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June 5, 1999
Poznań, Poland
Roman Catholic
MBTI type
Neutral Good
Hair color
Eye color

Languages spoken

Polish with Poznań dialect (native)
English (fluent)
German, Spanish, Italian,
Russian (basic to very basic)

Hello. I come from Poznań, Poland.

I'm an freelance copywriter and DTP specialist. I once did translation for the Polish section of VICE Magazine and voiceover for the State Radio. I've done numerous oddjobs in my life, including working as a postman for the Polish Post, being a cashier, a forklift operator, CPR instructor and a leaflet distributor. I've also volunteered for a handful of organizations, including Polish Red Cross and Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. I participated in a few mass events as unpaid staff, including the 1050th Anniversary of Polish Christianization.

I'm a rover scout leader in the Polish Scouting Association. Polish scouting is remarkably unique, because it is much more militarized and patriotic. Read about the Grey Ranks' involvement in World War 2. It's quite interesting. My troop was founded in 1919 by veterans of the Greater Poland Uprising of 1918. Its members fought in the Polish-Soviet War, World War 2, Poznań June of 1956 and actively participated in the anti-communist underground. I'm therefore very lucky to serve in peacetime. We do orienteering, urban exploration, camping, hitchhiking, parachuting, survival, community/disaster service, volunteering, rock climbing, kayaking and DIY.

I'm a practicing Catholic. I try to attend the Mass weekly and the Confession as often as it is needed. My favorite patron saints are the Holy Family and St. George. My prayer of preference is the Rosary, it seems to have a special power, yes.

I've been to Italy (Tuscany, Veneto, Lazio, Campania), Germany (Berlin, Dortmund, Bavaria), France (Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées), Spain (Catalonia), Netherlands (Utrecht), Greece (Rhodes), Czechia (Liberec, Prague), Hungary (Balaton), Turkey (the Riviera) and UK (London, York, Wales). I've hitchhiked to countless places in my homeland and some abroad. My favorite places would be my hometown and Tuscany in Italy.

Concerning music, I mostly listen to hardcore or skate punk. Don't know why, maybe it's just careless and youthful. It's always helped me through hard times and taught me to use rebellion responsibly. I place the greatest emphasis on the lyrical side of a song. I'm straight edge, meaning I don't drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs.

My hobbies include motorcycle speedway (Unia Leszno fan), skateboarding, eating, writing, architecture, reading, hot sauces, pool (8-ball and 9-ball), bikes, cars and occasional gambling. My main mean of transport is by bike, a Gazelle Puur_NL 7 cargo. I also own a '95 Volkswagen Polo hatchback.

Politically, I describe myself as a national liberal, adhering to some principles of Polish prewar nationalist thought, mainly in economics and general world outlook. There should be as much free market as it is healthily possible. Government intervention and welfare should be put in place to maintain fair competition and provide support for the poorest, think of the Freiburg school or ordoliberalism. Welfare should, in most cases, kickstart rather than give continuous support. Polish companies should have priority in taking Polish public contracts. Control on internal borders of the Schengen area should be restituted and solicitously enforced. All illegal immigrants should be deported as they break the law and are unfair to all the people awaiting legal entry. We should not allow in citizens of high-risk countries. I support the legalization of drugs, free education on all levels and a friendly separation of church and state. Freedom of speech should not be limited without any exceptions. This means I'm against hate speech laws, because their definition is subjective and so is their execution. I'm against gay marriage and adoption. I believe abortion should only be legal if the mother's life is threatened. I'm a supporter of presidentialism and preferential voting systems like IRV and STV. I advocate a year-long compulsory defensive military service for all men and women turning 18. I believe that draft evaders should be punished with a higher taxation of their income until a certain age. I strongly support environmental conservation and revitalization, designation of national parks, clean water and air policies and nationalization of forests. I believe in state-funded mass transit and good cycling infrastructure. I'm wholeheartedly undecided on the Israel/Palestine conflict, seeing equal good and evil on both sides. On foreign affairs, I'm a pro-Visegrád, pro-NATO, pro-Brexit, anti-EU sovereignist and moderate isolationist.

To sum up, I consider myself a sovereignist, national-organicist presidentialist. I believe in tough love, ordoliberal economics, Catholic social teaching, environmental conservation, fiscal responsibility, compulsory service and high defensive military spending. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Manifestum non eget probatione. Pacta sunt servanda.

Apart from that, I'm a blood donor, a lover of Gruyère cheese, kiwi, pears, currants, kefir and Turkish tea. I dislike almost all candy. I really like fresh air and can't stand prolonged periods indoors. I sleep with my window open all year round and almost never use a tent when camping.


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Tests etc.

Political Compass
Right 4.38
Libertarian 2.62

8 Values
“Moderate Conservatism”
Market 64.0% “Market”
Nation 64.9% “Patriotic”
Liberty 50.8% “Moderate”
Tradition 59.4% “Neutral”

5 Dimensions
You are a: Right-Leaning Isolationist Nationalist Traditionalist
Collectivism score: -33%
Authoritarianism score: 0%
Internationalism score: -67%
Tribalism score: 17%
Liberalism score: -33%

Extraverted 61%
Intuitive 84%
Thinking 74%
Perceiving 75%
(Assertive 92%)

MOTIV test
Ascetic 87%
Offbeat 66%
Haphazard 80%
Interpersonal 53%
Vital 90%
Easygoing 56%