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The Survival Guide to NationStates

Your Survival Guide
to NationStates
(or How to look really , really smart)
Abridged Edition

This guide contains basic and advanced information
pertaining to the game-play in NationStates,
with Page 2 dedicated to The West Pacific.
In the following pages you will find links to all kinds of
'how-to's', who's who, what to generally expect
and what is expected of you.
A lot of this information is currently
scattered across the game
in various locations
and some are external links,
like to off site forum threads,
but all have been collected here
in one convenient location.
This is still very much a work in progress
and by no means is it being touted as 'complete',
however, there is a lot of game useful information presented.

Meant as a 'guide' for newer players
and a reference for the rest of us.

Shall we get started?

Page 1
Basic game rules/questions/how-to (beginner)

Page 2
The West Pacific (Dispatches specific to TWP)

Page 3
How-To, game mechanics/tools/codes(formatting)/Tips & Techniques

Page 4
Dispatches - player created (tips/guides/techniques)

If you found any part of this guide useful,
Please give it a 'Like/Upvote'.This puts the guide higher up
the list of dispatches and more people can reference it.
Thank you very nice!