros
      Race: --- Dwarves
      Number of Provinces: --- 2
      Name of Provinces: --- River Lhun (capital), Forochel
      Hero: --- Type C. Name: Maedhros the Ironically Short Dwarf
      The name of your ruler: --- Nelyafinwë the Kinda Cool
      Your desired color: --- 9
      Read dispatch

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • God Favouritism: 56 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (7 of 5) : Eastern Arthedain, Emyn Uial, Ettenmoors (C), Forochel, High Pass, Upper Rhudaur, Western Arthedain

    • Armies under command: 1060 Dwarves in High Pass (with Hero), 500 Dwarves in Ettenmoors, 260 Dwarves in Upper Rhudaur, 230 Injured Dwarves in Ettenmoors

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) White Hand Tribe Rebels

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Ghazghkull Mag Uruk

    • Regions under command: (6) : Andrast, Enedhwaith, Gap of Isen, Minhiriath, Old Pukel Land (C), Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 3120 Orcs in Rhudaur, 1685 Orcs in Gap of Isen

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) The Broken Kingdoms

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Farin the Tall

    • Regions under command: (5) : Dorwinion, Harondor, Iron Hills (!), Middle Rhovanion, Withered Heath (C)

    • Armies under command: 1190 Dwarves in Harondor, 960 Dwarves in Eastern Rhovanion

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Darkmarshes Faction

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Agandaur the Marauder

    • Regions under command: (3) : Dagorlad, Eastern Rhovanion, Western Rhovanion (future Capitol)

    • Armies under command: 3260 Orcs in Harondor, 1230 Injured Orcs in Western Rhovanion

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Druadain Hill Dwarves

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Whurfirlum Greybeard

    • Regions under command: (1) : Anorien (C)

    • Armies under command: 420 Injured Dwarves in Anorien

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Elves of Cardolan

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Elrohir

    • Regions under command: (4) : Dunland, Hollin, Northern Cardolan, Redhorn Gate (future Capitol)

    • Armies under command: 1000 Elves in Northern Cardolan

  • Dominion of Rhun

    • Official Allies (2): The Unfettered, Kingdom of Rohan

    • Official Enemies (2): The Broken Kingdoms, Darkmarshes Faction

    • Declared-as-Enemy(0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (2): Kingdom of Gondolin, The White Fanged Mountains

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Official Allies (1): The March of Maedhros

    • Official Enemies (2): Kingdom of Rohan, Elves of Cardolan

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (1): The White Fanged Mountains

    • Formal Alliance (2): Dominion of Rhun, Kingdom of Rohan

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • The Kingdom of Angmar

    • Official Allies (1): The White Fanged Mountains

    • Official Enemies (0): -none-

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (1): The March of Maedhros

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (1): Darkmarshes Faction

  • The Unfettered

    • Official Allies (2): Kingdom of Rohan, Dominion of Rhun

    • Official Enemies (2): Druadain Hill Dwarves, Darkmarshes Faction

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (1): White Hand Tribe Rebels

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • The White Fanged Mountains

    • Official Allies (1): The Kingdom of Angmar

    • Official Enemies (1): Kingdom of Rohan

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (1): Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Formal Alliance (1): Dominion of Rhun

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • The March of Maedhros

    • Official Allies (1): Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Official Enemies (2): Kingdom of Rohan, White Hand Tribe Rebels

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (1): The Kingdom of Angmar

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • Kingdom of Rohan

    • Official Allies (2): Dominion of Rhun, The Unfettered

    • Official Enemies (4): Kingdom of Gondolin, The March of Maedhros, White Hand Tribe Rebels, The White Fanged Mountains

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • White Hand Tribe Rebels

    • Official Allies (1): Elves of Cardolan

    • Official Enemies (2): Kingdom of Rohan, The March of Maedhros

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (1): The Unfettered

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

  • The Broken Kingdoms

    • Official Allies (1): Darkmarshes Faction

    • Official Enemies (1): Dominion of Rhun

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (1): Druadain Hill Dwarves

  • Darkmarshes Faction

    • Official Allies (2): The Broken Kingdoms, Druadain Hill Dwarves

    • Official Enemies (2): Dominion of Rhun, The Unfettered

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (1): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (1): The Kingdom of Angmar

  • Druadain Hill Dwarves

    • Official Allies (1): Darkmarshes Faction

    • Official Enemies (1): The Unfettered

    • Declared-as-Enemy (0): -none-

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (1): The Broken Kingdoms

  • Elves of Cardolan

    • Official Allies (1): White Hand Tribe Rebels

    • Official Enemies (1): Kingdom of Gondolin

    • Declared-as-Enemy (1): The March of Maedhros

    • Non Aggression Pact (0): -none-

    • Formal Alliance (0): -none-

    • Secret Alliance (0): -none-

RANKING: Most Provinces Controlled:

- (1st): (Player) The Kingdom of Gondolin (11)
- (2nd): (Player) The March of Maedhros (7)
- (3rd): (NPC) The Broken Kingdoms (7)
- (Player) Kingdom of Rohan (6)
- (Player) Dominion of Rhun (6)
- (Player) The Unfettered (5)
- (NPC) White Hand Tribe Rebels (5)
- (Player) The Kingdom of Angmar (5)
- (Player) The White Fanged Mountains (4)
- (NPC) Elves of Cardolan (4)
- (NPC) Darkmarshes Faction (3)
- (NPC) Druadain Hill Dwarves (1)
- (NPC) Kingdom of Arthedain (0)

NPC talk and decisions for next update:

White Hand Tribe Rebels:
(NPC nation)

The White Hand Tribe Rebels picked off an expected fight with the Maedhros dwarves, on the planes of Rhudaur. What they planned to be a surprise attack on the dwarves proved to be a double-surprise - as the dwarves marched with a few soldiers of their own on the province of Hollin; as the dices were cast, the orcs were faster and already crossed into Rhudaur by the time the host of dwarves wanted to traverse into Hollin, to attack.

Now, the White Hand Tribe rebels have Rhudaur, and have their Crusade for Upper Rhudaur nearby. A great party of dwarves was still rooted in the realms of the past glorious Kingdom of Arthedain, and with their capitol recently moved to Ettenmoors, the dwarves forces could only increase. And if left unchecked, they would increase tenfold in little time. Maybe asking the help of the elves of Cardolan, to secure the province in case of a sudden dwarfish attack ...

In the mean time, the kingdom of Gondolin was proving to be the worst worry he could have on his hands. The White Hand Tribe rebels have sent a few messages against the alliance of the west, and only a few replied; the humans of Unfettered (their allies) and the humans of Rohan have claimed, at least informally, that they would not stand for the atrocities this alliance has incurred to those they stumbled upon in their unchecked expansion. However, this was not enough.

Left unchecked so far, the Kingdom of Gondolin is quickly - and quite unstoppable, one might add - amassing huge armies, having as many provinces as the bottom 5 factions alltogether! And together with Maedhros, they have close to half of Middle Earth under their feet ... and they dont seem to be stopping, no matter what their honey words would make those crazy enough to believe them, belief.

Send word to the King of Angmar:
"Witch King of Angmar,

Are you really standing idle - instead of lending a hand to curve the expansion of this western alliance? There are easy pickings in west, in the realms of Maedhros and beyond. I am planning to claim Emyn Uial as mine - as it is how we discussed in the Summit. Afer I own it, would you be interested in receiving Emyn Uial from me, as a gift and as a platform to easily attack the Kingdom of Gondolin?"

Send word to the King of Rohan:
" King of Rohan,

I have retook the Gap of Isen from your treacherous hands. Come again in the Gap, and we will not stop there, and march on. Cross us again, and we will march on Rohan, and there will be nothing you can do to stop our armies. So thread carefully ... better in our acceptance than in our axes sight.

Ah, but alas, this isn't the only reason for this message. The scum of Maedhros were certainly planning an attack on you, if you wouldnt have offered that province to the Gods.

You got lucky, as the dwarves certainly will stop marching unto you and march south. But rest assured, if you do not support me in this endeavour, they will seek expansion in the east again. Help me stop them - help me against the dwarves of Maedhros, and whatever lands we grab off them, we will share evenly. March with me and with my ally, the just elves of Cardolan, and send your troops through the Redhorn Gate as allies, and I'll tell you a secret plan to quickly exterminate the dwarves ..."
Send the above messages

The Broken Kingdoms:
(NPC nation)

News of an orcish force at the borders of the Broken Kingdoms have reached the ears of the king deep in the south, in Harondor. Orcs in Rhovanion sound as trouble ... and the question is, have the dragons of White Fanged Mountains finally double cross the dwarves, and allowed orcs to cross through their territories? Ahh, but the soldiers are so far away. Whom to ask for help guarding the borders? Granted, these are only rumors - as good intel is hard to find, especially when you are so far away from your own mainlands.

"Send a raven to the dragons of White Fanged Mountains, and ask them about the orcs whereabouts in their realms; if its true that orcs have been allowed to cross the province of Northern Rhovanion or not."

In the mean time, another message is to be sent to the Domnion of Rhun:
"King of the Dominion,

Your previous message to my ally was, as I feared, not suitable to the position you are now in. News of the loss of Gorgoroth to the Crusade of dwarves and their allies will soon reverberate all around Middle Earth, and your influence will lessen. Withdraw from Horse Plains and accept now a peace of 3 updates with all parties involved, and we will stop the march into your realms; refuse, and province after province your realms will fall.

I expect your reply to be swift, and smart."
Send the above two messages.
In case of negative reply, march for Sutherland or Nurn (uncertainty) with the forces in Harondor

Kingdom of Arthedain:
(NPC nation)

Faction has been eliminated.

Darkmarshes Faction:
(NPC nation)

-- will complete later --
In case of negative reply to the above message from the Broken Kingdoms, march with all forces in Sutherland or Nurn (uncertainty)

Druadain Hill Dwarves:
(NPC nation)

The Dwarves of Druadain Hill sent a small party of forces to join the Crusade as they crossed Cirith Ungol and reached the planes of Gorgoroth; the host fought in the battle, and upon the success, they returned home to the capitol. The armies of Druadain Hills are so small, and yet the managed to hold off; although, with the loss of Ithilien, they yet again are on the brink of extintion. The humans of the Unfettered really want to pick a bone with them, rather than co-exist in peace.

All the dwarves can do is to reinforce the garrisons in Anorien, and hope for the best. At least until they get more reinforcements ... and help.


Elves of Cardolan:
(NPC nation)

Even if the elves of Cardolan have lost their prized capitol, the valiant forces of the smallish kingdom managed to catch off guard and rout the vanguard of Ecthelion, including him, by surprise-attacking Northern Cardolan. While it is only a consolation prize (if any), the war is still not over. A huge host of elves have ammased in Cardolan, and they are not easy to be removed; not even with the combined forces of Cardolan's elves and what remains in White Hand territories. But perhaps they can draw them away, and spread them away ... if they are to strike in multiple territories ....


Some higher powers .... :


The Gods have declared the Dominion of Rhun as ENEMIES OF MIDDLE EARTH. All factions are encouraged to march and conquer their lands !
This notice will last for 1 more update.


The Gods have declared the March of Maedhros as ENEMIES OF MIDDLE EARTH. All factions are encouraged to march and conquer their lands !
This notice will last for 1 more update.


The Gods have no issue anymore with The Kingdom of Gondolin, as long as they keep their God Favoritism ranking to above 95.


Crusades .... :


A crusade against the realm of Upper Rhudaur (owned by The March of Maedhros) has been called by White Hand Tribe Rebels !

The Crusade is now in Rhudaur.
The Crusade strenght is:
- 3000 Orcs, base
- 100 Elves, recruited
- 300 Orcs, recruited
- 4600 orcs, joined (2300 Orcs from White Hand Tribe Rebels)
- 1320 Elves, joined (660 Elves from Elves of Cardolan)

Total forces so far:
- 7600 Orcs
- 1420 Elves


A crusade against the realm of Gorgoroth (owned by Dominion of Rhun) has been called by The Broken Kingdoms !

The Crusade has reached the destination, and conquered Gorgoroth.
The Crusade strenght from before the attack was:
- 1000 Dwarves, base
- 300 Orcs, recruited
- 2000 Dwarves, joined (1000 dwarves from Druadain Hill Dwarves)

The province is now neutral, with an additional army guarding it : 1270 Dwarves.


The Community of Dispatch