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Political Compass Data
Economic Left/Right: -9.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.41

You are a: You are a: Socialist Cosmopolitan Progressive

You are a: Socialist Interventionist Liberal
Collectivism score: 67%
Authoritarianism score: 0%
Internationalism score: 33%
Tribalism score: 0%
Liberalism score: 33%

Explanation key:

Collectivism refers economic intervention, whether the society or state should intervene in the economy to redistribute wealth from the more to the less successful. The negative percentages indicate opposition to such intervention.

Authoritarianism refers to state power to control the actions of individuals to prevent them from harming others or themselves, and also to establish the will of the majority over society. Negative percentages indicate opposition to state power.

Internationalism refers to political involvement in other nations or global affairs, either via war, treaty or international organizations. Negative percentages indicate isolationist beliefs, and the belief in national sovereignty.

Tribalism refers to identity or nationalism, favoring your own nation over foreigners. Negative percentages indicate opposition to national or ethnic identity and oriented towards pan-humanism.

Liberalism refers to acceptance of historically illegal or immoral social practices or customs. Negative percentages indicate opposition to such acceptance.
Closest Match: Democratic Socialism
Economic Axis: Equality 84.8 % / Market 15.2 % --> Socialist
Diplomatic Axis: Nation 43.6 % / World 56.4 % --> Balanced
Civil Axis: Liberty 67.3 % / Authority 32.7 % --> Liberal
Societal Axis: Tradition 22.1 % / Progress 77.9 % --> Very Progressive

Economic: Socialist, Diplomatic: Balanced, Civil: Liberal, Societal: Very Progressive

9 Axes Political Text:

Moderate Unitary 64%
Moderate Democratic 69%
Moderate Globalist 67%
Neutral (War/Peace) 56%
Freedom 73%
Fanatic Equality 92%
Fanatic Secular 94%
Extreme Progressive 89%
Neutral (Assimilationist/Multiculturalist) 52%

Test político SÓLO de izquierdas.

Mis resultados.

(Para hacerlo dale a cargar la página raíz).

Y me da como ideología más aproximada ...

Closest Match: Centrist Marxism
Centrist Marxism is a form of Marxism that adopts Marxist views on society and the economy while also refraining from taking a definitive position on revolution and reformism. Many Centrist Marxists may also be more nationalistic than other Marxists.


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