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World Baseball Classic History Thread

List of WBC Champions:
1. Az-cz (12-3)
2. Az-cz (17-0)
3. Az-cz (8-2)
4. Milchama (12-4)
5. Milchama (9-1)
6. Qazox (11-1)
7. Zwangzug (14-3)
8. Qazox (17-5)
9. Qazox (9-3)
10. Newmanistan (15-5)
11.Tocrowkia (16-4)
12. Newmanistan (19-2)
13. Taeshan (16-7)
14. Cassadaigua (18-5)
15. Newmanistan (17-6)
16. Cassadaigua (22-3)
17. Newmanistan (19-7)
18. Sarzonia (17-4)
19. Cassadaigua (23-4)
20. Lycrabon (19-2)
21. Zwangzug (15-7)
22. Western Cuba (19-5)
23. Milchama (19-5)
24. Western Cuba (21-1)
25. Darmen (16-8)
26. New Montreal States (20-8)
27. Strawbee (17-7)
28. Super-Llamaland (15-8)
29. The Royal Barangay (16-7)
30. Super-Llamaland (15-3)
31. Super-Llamaland (39-0)
32. Patistan (18-8)
33. Schiltzberg (16-6)
34. Gregoryisgodistan (31-17)
35. Schiltzberg (20-7)
36. Schiltzberg (35-14)
37. Schiltzberg (35-11)
38. Frenline Delpha (29-7)
39. Ethane (32-16)
40. Super-Llamaland (36-12)
41. Newmanistan (38-12)
42. Super-Llamaland (35-13)
43. Newmanistan (35-10)

Links to nations of WBC champions, many of which have ceased to exist, in the order in which they became champions:
The Loquacious Lipograms of Zwangzug
The Reborn Empire of Newmanistan
The Interstellar Reich of Tocrowkia
The Wintery Iceland of Taeshan
The Matriarchy of Cassadaigua
The Incorporated States of Sarzonia
The Incorporated States of Lycrabon
Western cuba
The Republic of Darmen
New montreal states
The Queendom of Strawbee
The Grand Duchy of Schiltzberg
Frenline delpha
The Flammable Gas of Ethane

Seasons participated in:

Az-cz: WBCs 1-6
Milchama: WBCs 1-33
Qazox: WBCs 1-29
Zwangzug: WBCs 1-2, 4-31, 39-40
New Montreal States: WBCs 2, 20-31
Taeshan: WBCs 3-15, 19-27
Newmanistan: WBCs 7-19, 38-43
Tocrowkia: WBCs 7-20
Cassadaigua: WBCs 9-23, 26-30, 39-43
Sarzonia: WBCs 10-19
Western Cuba: WBCs 15-27, 30-31, 36
Lycrabon: WBCs 12-13, 15-26, 41-43
Darmen: WBCs 19-31, 33, 39-43
Strawbee: WBCs 25-29
Super-Llamaland: WBCs 23-32, 34-43
Sangti (The Royal Barangay): WBCs 26-31, 33, 36, 41-43
Gregoryisgodistan/South Covello: WBCs 27-43
Patistan: WBCs 28-34
Schiltzberg: WBCs 33-43
Frenline Delpha: WBCs 33-41
Ethane: WBCs 35-43

For funzies:
This is a link to the very first WBC post ever, where American fist created the World Baseball Classic, and then ceased to exist without ever playing a single game in the tournament.

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WBC 28
WBC 29
WBC 30
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WBC 32
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WBC 34
WBC 35
WBC 36
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WBC 39
WBC 40
WBC 41
WBC 42
WBC 43

The World Baseball Classic:

WBC 1 (Hosted by Qazox)
1st: Az-cz (3-1)
2nd: West Pasco
3rd-T: Milchama
3rd-T: Assegai Developments
The very first World Baseball Classic was hosted by the baseball-loving nation of Qazox, which would go on to become one of the most successful teams in the history of the tournament. Az-cz's dominance began from the beginning, and the Az-cz dynasty would last for the next two tournaments. Az-cz was not at the peak of its dominance as a team, as they lost three out of their fifteen games, including one in the championship tournament, which they took three games to one. The success of this tournament was crucial to the long-term success of it in the long-run, and the smooth hosting by Qazox ensured its success and renewal for a second WBC.

WBC 2 (Hosted by Az-cz)
1st: Az-cz (3-0)
2nd: Milchama
3rd-T: Zwangzug
3rd-T: Ambrose-Douglas
Az-cz returned as the defending champions, and from there they spent no time messing around. Not only did they host the event, but they ran the show, leading one of the most successful teams in the history of the World Baseball Classic, winning every single game of the tournament, making their record 17-0. This is a feat was not replicated until Super-Llamaland swept WBC 31 and went 39-0 that year. Milchama also put up a very good season, but this fact was overlooked, due to the success of Az-cz, who ultimately swept Milchama three games to none in the championship. Az-cz was also a very good host country, and they experienced no major issues in their hosting of the tournament, allowing for another renewal of the tournament for a World Baseball Classic 3.

WBC 3 (Hosted by Zwangzug)
1st: Az-cz (1-0)
2nd: Qazox
3rd-T: Milchama
3rd-T: Ambrose-Douglas
Az-cz returned again with enormous expectations, after having an undefeated season the previous year. Fans were shocked when the defending champions lost their first two games in the first round. After the second match day, Zwangzug started experiencing some difficulties with the tournament, and the tournament was stopped for three controversial days, and was nearly restarted from the beginning, due to a mistake made by the hosts in the drawing of the groups at the beginning of the tournament. The tournament was almost cancelled completely, which would have likely forever ended the World Baseball Classic, but luckily, after three days an agreement was made between the hosts and the participating nations, and play resumed. Az-cz snapped back into its usual self after the interruption of the tournament, and the defending champions won all of their remaining games in the tournament, including the championship match against Qazox, giving them three championships in a row, finishing its season with a record of 8-2. Over those three seasons, Az-cz had an enormous amount of success, with a 37-5 record over the course of WBCs 1, 2, and 3. Az-cuz would remain as the only nation to win three Classics in a row until Schiltzberg won three in a row from WBC 35 to WBC 37. Their third title was the end of their dynasty though, as this would be the last time that Az-cz would ever place in the top four ever again.

WBC 4 (Hosted by Nefundland/Qazox)
1st: Milchama (1-0)
2nd: Corneliu
3rd: Taeshan (1-0)
4th: Vephrall
WBC 4 is widely regarded as the most disastrous tournament of the World Baseball Classic, caused by its inexperienced host, Nefundland. Nefundland had little knowledge of the game of baseball, the World Baseball Classic, and had not much experience in hosting sporting events either. There was much miscommunication concerning the times at which the games were to be played and the format of WBC 4, and Nefundland failed to answer the questions of the participating nations. On top of the major mistakes, Nefundland consistently made minor mistakes that were completely unacceptable and made a mockery out of the tournament, like misspelling the names of the nations and players that were participating in the tournament. About midway through the tournament, following an episode where Nefundland failed to host a match day at the intended time, the nation of Qazox called for the removal of Nefundland as hosts and offered to host the remaining games of the tournament in Qazox. This proposal was accepted by the participating nations. As for the results of the tournament, Milchama finally got to have success and win a tournament after showing great effort in all of the other three tournaments, in which they had placed in the top three twice and as the runner-up once. Milchama finished the season with a record of 12-4, after beating Corneliu in the championship match. Qazox introduced the idea of a third place game for the first time in this tournament, and this was won by Taeshan over their opponent Vephrall. Vephrall eliminated Az-cz two games to one in the quarterfinals, which marked the first time that that team had been eliminated and ended an era for the World Baseball Classic.

WBC 5 (Hosted by Qazox)
1st: Milchama (1-0)
2nd: Zwangzug
3rd: Corneliu (1-0)
4th: Taeshan
After helping save the World Baseball Classic in WBC 4, Qazox was asked to also host WBC 5, and Qazox gladly accepted. Qazox was a safe bet, having already hosted two tournaments successfully, and they came through, once again hosting a clean tournament that was free of too much drama. Now in its fifth incarnation, the World Baseball Classic was beginning to gain some stability and legitimacy as an international tournament, and was no longer at risk of dying if there was a bad year. The defending champions came back strong, winning every game they played, except for game one of the semifinals against Taeshan, which they lost 6-5 in twelve innings. The championship went into extra innings, but Milchama ended up on top, giving them back-to-back championships, their final record being 9-1. This would mark the last time that they would win the championship until their lonely championship in WBC 23.

WBC 6 (Hosted by Liventia)
1st: Qazox (3-0)
2nd: Taeshan
3rd: Zwangzug (2-0)
4th: Milchama
This was the first time that the WBC was hosted by Liventia, and Liventia did a good job of hosting. Liventia introduced a sort of losers' bracket to the tournament for teams that did not pass the preliminary rounds. This alternate tournament was called the "Plate and Bowl," though it was basically pointless, because the winner of the Bowl never went on to play the winner of the "winners' tournament." The Bowl was an interesting experiment, but it was never revisited after WBC 6. WBC 6 marked the beginning of a dynasty, as Qazox rose up in the ranks as a superpower for the first time, and that team went nearly undefeated, winning eleven games and only losing one, which was an 11-10 loss to the defending champions Milchama in extra innings during the preliminary round. Qazox swept Taeshan in the finals three games to none, which would be their first of three championships in a four year period. Their record at the end of the season was a nearly perfect 11-1. Zwangzug also swept Milchama in the third place series two games to none.

WBC 7 (Hosted by Green wombat)
1st: Zwangzug (3-2)
2nd: Newmanistan
3rd: Qazox (1-0)
4th: Taeshan
WBC 7 was mix of dominance as many different powers collided and clashed bitterly until the end. Closes series and tight games made this WBC one of the most exciting ever. The hosts from Green wombat did a great job of handling the tournament, making it very easy to keep track of. The thing of greatest significance from this WBC was that it was the first showing of the legendary team from Newmanistan, which would go on to become the greatest team in the history of the World Baseball Classic with four championships, four times as the runner-up, and one time as the third place finisher over the next eleven seasons. Newmanistan shocked the world by making it to the finals in their first go-around, but they lost to a worthy opponent, Zwangzug, which is a team that is often overlooked in WBC history. Zwangzug has had several great seasons, but the team only has two championships to show for it, just as a stroke of bad luck. That team did great in this season, winning every single game up until the semifinals, when they lost one game to Qazox in a best-of-three, and then they lost two games to Newmanistan in a best-of-five championship. They ended up finishing the season with a 14-3 record. Qazox was unable to defend its title in this WBC, falling short in the semifinals, but they beat Taeshan in the third place game, keeping the dynasty intact.

WBC 8 (Hosted by Newmanistan)
1st: Qazox (4-2)
2nd: Milchama
3rd: Newmanistan (2-0)
4th: Taeshan
Newmanistan's great success and great fan participation in the tournament urged the WBC Council to give them a shot as hosts, even though it was only their second season in the WBC. Newmanistan proved to be great hosts, and are possibly the second best hosts of all-time, after Qazox. Newmanistan proved to know the game very well, and arranged for a very well done tournament. Qazox returned as a dominant force, as was the usual, and pushed through the competition, going on to beat Milchama four games to two in the championships, marking Qazox's second championship, finishing the season with a record of 17-5. Newmanistan fell in the semifinals to Milchama, but bounced back by sweeping the third place series two games to none against Taeshan. Newmanistan's continued success, as well as their great job at hosting this tournament, gained them a lot of respect from its fellow WBC participants.

WBC 9 (Hosted by Liventia)
1st: Qazox (3-2)
2nd: Newmanistan
3rd: Tocrowkia (2-1)
4th: Taeshan
Liventia was granted its second time hosting the tournament, and once again they did a smooth job of hosting the tournament. Qazox and Newmanistan returned as equally determined and skilled teams, and, fittingly, their teams clashed in the championship. This championship represented the last stand of the Qazox dynasty, which was starting to crumble, as well as the dawning of a new dynasty, the Newmanistan dynasty. Qazox won the best-of-five, but just barely. Newmanistan won games two and three, putting Qazox up against elimination in game four, which they won by one run to tie the series, and then game five went into extra innings, until Qazox finally broke the tie and won their third and final championship, once again eliminating Newmanistan so close to the championship. Qazox had won its third championship in four years, which had only ever been done once before, when Az-cz won three in a row, and has only been duplicated twice since then (by Super-Llamaland in WBCs 28-31, and by Schiltzberg in WBCs 33-37). Their final record at the end of the season was 9-3. Tocrowkia had a good season, winning the third place series two games to one, over Taeshan. Both Tocrowkia and Taeshan would go on to have a good amount of success in the upcoming seasons.

WBC 10 (Hosted by Qazox)
1st: Newmanistan (2-1)
2nd: Secristan
3rd: Tocrowkia (2-0)
4th: Zwangzug
Qazox once again won the bid to be the host of the World Baseball Classic, making this its fourth time hosting, including WBC 4, which it saved midway through. While Qazox did a great job hosting, the defending champs failed to recreate their success of the last four seasons, getting knocked out in the quarterfinals by Secristan, and having their worst season since WBC 5. Newmanistan dominated, as usual, and went on to win the championship against Secristan two games to one. This was the first of a record four championships for Newmanistan, as they finished with a record of 15-5. Tocrowkia lost to the red-hot Newmanistan team in the semifinals two games to one, but then swept the third place game against Zwangzug two games to none.

WBC 11 (Hosted by Newmanistan)
1st: Tocrowkia (3-1)
2nd: Newmanistan
3rd: Zwangzug (2-1)
4th: Qazox
Newmanistan returned as hosts for their second hosting, and also returned as the defending champions. They had high expectations, but disappointed the fans in the end by losing the championship to Tocrowkia three games to one, as Tocrowkia finished the season with a record of 16-4. This was Tocrowkia's first win, and it would never go on to win another tournament after that. Despite having several great teams after this year, Tocrowkia would be repeatedly outmatched by the Newmanistan and Cassadaigua dynasties, which would be clashing against each other in the years to come. Qazox make an effort to regain its status as the best team in baseball, but was outmatched by Newmanistan in the semifinals, and they eventually lost the third place series as well, falling two games to one against Zwangzug. Though Newmanistan did not win the tournament, they still showed their power and playing ability once again.

WBC 12 (Hosted by Secristan)
1st: Newmanistan (3-1)
2nd: Zwangzug
3rd: Taeshan (2-0)
4th: Yafor 2
World Baseball Classic 12 was hosted by Secristan, who had won second place in WBC 10, and Secristan did a good job of hosting this tournament. After falling just short of winning its second championship in WBC 11, Newmanistan bounced back in World Baseball Classic 12 with an unbelievable start, sweeping the preliminary round. In the midst of Newmanistan's dominance, a new power started to emerge, as Cassadaigua seemed to be challenging the greatest team in baseball by matching every win throughout the first half of the season. Both teams swept the preliminary rounds, and continued to be undefeated until Cassadaigua finally lost a game in the quarterfinals to Yafor 2, ending its streak at twelve games. Cassadaigua was suddenly eliminated in that quarterfinals, as Yafor 2 was able to pull off another win in extra innings, while the whole time, Newmanistan's streak continued. Newmanistan finally lost after winning 15 straight games in a semifinals game against Taeshan. Newmanistan went on to beat Taeshan in that series, and then also beat Zwangzug in the finals, defeating them three games to one, and claiming their second of four championships, finishing the season with a record of 19-2. Taeshan went on to win the third place series, sweeping Yafor 2 two games to none.

WBC 13 (Hosted by Qazox)
1st: Taeshan (3-1)
2nd: Cassadaigua
3rd: Secristan
4th: Tocrowkia (forfeited)
Qazox once again returned as hosts for World Baseball Classic 13, and as usual, did a great job of hosting. WBC 13 is unique in that it is the only tournament between WBC 7 and WBC 16 in which the Newmanistan team did not place in the top four. Newmanistan looked to have a lot of prospect early in the season, going 7-1 in the preliminary round, and then beating Barnettsville two games to one in the round of sixteen. The quarterfinals proved to be a tough series though, against Taeshan, who had been seen as the underdog in the series. All three games were close and only won by one run, and the first two games of the series went into long extra innings. Taeshan came out on top though, becoming the first team ever to eliminate Newmanistan before the semifinals. Meanwhile, Cassadaigua too was finding success. Their team squeaked by with some close victories and won some close series, including a semifinals against Tocrowkia, where Cassadaigua came back from a 2-1 deficit to win the series 3-2 and clinch their first chance to play for the title. Taeshan just barely beat Secristan in the semifinals, but finally earned its advancement to the finals round since WBC 6 when they were swept by Qazox. Taeshan and Cassadaigua had both been underdogs in some sense for many seasons, but it was in this finals series where they both got to bask in their own glory. Taeshan ended up on top, winning its first only championship in WBC history three games to one, and finishing the season with a record of 16-7. Cassadaigua received its only second place finish, as the team would go on to play in three more finals series and would win them all. Their was no third place series, because the team from Tocrowkia was extremely humiliated and frustrated to be defeated in the semifinals by Cassadaigua, and so they refused to play in the third place series. Secristan was given the title of third place, due to Tocrowkia's forfeit.

WBC 14 (Hosted by Newmanistan)
1st: Cassadaigua (3-2)
2nd: Newmanistan
3rd: Sarzonia (2-1)
4th: Quintessence of Dust
Newmanistan hosted World Baseball Classic 14, and was able to re-establish itself as a presence in the tournament by hosting a clean tournament and putting up a good season as well. Sarzonia had a great opening to the season, and they looked like they had a great chance to win it, having lost only one game all season going into the semifinals. Meanwhile, Newmanistan, as usual, was dominating and eliminating every team that it faced. In the background and not drawing much attention to itself was Cassadaigua, who surprised the baseball world by sweeping Sarzonia, in what many thought would be a Sarzonia vs. Newmanistan match up for the championship. The team was very qualified though, having just played in the last championship series against Taeshan, though they lost. Cassadaigua hoped to put up a fight against Newmanistan and prove that they were a force to be reckoned with. The series was very close, and the teams went back and forth, fighting it out to the very end, but when it was all over, Cassadaigua was on top, winning its first of three championships three games to one, finishing the season with a record of 18-5. Newmanistan was once again defeated, coming so close to the title. It is sometimes hard to tell if Newmanistan is the luckiest or the most unlucky team in WBC history, since they won so many times, but also failed to win despite being so close on so many occasions. Sarzonia did win the third place series, beating Quintessence of Dust two games to one.

WBC 15 (Hosted by The Babbage Islands)
1st: Newmanistan (3-1)
2nd: Zwangzug
3rd: Tocrowkia (1-0)
4th: Sarzonia
World Baseball Classic 15 was hosted by The Babbage Islands very smoothly. This WBC once again displayed Newmanistan's dominance over all competition, as the team became the third team in WBC history to be three-time champions. Newmanistan had a tough road to the championship, and faced a rematch of WBC 14 against Cassadaigua that went to the maximum of three games, but Newmanistan was able to push past the Cassadaigua team and eliminate them in that quarterfinals round, which was a disappointing finish, since the team had finished in the top two over the past two seasons. Sarzonia also had a great season, but once again fell frustratingly close, being swept by Zwangzug in the semifinals and then losing the third place game to Tocrowkia. Zwangzug once again was in its glory, making it to the championship for the first time since WBC 12, when their team was beaten by Newmanistan. Unfortunately for them, their opponent in the finals was once again Newmanistan, and Newmanistan put them away again, winning the series three games to one, and the team celebrated its third championship, finishing the season with a 17-6 record. Tocrowkia also won the third place game in a landslide 7-1 victory over Sarzonia, as they decided not to forfeit this time. WBC 15 was also significant because it was the first time that Western Cuba appeared as a participant, and though the new team was eliminated in the play-in round, they would become a threat in upcoming seasons.

WBC 16 (Hosted by Tarrentum/Quintessence of Dust)
1st: Cassadaigua (3-2)
2nd: Tocrowkia
3rd: Zwangzug (2-1)
4th: Newmanistan
World Baseball Classic 16 was co-hosted by the relatively new nation of Tarrentum and the older nation of Quintessence of the Dust. This was the first time that there were joint hosts for the World Baseball Classic, excluding WBC 4, when Nefundland failed to host and passed its duties onto Qazox, who saved that Classic. The co-hosts proved that co-hosting would work by smoothly working together and handling their duties well, and as a result, this idea of co-hosting would eventually catch on as a sort of trend from WBCs 27-32, when almost all of those Classics were hosted by multiple hosts. From the start, several teams came blazing out of the gate. Defending champions Newmanistan put up a 13-1 record in the preliminary round, which was matched by its rival Cassadaigua, as well as the co-host Quintessence of the Dust. Quintessence of the Dust was the first of those three to lose the fire in its eyes, and that team was eliminated by Zwangzug in a controversial quarterfinals series that went to the full amount of games. Newmanistan continued to win, as it always does, but then seemed to run out of steam late in the tournament, being swept in the semifinals by Tocrowkia and then losing the third place series two games to one against Zwangzug. With Newmanistan gone, Tocrowkia emerged as a possible dark horse champion, but Cassadaigua just wouldn't allow for that. Cassadaigua was still on fire, and had swept every series of the tournament so far, having only lost one game all season, which was a 5-2 loss to Milchama on the second match day of the preliminary round. Both Tocrowkia and Cassadaigua were former champions, and both of them greedily wished for a second championship title. Cassadaigua won the first game, but then slipped up and lost games two and three, suddenly putting them up against elimination. Cassadaigua bounced back though, winning games four and five, clinching their second championship with a final record of 22-3. After this season, Cassadaigua would continue to be a threat in the World Baseball Classic. The loss to Cassadaigua would prove to be the death of Tocrowkia's relevance in the World Baseball Classic. Tocrowkia had been a contender in nearly every World Baseball Classic since WBC 9, and they were the champions of WBC 11, but after this season, they failed to make the playoffs in WBC 17, were swept by Milchama in the round of sixteen in WBC 18, failed to qualify for the round of sixteen in WBC 19, and failed to qualify once again in WBC 20, which would be its final season.

WBC 17 (Hosted by Lycrabon)
1st: Newmanistan (4-3)
2nd: Tarrentum
3rd: Qazox (3-1)
4th: Silver Beach
World Baseball Classic 17 was excellently hosted by Lycrabon, and this season would prove to be one of the most exciting and historic Classics ever. Newmanistan once again came barreling through the gate, eliminating team after team in dramatic fashion, including one nineteen inning victory against Milchama to clinch a sweep of the quarterfinals. WBC 17 brought together an interesting group, as many of the teams that had consistently been in the top places in previous Classics, like Cassadaigua, Tocrowkia, Zwangzug, and Sarzonia all failed to make it to the quarterfinals, and many young teams, like Silver Beach, Western Cuba, Tarrentum, Saugeais, and Mytannion made it deep into the tournament. Tarrentum had gained a lot of respect after successfully hosting WBC 16, and hoped to prove itself as a good team by capping off the WBC 17 season with a championship. Another surprise for this season was Qazox. That team had had its heyday many seasons ago, but suddenly returned as a threat, making it to the semifinals for the first time since WBC 11, and this would be the last time that they would ever make it to the semifinals. The semifinals round was very exciting, since Qazox and Newmanistan were in opposite match ups, meaning that there was a possibility of a finals series between two three-time champions, and there had never before been a four-time champion. Newmanistan's semifinals opponent was Silver Beach, and though Newmanistan had been flying through the competition up until that point, Silver Beach put up a fight, forcing the series to the maximum of five games. The other semifinals series was even more intense. The series went back and forth until a fifth game was forced. Qazox made its last stand in the WBC, fighting for seventeen innings in hopes of defeating the young team from Tarrentum, but ultimately failing to win. The match up for the finals was Newmanistan vs. Tarrentum, which seemed lopsided in Newmanistan's favor. This did not appear to be the case as soon as they began to play. The first game was a thriller, eleven inning showdown that eventually ended with a 3-1 Tarrentum victory. Newmanistan vowed to make up this deficit, but underestimated the team from Tarrentum. Tarrentum went on to win games two and three by less than modest margins, putting Newmanistan up against elimination in a 3-0 deficit in the seven game series. The original discussions of the crowning of a four-time champion shifted into the crowning of a new champion. Newmanistan was not done... yet. Newmanistan struck back with the most unbelievable series comeback in the history of the World Baseball Classic. Newmanistan made a weak start to their comeback with an 8-6 victory in game four, which did little to convince the WBC crowds that they had it in them to still win the championship. Then, came the convincing. Newmanistan blew out Tarrentum in game five 11-0. It was almost as if they were two different teams. The teams appeared to be playing the roles that had been predicted of them at the beginning of the series. The next game was another thriller, but Newmanistan took care to win it, the final score being 2-1, and the series was tied. Then, came the deciding game seven. Newmanistan won 8-4. They did it! They became the first team in history to win four World Baseball Classics, finishing with a record of 19-7, in an unbelievable comeback that has not been replicated since. Meanwhile, Qazox defeated Silver Beach 3-1 in the third place series, making its final finish in the top four after such a great history. Interestingly enough, this comeback win for Newmanistan would also be their last placing in the top four, as they would fall in the quarterfinals in WBC 18 and WBC 19 before retiring from the Classic. It can certainly be said that they went out in style with this being their final championship series.

WBC 18 (Hosted by Cassadaigua)
1st: Sarzonia (3-2)
2nd: Tarrentum
3rd: Cassadaigua (2-1)
4th: Milchama
World Baseball Classic 18 was hosted by Cassadaigua, and it was done very well. The hosts in Cassadaigua hoped to return with another memorable season after having a terrible season, failing even to qualify for the playoffs in WBC 17. Cassadaigua did not win, but proved that they were still a contender and that their early exit in WBC 17 was a fluke by finishing in third in this tournament. The defending champions Newmanistan had an undefeated preliminary round, going 8-0, but they had many teams on their heals, with Cassadaigua, Qazox, Sarzonia, Tarrentum, and Virabia all finishing with 7-1 records. Tarrentum and Newmanistan met in the quarterfinals for a rematch of the previous WBC finals, and this time, Tarrentum came out on top, stopping Newmanistan in its tracks in a series that was fittingly very close. Then, in the background, Sarzonia emerged as a dark horse champion candidate, sweeping Milchama in the semifinals, making it to the finals for the first and last time. Cassadaigua had good prospect in the semifinals, leading two games to one over Tarrentum, but Tarrentum disappointed the home fans by coming back and making it to the finals for the second year in a row. Neither team had ever won a championship before, so this made an interesting match up. Tarrentum took the lead in the series, leading two games to one, before once again collapsing just one game away from the championship, as Sarzonia came back and won the series three games to one, once again crushing Tarrentum's dreams of winning a championship, which would never be fulfilled. Sarzonia's record at the end of the season was 17-4. Cassadaigua also went on to beat Milchama in the third place game two games to one.

WBC 19 (Hosted by Newmanistan)
1st: Cassadaigua (4-2)
2nd: Saugeais
3rd: Zwangzug (2-1)
4th: Churchma
World Baseball Classic 19 was excellently hosted by Newmanistan, who would use this hosting as a final salute and farewell before retiring from the World Baseball Classic after this season. Newmanistan hoped to end its WBC history off with a bang, and maybe even a fifth championship. They paraded through the preliminary round, finishing with an 11-3 record, and then they began to swing through the playoffs, putting up a show in what would be the last season of their run as the greatest team in history. They swept Civil Citizenry in the round of twenty-four. Then, they swept Tarrentum in the round of sixteen for what ended up being another dramatic rematch between these teams, who had been the finalists in WBC 17. The next on the list for Newmanistan was Cassadaigua, making another finals rematch, this time a rematch of the WBC 14 finals, which Cassadaigua had won. Cassadaigua was on a roll though. They had won every game all season, except for one game in the preliminary round, which they lost to Tocrowkia by one run in the thirteenth inning. Newmanistan dramatically won the first game of this quarterfinals series by just a single run. This put them within one game of yet another semifinals appearance, but the win would prove to be their last win in their franchise history in the World Baseball Classic, until their return to the WBC in WBC 38. Game two of the series was a close one, going into the tenth inning, but Cassadaigua finished on top, walking off to get a one-run victory in another close game, and the series was tied. The third and deciding game of this quarterfinals series was just as close as the first two had been. Cassadaigua took the early lead, but Newmanistan came back to take a one-run lead. Cassadaigua once again regained the lead late in the game, and they did not look back. Newmanistan was eliminated... forever. Newmanistan had retired, and the four-time champions were gone in the quarterfinals. Newmanistan had put up a great career to say the least. They were four-time champions, eight-time finalists, ten-time semifinalists, and they had qualified for the quarterfinals in each of their thirteen seasons. They had finished four times as champions, four times as runners up, once as third place, and once as fourth place in only thirteen seasons, which is amazing. In the wake of Newmanistan's departure, Cassadaigua was filled with enthusiasm, as they had put up a great season already, and they were ready to join the ranks as three-time champions. The young team Saugeais had made its debut in WBC 17, and now, two seasons later, it made its first deep run into the playoffs, putting up a good year. Churchma would also have a season to remember, making its first and last semifinals appearance. WBC 19 was a season of a lot of firsts and lasts, and one era was coming to a close and another one was beginning. The veteran Zwangzug reemerged as a contender, making it to the semifinals for the first time since WBC 16, and was greeted by Saugeais, which was a much younger team. Zwangzug took an early lead in the series, and hoped to make its first finals appearance since losing to Newmanistan in WBC 15, but Saugeais came back and won that series, making it to the finals for its first time. Cassadaigua easily put down Churchma in the other semifinals series, and Cassadaigua and Saugeais met in the finals. Cassadaigua won blowout victories in the first two games of the finals series, and then lost games two and three in one-run victories for Saugeais. Cassadaigua fought back with two more victories, tipping the scale and clinching Cassadaigua its third and final championship with a record of 23-4. Saugeais was simply no match for Cassadaigua, putting up a fight, but falling short. Saugeais would have several great seasons in the years to come, despite never winning a championship. The third place series was a close one, but Zwangzug ended up winning it, finishing once again so close to the title.

WBC 20 (Hosted by Sportgirls)
1st: Lycrabon (3-1)
2nd: Western Cuba
3rd: Zwangzug (1-0)
4th: Sakurakoku
World Baseball Classic 20 was hosted well by Sportgirls, which was a satellite nation of The Babbage Islands. This Classic was indeed a classic without the great Newmanistan, starting a new transitional era in WBC history. With the retirement of Newmanistan, Sarzonia also decided to retire after WBC 19, and after WBC 20, Tocrowkia retired as well. Tarrentum also chose not to appear in WBC 20, though they came back for WBC 21, and then announced their official retirement after that season. Over the next several seasons, a lot of the teams that had had a lot of success in the World Baseball Classic in the past would slowly decline and then retire from the Classic, and they were replaced by new teams that would see new success. One of the signature differences about this era of history, from WBC 20 up until the rise of Super-Llamaland in WBC 28, is that it lacked the presence of dynasties that dominated the game in all of the early eras of the WBC. The only team that could possibly be called a dynastic team would be Western Cuba, who would be the most successful team of this era, making it to the finals four times and winning twice in this time period. At the end of the preliminary round, Lycrabon, who had never had much success, despite being a WBC host before, had a surprisingly good showing, going undefeated through the preliminary round. Sakurakoku also emerged for the first time as a threat with a surprisingly strong round in the preliminary round, going 9-1. Sakurakoku had made its first appearance in WBC 16, then missed 17, and had been participating since WBC 18, but had never put up any seasons that were very impressive. Lycrabon continued its win streak, sweeping the round of sixteen and the quarterfinals before losing game one of the semifinals to Zwangzug, ending the streak at fourteen games. Lycrabon won that series and advanced to the finals for the first time, once again sending Zwangzug to the third place series, which they seem to be experts in. Meanwhile, Western Cuba, who had had limited success in previous seasons, emerged as a big threat for the first time this season, sweeping Sakurakoku in the semifinals and advancing to their first championship. To back up this statement that WBC 20 was the beginning of a new era, this was the first season since WBC 13 where two teams that had never made it to the finals before played in the finals. Lycrabon took game one, and Western Cuba took game two, but Lycrabon took all of the rest after that, winning its only championship in a surprisingly amazing season, finishing with a record of 19-2. This season, the third place series was only a one game affair, but Zwangzug took it in a one-sided 11-2 victory.

WBC 21 (Hosted by Saugeais)
1st: Zwangzug (3-1)
2nd: Sakurakoku
3rd: Darmen (2-0)
4th: The Babbage Islands
World Baseball Classic 21 was hosted by Saugeais quite well. Saugeais gained even more respect for itself with this hosting experience, and this would lead to that nation eventually being elected the first official president of the World Baseball Classic before the WBC 23 season. After finishing in second place in WBC 19, Saugeais was eliminated in the round of sixteen by Qazox in a disappointing finish. Saugeais hoped to improve on this with another deep run into the playoffs in WBC 21, but ended up finishing in the round of sixteen once again, this time being eliminated by Zwangzug. Another interesting element brought on by the retirement of a lot of the big name nations from the WBC was that it not only brought along new success from young nations, but it also allowed for old nations that had been in the WBC all along but hadn't achieved success in a long time to once again rise up in the ranks. This was the case with Zwangzug and Milchama throughout several WBCs during this period. The Babbage Islands was also a nation that was benefited by this, finishing in fourth, which was the best finish in their history of the WBC. Many new nations appeared as threats for the first time in WBC 21 as well, the most notable being Darmen. Darmen had been around since WBC 19, but had not made it very far in WBCs 19 or 20. New Montreal States also surprised the baseball world by making the playoffs after going almost the entire WBC 20 season without a win. New Montreal States would go on to win a lot more games over the years, and this nation has an interesting distinction, since it played in WBC 2, but then was absent until returning to the Classic in WBC 20. New Montreal States was eliminated in the round of sixteen, but this still prepared them for some winning seasons to come. Lycrabon also tried to defend its title, but had its season cut short by Zwangzug, who was putting up yet another great year, in the quarterfinals. Zwangzug advanced and played Darmen in the semifinals. When Darmen took the first game of the three game series, many suspected that Zwangzug was destined for another third place game, because it seemed like every time that Zwangzug had a good year, they would finish third. In fact, Zwangzug has seven third place finishes, which is by far the record, with Milchama in second for the record with five third place finishes. Zwangzug surprised though, coming back and winning the series. Meanwhile, Sakurakoku was having a great season too, and they pushed past The Babbage Islands in the semifinals to play Zwangzug in the finals. Sakurakoku took the first game of the finals, but then Zwangzug came back and won the last three, finishing the season with a record of 15-7. This was a shocking win, because Zwangzug had not won the Classic since WBC 7, and they had been the most unfortunate in the semifinals play of any team ever. In Zwangzug's history, they made fourteen semifinals appearances in thirty seasons, but they only won two Classics in those fourteen appearances. Regardless, Zwangzug is still an amazing team. Darmen was able to sweep The Babbage Islands, who was out of its league in the semifinals, and Darmen won third place, making a name for itself and setting itself up for future success.

WBC 22 (Hosted by Civil Citizenry)
1st: Western Cuba (3-2)
2nd: Saugeais
3rd: Cassadaigua (2-0)
4th: Darmen
World Baseball Classic 22 was hosted by Civil Citizenry, which was a nation that did not have much success in the World Baseball Classic, but they held a great amount of respect in the World Baseball Classic council as progressive members, and it was this nation that saw to it that the position of president of the WBC was established after this season. Western Cuba and Lycrabon got off to quick starts, both of them finishing the preliminary round with 10-0 records. Western Cuba's streak was shortly ended after losing game two of the round of sixteen, but they still were able to win that series. Lycrabon swept the round of sixteen, but was then swept by Darmen, receiving a frustratingly early exit after a good season. Western Cuba wrestled with Milchama in a particularly close quarterfinals series, but Western Cuba ended up on top this time, and they advanced to the semifinals for the second time in its history. Two veterans and former champions Cassadaigua and Zwangzug battled it out in a hardcore quarterfinals round, but Cassadaigua defeated the defending champions, and they advanced to the semifinals for the first time since winning it all in WBC 19. Saugeais and Darmen also made it to the semifinals, where they faced off against each other, and Darmen hoped to improve on the previous season's third place finish by making it to the finals. Saugeais made sure that this would not happen by sweeping Darmen, but this would be Saugeais' last appearance in the finals, while Darmen would still have an opportunity in the future. Saugeais was met by Western Cuba, who had come back in its semifinals series to eliminate Cassadaigua two games to one. Both Saugeais and Western Cuba had been to the finals before, but neither one had ever won, and this made for a great series. Western Cuba took an early lead in the series, winning the first two games, but Saugeais fought hard to tie the series back up, winning games three and four. They would not be able to take the series though, as Western Cuba shut them out in game five, winning its first championship, and finishing the season with a record of 19-5. After being eliminated by Saugeais, Darmen was shut down, and they were easily swept by Cassadaigua in the third place game two games to none.

WBC 23 (Hosted by Qazox)
1st: Milchama (4-2)
2nd: Western Cuba
3rd: Taeshan (3-0)
4th: Darmen
World Baseball Classic 23 was hosted by Qazox for its sixth and final time, and though this time around was maybe not quite as smooth as some of the former hostings of Qazox, they still did a very good job hosting. Before WBC 23 started, Saugeais was elected president of the WBC council, marking the first time that a president was officially elected, though Qazox had served as the unofficial president since the beginning of the tournament. Saugeais would serve for six seasons, which is no longer legal under the WBC constitution, from WBC 23 to WBC 28. WBC 23 was the debut seasons for two nations that would eventually become threats for the championship, Maklohi Vai and Super-Llamaland. Super-Llamaland was eliminated in the preliminary rounds, while Maklohi Vai advanced, but was swept in the round of sixteen by Western Cuba. In the quarterfinals, Western Cuba and Saugeais met in a rematch of the previous championship match up, but the result was the same, as Western Cuba won the series in the maximum three games. The young team Yesopalitha showed some prospect early on in the season, but was eventually eliminated in the quarterfinals by Milchama. Darmen made the semifinals for its third time in a row, but the real surprise in that semifinals round was Taeshan. Taeshan had been a real threat for the championship many seasons ago, coming in second place in WBC 7, and then winning WBC 13 over Cassadaigua, as well as a handful of third and fourth place finishes in the early seasons, before going into a sort of dormant state, never making too much of a splash in the playoffs. They had retired after WBC 15, but then made a sudden comeback in WBC 19, and since then, had been trying to work their way back up the ranks. Milchama also had a season to remember, making it to the semifinals for the first time since WBC 18. Milchama had a surprising championship run, much like Zwangzug's from two seasons prior, when they beat the young Darmen in the semifinals, advancing to play Western Cuba, which they beat four games to two, winning their third championship, finishing the season with a 19-5 record. Milchama became three-time champions, and this came as a surprise, because even though they had played in every season of the World Baseball Classic to date, Milchama had not been to the finals since WBC 8, and they had not won it since they won back-to-back seasons in WBCs 4-5. This would mark the beginning of a sort of second wind to Milchama's dynasty, though it would not be as fruitful as the original part, as they would not win any more championships in their history. Taeshan swept Darmen in the third place game, ending another frustrating season for Darmen. They had been to the semifinals three years in a row, but were not able to make it to the finals any of the times, and they had to settle for two fourth place finishes in a row.

WBC 24 (Hosted by Lycrabon)
1st: Western Cuba (4-0)
2nd: Yesopalitha
3rd: Milchama (3-1)
4th: Saugeais
World Baseball Classic 24 was hosted by Lycrabon, which had previously hosted WBC 17. Since its previous hosting experience, Lycrabon had established itself as a real baseball powerhouse, having several impressive seasons and being crowned champions in WBC 20. Despite a good hosting effort, the team did not see much success here, being swept by Saugeais in the round of sixteen. Following this season, Lycrabon would finish with two more disappointing round of sixteen exits in a row, and they left the WBC after WBC 26, never to return. In WBC 24, defending champions Milchama was determined to defend its most recent title, and another victory would make them four-time champions, which was a status only held by Newmanistan at that time, who was no longer active in the Classic at that point. Milchama was faced by tough opposition, as Darmen gave them a run for their money in the quarterfinals, forcing them to play all three games, but the three-time champions ended up on top of that series. The ancient Milchama team, which went all the way back to WBC 1, was then faced by Yesopalitha, which was a fairly new team that was making its first semifinals appearance. The semifinals series was much closer than expected, as Yesopalitha kept Milchama from taking a lead in the series, despite the expectations of Milchama to win. Yesopalitha then finished Milchama off, winning three of the five game series, and Milchama then faced Saugeais in the third place series, which Milchama won three games to one. Yesopalitha was then faced in the finals with Western Cuba, which was making its third finals appearance in a row after winning it all by beating Saugeais in WBC 22 and settling for second after Milchama in WBC 23. Western Cuba was the best team in baseball at that time, and they heavily outmatched Yesopalitha in this series, sweeping them four games to none, and they finished the season with a record of 21-1, losing just one game all year, which was a thirteen inning one-run loss to Qazox in a really close game for game one of the round of sixteen. Western Cuba had a nearly perfect season, and they won their second championship, but after this finish, they would drop a bit in the following seasons, and this would be their last finals appearance.

WBC 25 (Hosted by Equestrian States)
1st: Darmen (3-2)
2nd: Zwangzug
3rd: Milchama (2-1)
4th: Equestrian States
World Baseball Classic 25 was hosted by the new nation Equestrian States, and they surprised the WBC world by being one of the better hosts of WBC history. Equestrian States, which had not had hardly any success in the tournament prior to this point, also surprised the WBC world by making a semifinals run, before being shut down by Zwangzug and then Milchama, ultimately becoming a fourth place finisher. The defending champions Western Cuba returned with high hopes, having made it to the finals in the past three consecutive seasons, including two championship titles, but they were stunned when they were swept by Taeshan in the round of sixteen, a major upset at the beginning of the playoff round. This represented a sort of death to Western Cuba's dynasty, as they would never truly recover to their previous level of dominance, although they did finish third place several seasons later in WBC 30. Meanwhile, Darmen, who had failed to make the semifinals in the previous season, looked to redeem themselves this time around, but after a mediocre preliminary round, they got put on a low seed and had an uphill battle ahead of them. They ended up passing through the preliminary round by the skin of their teeth, defeating Strawbee by just one run after a major comeback where they walked off, scoring four runs in the bottom of the ninth. After this, they played Yesopalitha, who had been the runners up the previous season, in the round of sixteen, and they advanced just barely again, pushing it to the maximum games. Darmen eventually made it to the semifinals, and the semifinals were interesting that year, as the newer team Equestrian States faced off against the ancient veteran and WBC giant Zwangzug, and then the relatively new team, Darmen, that had made several semifinals appearances but had never won was up against another ancient veteran, Milchama, which had been around forever and was a three-time champion. Zwangzug swept Equestrian States and Darmen barely defeated Milchama, and both of those teams advanced to the finals then. It was a very close finals series indeed, as it went to the maximum five games, but Darmen, who had always choked at the end of every season, was finally able to pull off a championship victory, as they defeated Zwangzug three games to two, finishing the season with a 16-8 record. This would be Darmen's only championship, but it was well earned. Milchama ultimately defeated Equestrian States in the third place series, and they finished the season with third place.

WBC 26 (Hosted by Cassadaigua)
1st: New Montreal States (4-2)
2nd: Sicoutimont
3rd: Zwangzug (2-0)
4th: Ko-oren
World Baseball Classic 26 was hosted by Cassadaigua, which made its return to the Classic after not participating in WBCs 24 and 25. As usual, the three-time champions did an excellent job hosting, but their absence from the tournament for two seasons had brought their rank down all the way to number 86, a steep decline after being the number one rank in the world after their WBC 19 championship not too many seasons earlier. This season came as a surprise to many, not only with the return of Cassadaigua, but also with the success of the ancient New Montreal States nation. New Montreal States had first participated in the World Baseball Classic all the way back in WBC 2, but then they did not return to the Classic until WBC 20, after the tournament had become the most successful baseball tournament out there. New Montreal States had made a name for itself in the baseball world prior to the existence of the World Baseball Classic, having great success in the World Cup of Baseball, a tournament that existed prior to the World Baseball Classic but folded before the Classic was created. The success in this ancient tournament had not carried over for New Montreal States in the World Baseball Classic... until now. In WBC 26, the ancient legends went 7-3 in the preliminary round, winning their group, and they advanced to the playoffs. From there, they went on to sweep Sangti (also known as The Royal Barangay) in the round of twenty-four, then beat Kinzar two games to one in the round of sixteen, then beat three-time champions Milchama in a tight series two games to one in the quarterfinals. Just like that, New Montreal States had shocked the world by making it all the way to the semifinals for the first time in their long history with the World Baseball Classic. The amazing thing was that the success did not stop there. In the semifinals, New Montreal States was faced with the young nation Ko-oren, and they continued winning, taking the series three games to one. Who would have thought that New Montreal States would have made it all the way to the finals in WBC 26? Meanwhile, another underdog nation, Sicoutimont, went on to defeat the great Zwangzug in its semifinal match, so they too advanced to the finals, making for an interesting match up. The finals series stayed close, but New Montreal States seemed to be fighting a winning battle the whole time, going into game six with a three game to two lead. Game six was one of the most exciting games in history, as it was a sixteen inning marathon that resulted in New Montreal States winning the World Baseball Classic on a walkoff 4-3 win. It was a true Cinderella story, as New Montreal States was crowned WBC 26 champions with a record of 20-8. Meanwhile, Zwangzug swept the third place series two games to none, winning them an astounding seventh third place title, which is a record no one has even come close to.

WBC 27 (Hosted by Maklohi Vai/Saintland)
1st: Strawbee (4-0)
2nd: Maklohi Vai
3rd: Milchama (3-2)
4th: Sangti

WBC 28 (Hosted by Vaugania)
1st: Super-Llamaland (3-1)
2nd: Sangti
3rd: Nova Anglicana (2-0)
4th: Mosktopia

WBC 29 (Hosted by Equestrian States)
1st: The Royal Barangay (3-2)
2nd: Super-Llamaland
3rd: Cassadaigua (2-1)
4th: Nova Anglicana

WBC 30 (Hosted by Super-Llamaland/New Wolfopolis)
1st: Super-Llamaland (3-1)
2nd: Jeckland
3rd-T: Western Cuba
3rd-T: Karditan

WBC 31 (Hosted by Nova Anglicana/Imota)
1st: Super-Llamaland (3-0)
2nd: Jeckland
3rd: Karditan (2-0)
4th: The Royal Barangay

WBC 32 (Hosted by Jeckland/The Northern Union/Patistan)
1st: Patistan (3-2)
2nd: Gregoryisgodistan
3rd: Nova Anglicana (2-0)
4th: Hicaņa

WBC 33 (Hosted by Gregoryisgodistan)
1st: Schiltzberg (3-2)
2nd: Maklohi Vai
3rd: United States of Devonta (2-1)
4th: Czesc

WBC 34 (Hosted by Saintland)
1st: Gregoryisgodistan (4-2)
2nd: Cosumar
3rd: Patistan (2-0)
4th: Super-Llamaland

WBC 35 (Hosted by Nova Anglicana)
1st: Schiltzberg (3-2)
2nd: The Great Pond
3rd: Saintland (2-1)
4th: Jeckland

WBC 36 (Hosted by Chromatika)
1st: Schiltzberg (4-3)
2nd: Maklohi Vai
3rd: Nova Anglicana (3-2)
4th: Frenline Delpha

WBC 37 (Hosted by Frenline Delpha/Ilyseum)
1st: Schiltzberg (4-2)
2nd: Super-Llamaland
3rd: Zyarus (3-0)
4th: Gregoryisgodistan

WBC 38 (Hosted by Newmanistan)
1st: Frenline Delpha (4-2)
2nd: Ethane
3rd: Schiltzberg (2-1)
4th: Nova Anglicana

WBC 39 (Hosted by Frenline Delpha)
1st: Ethane (4-1)
2nd: Nova Anglicana
3rd: Schiltzberg (3-0)
4th: West Phoenicia

WBC 40 (Hosted by Cassadaigua)
1st: Super-Llamaland (4-2)
2nd: Schiltzberg
3rd: Newmanistan (3-1)
4th: West Phoenicia

WBC 41 (Hosted by Equestrian States)
1st: Newmanistan (4-3)
2nd: Super-Llamaland
3rd: Cassadaigua (3-2)
4th: Scootalove City

WBC 42 (Hosted by Free Republics)
1st: Super-Llamaland (4-1)
2nd: Darmen
3rd: Scootalove City (2-0)
4th: Cassadaigua

WBC 43 (Hosted by Cassadaigua)
1st: Newmanistan (4-2)
2nd: Free Republics
3rd: Schiltzberg (3-1)
4th: Abanhfleft

This thread would not be possible without the help of the History of Modern NS Sports archives, The Loquacious Lipograms of Zwangzug, who linked me to the old Jolt forums. Thank you to former nation Qazox, who did a good job documenting the WBC early on, which made it much easier for me to make this. Thanks to The Reborn Empire of Newmanistan, who posted forum posts that recorded key historical events of the WBC and helped recount some of the old seasons after their return. Also, special thanks to The Republic of Darmen for lending some insight on the WBC experience during their time as participants.

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