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Irish Defence Forces [IDF]: Rank Structure/Banners/Flags

Óglaigh na hÉireann - Civilian Administration

Commander-In-Chief: Prodigal fenian ii
Civilian Liaison Officer: Ravenshadow
Minister for Defence: Sixofsix

Óglaigh na hÉireann - Active Members of the Irish Defence Forces

Supreme Commander: Irish rangers
Field Marshal: Sons of erin
Lt General: Dead rabbits
Major General:
Brigadier General: Gallowglas
Colonel: Enderfein
Lt Colonel:
*Commodore: Galway pirates
Sgt Major: Hibernian rovers
Sergeant: Wintermir
Corporal: Saoirse fatale
Private: The irish ronan, Tigernan

Banners and Flags (for member use only):

IDF Global Operations Banner (TFB)

IDF Official Banner

IDF Alternate Banner

IDF Global Operations Defender Flag

IDF Global Operations Naval Flag

IDF Civilian Communications & Administration Flag

IDF Field Marshal Flag

IDF Lieutenant General Flag

IDF Admiral Flag

IDF Major General Flag

IDF Brigadier General Flag

IDF Colonel Flag

IDF Lieutenant Colonel Flag

IDF Commandant Flag

IDF Commodore Flag

IDF Captain Flag

IDF Lieutenant Flag

IDF Cadet Flag

IDF Sergeant Major Flag

IDF Sergeant Flag

IDF Corporal Flag

IDF Private Flag

IDF Recruit Flag

Prodigal fenian ii