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Whovians Portrayed in RP

This is a list of any and all characters used by me in my various RPs, along with basic information regarding the characters themselves and their use.  Currently WIP.

Rupert Pink: Whovian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the World Assembly.  Is the voice of Whovian Tardisia in the General Assembly and, very rarely, Security Council forums.  Can most often be found in the [url=]Stranger's Bar[/url].

K9: Ambassador Pink's robotic, dog-like assistant.  Has rarely been seen outside the bar.

Pink's TARDIS: Is usually sitting in the Stranger's Bar.  Has an inexplicable crush on Ambassador 53.

Amy Wilson: Captain of the WTC  [i]Atlas[/i].  A skilled TARDIS pilot and a very independent woman.  Used in [i][url=]The Interstellar Cartographers[/url][/i].

Jack Dawson: First Mate of the WTC  [i]Atlas[/i].  A wisecracking, fun loving individual.  Also in [i]Cartographers[/i].

Anna Osgood: Second Mate of the WTC  [i]Atlas[/i].  A devout follower of the Order of the Blue Box, and very reserved.  Also in [i]Cartographers[/i].

Oswin Oswald: Head of Whovian Tardisia's Foreign Business Licencing Agency (FBLA).  Acts as regional manager for foreign businesses operating in the country, basically so I don't have to come up with a new name for every company I deal with in [url=]GE&T[/url].  NOTE: Oswin is a woman.  

Olivia Westron, Hailey Meggon, Micheal Delving, and John Adams: Heads of Staff at [url=]Llama City International Airport.[/url]  Filler names, really.