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Aeian Constitution


We the nations of the Aeian Community and the joint architects of its Constitution, in order to promote regional role-play, diplomacy and prosperity, establish and uphold regional security, free speech and the rule of law, for ourselves and our posterity, do hereby ordain this constitution.
We look to the diversity of histories, mores, laws and languages of the many and varied peoples of our Community, and to their achievements in progressing their societies and safeguarding the rights of their citizens. As a Community may we continue to protect the values, rights and responsibilities with which we have been bestowed.
May we learn from the tumults of our histories, and rather than allow ourselves to be divided by animosity, may we unite to the benefit of all our inhabitants, be they humbly deprived or endowed with wealth, and celebrate their pursuit of individualism.

And thus we declare that:
We establish herein this Aeian Community, whose members are guided by shared principles and objectives;
We further establish the institutions of the regional administration, to whom is granted the responsibility of governing the mechanisms of this Community;
We entrust to elected and appointed officials the powers of these institutions, and we place in them our faith that they shall act always with clear mind and in the best interests of our Community as a collective;
We welcome our neighbours who seek to join our Community, on the condition that they ratify, respect and abide by the Constitution and other treaties thereof, and that they share in the responsibilities our Community places on its member states, and they engage no less in the promotion of our Community’s values than befits them as a member of our region;

And thus we enact this Aeian Constitution.
Enacted on: 26/05/2016

Article I - The Status of the Founder

We recognise the powers of the regional founder to create and to destroy, and we trust that they shall execute their duties faithfully, with wisdom and absolute neutrality. We charge the founder with the duty to oversee all regional happenings, acting separately to the office of WA Delegate. We charge them also to:

i) Hear and arbitrate in all complaints regarding the running of the region.

ii) Hear and arbitrate in all complaints against the sitting Delegate and all other administrators.

iii) Setup, oversee and count votes of no confidence against sitting administrators.

As the citizens of Aeia, we entrust the ultimate powers of moderation to our Founder Midrasia for the greater good of the region. We also entrust the authority over succession of the head administrator to Midrasia, should they ever wish to relinquish their role.
So that we might clarify when administrators are acting in an official capacity, we demand all administrators (Founder, Delegates, etc.) to distinguish their comments when acting in an official capacity. We further demand all administrators perform their role with absolute neutrality, and that they act with wisdom and good faith within their defined capacities.

Article II - The Status of the Executive

Section I - WA Delegate

The executive power shall be vested in the regional World Assembly Delegate. He/she shall hold office for the term of up to one year, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, and together with the Vice-Delegate shall be appointed as follows:

Each regional resident, regardless of official statehood recognition, shall be granted suffrage in elections to the position of official regional WA delegate. Each resident shall cast one vote in the regional poll for their choice of Delegate. Users who control multiple puppet nations shall have a single vote to cast shared between all puppets rather than a vote for each controlled nation. The voting process shall last for a maximum of one week (seven days) from its initiation, disregarding extraneous circumstances, in which case the founder shall be invested with the authority of extending the vote by up to one additional week as necessary.
The office of Vice-Delegate shall be appointed by the WA Delegate, upon the advice of the regional population, from among the members of the region attaining official statehood recognition, resident for at least thirty days.
Following the election of a new WA delegate, regional WA members are required to endorse the victorious party within at least 100 days, with no legal binding for endorsement of the Vice-Delegate.
No nation, except native members of the region at the time of the writing of this constitution, or regional members attaining official statehood recognition, resident within the region for at least thirty days from recognition, may run for the office of WA Delegate.
In case of the removal of the WA Delegate from office through a confidence motion, their resignation or their demonstration of an inability to properly discharge the powers and duties of said office, the same office shall devolve on the Vice-Delegate. In case of removal of both officials from terms of office, regional administration shall devolve to the Founder who shall be invested with the authority of organising a new election within one hundred days of the removal of the previous incumbent.

Section II - Powers of the Delegate

The WA Delegate shall have the power to appoint new regional administrators to assist with the management of the region. All appointees must have official statehood recognition and be resident of the region for at least thirty days from recognition. All administrative offices appointed by the Delegate may be dismissed at any moment and are automatically dismissed upon the accession of a new WA Delegate.
The WA Delegate may from time to time give a Regional Address to the membership of the Aeian Community and recommend such measures as they judge necessary and expedient for the better management of the region as a whole. Edits to the regional factbook may be made at any time by the regional WA Delegate or by the Vice-Delegate on behalf of their superior.
The WA Delegate shall be invested with the authority to construct embassies with other regions within Nationstates, recognising that such embassies are merely for diplomatic and recruitment purposes, bearing no role-play significance unless otherwise ordained.
The WA Delegate shall be also invested with the authority to oversee statehood applications, along with the Vice-Delegate and regional Founder.

Section III - No Confidence Motions

The WA Delegate, Vice-Delegate or any other member of the regional administration shall be removed from office via a successful motion of no confidence, brought to the regional Founder by a member of the region with official statehood rights. Lawful reasons must be given for the submissions of such a motion, with the ultimate judgment to hold a vote resting with the founder. Valid reasons may include conviction of breaking the terms of service of Nationstates, actions deemed fundamentally unconstitutional, actions undermining the integrity of the region either through maliciousness or gross incompetence, or any other crimes and misdemeanors.
Votes of no confidence are to be performed across the entirety of the region, requiring a supermajority of two thirds of all votes to pass. A successful vote of no confidence will lead to the removal of all officials in question, with the potential to trigger a snap election, should both WA Delegate and Vice-Delegate be removed from office.
In circumstances wherein the Delegate, judging from the belief of the Founder or any other member of the administration, has performed activities deemed rogue, immediate action will be taken by the Founder to remove the figure from the region before performing the vote of no confidence. Should the implicated individuals not be removed as a result of a no confidence motion, they will be reinvited to the region to take their place as Delegate, should no further evidence of misdemeanours be presented.
Activities deemed rogue include the forced removal of regional members without proper authorisation, evidence of widespread puppeting within the region, forced removal or limitations upon the power of the Founder without proper authorisation or activities that could be seen to jeopardise the security and/or existence of the region.

Section IV - Other Administrators

The WA Delegate has the authority to create new regional administrators that he/she may deem necessary or beneficial to the governance of the region, provided they do not infringe upon existing roles within the regional administration. All appointments must be from regional members with affirmed statehood, resident for at least 30 days.

Article III - RP communities and Organisations

Section I - The Status of the Aeian Council

The Aeian Council shall be recognised as the official intergovernmental organisation of the Aeian region, acting as a role-play body within which resolutions may be passed affecting the canon world developed within regional RP.
The Council membership shall be divided equally between each officially recognised state within the region. Members shall be treated as equals within the Council and no resolutions passed by the council shall directly harm or negatively affect the governing or well-being of another nation without just cause. The Founder, WA Delegate and Vice-Delegate shall hold the power of permanent veto over all resolutions presented to the Council.

Section II - Sub-regional Organisations

Sub-regional organisations are defined as RP organisations developed within the region, encompassing a number of nations. Such organisations may be political, economic or military in nature. All sub-regional organisations may be formed entirely on the wishes of its members, and shall be governed entirely independently of the Aeian Council or any other international body created as a result of a constitutional amendment.

Article IV - Amendment Process

The officially recognised states of this region, whenever two thirds shall deem it necessary and following a period of debate amongst member states, may propose formal amendments to this Constitution, which shall be valid to all intents and purpose, as part of this constitution, when ratified by at least two of the three official regional administrators (Founder, WA Delegate, Vice-Delegate); provided that no amendment infringes upon the liberties of regional members to take part in the regional democratic process or role-play.

Article V - RP Canon and Wiki

The role-play (RP) canon of the region refers to any nation within the region having being given formal statehood rights following the acceptance of a statehood application by any member of the regional administration. Nations with official statehood are thereby recognised as canonical within Aeian history, geography and diplomacy, provided such national information is developed alongside other nations and does not directly contradict existing material.
National statistics and background will be based upon information present within national factbook entries or present on, provided such material is not regarded as obscene or ridiculous by regional administration and does not contradict elements of the existing canon.
In circumstances of contradiction or inadequate information, edits will be made to regional and national history with discussion between all involved parties and the regional administration to reach a compromise solution.

Article VI - RP Procedure

Section I - Categorisation of regional RPs

Regional role-play within the region are categorised as follows:

i) RP of major regional significance

ii) RP of national significance

iii) RP of minor significance

Role-play events regarded as category i are seen to involve multiple nations from around the region, with results seen as having far reaching, long term consequences. Such RP may include, but are not limited to issues such as: war between multiple nations, Aeian Convention or multinational disaster. Authority to oversee such events, due to their importance, shall be vested within the regional Founder. In such circumstances the regional Founder has final say on RP matters, ensuring the event runs smoothly. In circumstances whereby the regional Founder is directly involved in RP events, authority for overseeing the event falls to the WA Delegate or any member of the regional administration not directly involved. Should no member of the regional administration be able to fulfill such a role, authority for overseeing the RP shall lie in a third party candidate by agreement of two thirds of all nations involved with the RP in question.

Role-play events regarded as category ii are seen to involve, for the most part, only one nation, a small group of nations or a larger group of nations where the event is of significantly less importance than a category i event. Such events include, but are not limited to: civil wars, boundary disputes, sub-regional conventions/meetings or elections. In such circumstances, authority for the RP shall be vested in the operator(s) of the nation(s) in question. Disagreements between the involved parties may be brought to a regional authority for arbitration.

Role-play events regarded as category iii are see to have little to no major consequence for regional diplomacy. Such events may include, but are not limited to: tournaments of any kind, minor diplomatic events, space missions or ‘fun’ RPs. In such circumstances, authority for the RP shall be vested in the original creator of the RP in question.

One line posting within RPs is frowned upon, however not illegal. Flamebaiting, activities or posts deemed against the wellbeing of the region, or posts against the terms of Nationstates are not permitted and will be dealt with members of the regional administration as they deem necessary. All posters are required to respect the well being of other members of the region and the Nationstates community as a whole and therefore to conduct themselves in a respectful manner during RP events.

Section II - Retconning of regional RPs

In the event an RP of category i, major regional significance, is judged as inadequate by the regional administration, the actions taken by nations within the RP can be retconned through the agreement of two of the three head administrators. (Founder, WA Delegate, Vice-Delegate)
Should an RP of major significance be retconned, the status-quo before the event shall be restored, whilst the regional administration discuss whether to re-run the event or pass it over entirely.
Regional RPs regarded as category ii and iii cannot be retconned.

Article VII - Crisis Procedure

Section I - In event of Raid

In the event of a raid on the region by foreign entities, the Founder shall be empowered with the ability to create a regional password without the requirement of a constitutional amendment. The Founder shall also be empowered with the ability to strip all regional authority from the WA Delegate and any other member of the regional administration until further notice.
The founder shall then be empowered to remove all alleged raiders from the region, returning to the status-quo as soon as possible. Forty-eight hours after the end of an attempted raid on the region, the Founder shall be required to transfer authority back to the office of WA Delegate and remove the regional password.

Section II - In event of attempted Coup d’état 1

In the event of an attempted coup d’état, the Founder shall be empowered with the ability to strip all regional authority from the WA Delegate and any other member of the regional administration until further notice.
All alleged perpetrators within the region will be forced to stand trial against the incumbent administration, or newly elected administration, should the previous administration be removed, with a guilty verdict resulting in their forced removal and potential ban from the region.
Forty-eight hours after the end of an attempted coup’détat, the Founder shall be required to transfer authority back to the office of WA Delegate.

Section III - In event of inactivity of WA Delegate

In the event of inactivity from the majority of the WA Delegate, resulting in the nation in question ceasing to exist, the founder shall be empowered with the authority to call for new elections immediately.

Section IV - In event of inactivity of Founder

In the event of inactivity of the regional Founder, resulting in the nation in question ceasing to exist, the residing WA Delegate shall be empowered with the authority to call for the election of a new Head Administrator. The candidate should be a member of the region with official statehood recognition, and with the support of two thirds of the population of the region shall take up the role of founder as ordained by this constitution and shall be empowered with equal authority. The reigning WA Delegate shall then be required to create the role of Head Regional Administrator, with authority over all areas of governance within the region of Aeia.

Section V - In event of loss of region

In the event of the region of Aeia being overrun or overtaken in a successful coup d’état, all nations affected shall co-ordinate to set up a new region, under which this constitution shall apply.


1. For all intensive purposes a rogue delegate counts as a coup d'état

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