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Historian Resources | Regional Etiquette and Guidelines


Regional Etiquette and Guidelines

Historia Novorum is an active, casual role-playing community. All discussion is conducted on the regional message board.
a. All rules of Regional Etiquette and general Guidelines will be displayed on this list.
b. A new guideline may be added to this list (or Claiming Rules) at the request of any nation, provided that they have the support of at least one other land-holding regional member and one Minister. Polls may occasionally be used.

This is an alternate history region. A new nation's application must have a detailed history outlining a specific concept that departs from our own reality's history of the area to be accepted.
a. Modern technology is the basis of our geopolitical sphere. Technology is capped at the 2020s, and the current year is 2021.

Abusive, inflammatory, insulting, or otherwise aggressive language will not be tolerated on the regional message board, or over telegram.
a. Arguments started and maintained on the regional message board are not tolerated, and should be taken to telegram. Failure to comply will result in consequences.

Out-of-character discussion on the regional message board is at all times permitted.
a. If one is in the middle of a role-play, please denote an out-of-character comment by preceding it with an "OOC".
b. Discussion of topics such as politics, religion, and other divisive subject is allowed, however must also abide by the rules set forth by item 3.

All wars between nations must be consensual.
a. If a war is between two parties, and one disagrees, then the war is declared void.
b. If a war is between three or more parties, and one party disagrees, the war may continue, however without the participation of the un-consenting nation.
c. If a nation is refusing a war in response to international outcry over in-character actions, their refusal can be overridden by the approval of the Ministry and a consenting regional poll.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are allowed, however there are several restrictions.
a. The use of nuclear, radiological, or biological weapons must be approved by the Ministry beforehand.
b. The use of other weapons, such as chemical weapons and other 'conventional' WMDs, may be used with the permission of the nation they are being used upon.
c. Failure to comply with the above will result in consequences

"God-modding" is strictly forbidden. Government declaration or general regional consensus can declare roleplays null and void if they determine god-modding to be present.

Puppets are allowed. However, there are several restrictions.
a. A puppet's "puppet master" must declare any and all puppets that enter Historia Novorum.
b. A puppet cannot reside in the same 'zone' as their "puppet master". The Zones Map can be found here.
c. A puppet cannot simply exist to give land to its "puppet master".
d. A puppet may exist, however, to provide a resistance group, or other internal role-playing instrument.
e. Exceptions may be made only with the expressed consent of the regional Ministry.
f. Due to previous abuse, any subversion regarding the ownership of puppets, lack of consent from the Ministry, or any failure to comply with these rules, will result in immediate banishment from the region.

If a nation is inactive, they will be removed from the map in an amount of days proportionate to the relative 'value' of their land (See Regional Land Value Map).
a. Nations occupying 'red' nations will be allowed five to seven days of inactivity before removal, relative to the interest in said land.
b. Nations occupying 'orange' nations will be allowed eight to ten days of inactivity before removal, again relative to demand.
c. Nations occupying 'yellow' nations will be allowed ten to twelve days of inactivity.
d. Nations occupying 'blue' nations will be allowed up to fifteen days of inactivity.

This region is based upon the modern geographical sphere. Elements of fantasy are not allowed if they involve massive changes in human evolution, bending of accepted natural laws, or other fantastic elements.

When referring to a nation in-character, please use their political name rather than their actual nation name. When a nation needs to be linked, however, use their actual nation name.

This region does not have a timescale. It uses a version of 'fluid time'. The basic time period doesn't change (ca. 2020 CE), however time is used as needed. Months can pass without time actually progressing, allowing us to continue to roleplay in the modern era.

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