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IRC Encounters

May've deleted some messages since they weren't really part of the highlighted conversation. Or moved some so they're less janky. Or censored because this is NS.
RIP Ethane 5/12/2016
[21:12] <drawk> Hey Ethane, guess what I'm doing
[21:12] <drawk> ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
[21:12] <Ethane> cutting WB off?
[21:13] <drawk> Scorinating right now
[21:13] <drawk> pray to margaret
[21:13] <drawk> take out those chickens
[21:13] <drawk> Maybe try sacrificing rubber drawks instead
[21:13] * Ethane launches into serenade of prayers to Margaret.
[21:13] * Ethane sacrifices rubber ducks
[21:14] * Ethane is ready!
[21:14] <drawk> Looks like you didn't sacrifice hard enough Ethane
[21:14] <Sorcuvov> Ethanw 0-23453 other guys
[21:14] <drawk> Ethane 020 The united states of Saints
[21:15] <Sorcuvov> LOL
[21:15] <Ethane> oh. um. wow...
[21:15] * Ethane jumps into fire of burning ducks
[21:15] * Ethane dies. Round over.
Dunpa Racers 6/13/2016
[19:09] <Nephara> i'm really getting into this concise, artistic feel tbh
[19:09] <Nephara> one senses Mike's inner pain and suffering, his state of constant turmoil in an uncaring world,
Audio Action 6/26/2016
[19:05] <Audio> so, who here remembers the last time I hosted a World Cup?
[19:06] <Audio> and, of those who remember, who remembers the annoying IRL problem I had? The one that happened halfway through qualifying and threatened to derail the entire competition?
[19:06] <NorthernSunrise> The one with TIS?
[19:06] <Audio> aye
[19:06] <NorthernSunrise> I don't remember that
[19:06] <NorthernSunrise> the problem, at least
[19:07] <Quebec> Is it Brexit?
[19:07] <Quebec> Oh wait it's not
[19:07] <Quebec> Nvm
[19:07] <Audio> Basically, a few days into World Cup 66, there was a woman who began insisting I pay her attention most nights rather than scorinate
[19:07] <Quebec> Dafuq?
[19:07] <Quebec> Why?
[19:08] <Audio> I mean, stopping me from scorinating wasn't her *specific* goal, Queb
[19:08] <Audio> it was more the me
[19:08] <NorthernSunrise> lol
[19:08] <Felix> hah
[19:08] <Audio> So, it turns out that scorinating World Cups agrees with me
[19:08] <Audio> because it's f*cking happened this time too
[19:08] <NorthernSunrise> lol
[19:08] <Quebec> lol
[19:08] <Felix> haha
[19:09] <Eura> hostlad?
[19:09] <Audio> I swear, in those, what, two/three years since WC66, there was very little action for me on that front. A little here and there, nothing that stuck
[19:09] <Sav|Vicenza> Audio you should scorinate more ;)
[19:09] <Audio> the second I pick up scorinate
[19:09] <Audio> bang
[19:09] <Audio> if you'll pardon the expression
[19:09] <NorthernSunrise> I think that means you need to scorinate more
[19:09] <drawk> Fairly Attractive Skank
[19:10] <Audio> very nice, Drawk
[19:10] <Eura> what do you say when you finish?
[19:10] <drawk> Liking my FAScronyms Audio?
[19:10] <Sav|Vicenza> That's because your wife is secretly on ns
[19:10] <Sav|Vicenza> *looks for candidate*
[19:10] <Sav|Vicenza> Valanora
[19:10] <Felix> xD
[19:10] <Audio> she's usually only halfway through foreplay when I shout 'CUT OFF'
[19:11] <Eura> does she like your formula?
[19:11] <NorthernSunrise> XD
[19:11] <Audio> she's a little bit SQIS, a little bit NSFS, she likes it all
[19:12] <drawk> does she even like dicerolls?
[19:12] <Eura> but does she take it up the xkoronate?
[19:12] <Audio> nah, she's classy
[19:12] <Eura> booo boring
[19:12] <NorthernSunrise> Welp
[19:12] <NorthernSunrise> gonna update Instances
[19:14] <Audio> so yes, Krytenia, that's why I've barely been on recently
[19:14] <Audio> and why the WGPC almost fell down the wayside completely
[19:15] <Krytenia> So, basically, some broad likes to click your f*cking dice Audio?
[19:16] <Audio> I like to fill her with information, pump out a quick strand and then save her, Kry
[19:17] <Audio> pump out a couple of leagues*
[19:17] <Krytenia> "My word, you can see her maxpoints in that dress!"
[19:18] <Audio> Are you Takil baby? Because your style is +5
[19:19] <drawk> "Cumshot (CUM) Qualifiers. Puppet of Audioslavia"
Judah Brainstorm 7/24/2016
[11:11] <JUD|KRZ> Hm. What do we think of Boreh for the name of my god?
[11:15] <drawk> Sounds kind of
[11:15] * drawk puts on shades
[11:16] <drawk> BORIN'
[11:16] * JUD|KRZ tactically nukes drawk
[11:16] <JUD|KRZ> How about Sabur?
[11:17] <drawk> Sounds cooler imo
[11:18] * ReadingCoconuts nods
[11:19] <Polkopia> Name it bitchface
[11:20] * JUD|KRZ bitchfaces Polkopia.
[11:20] * JUD|KRZ doesn't care if that doesn't make sense.
[11:20] <Polkopia> ^ this bitch
[11:20] <Polkopia> finna catch these f*cking fists in ur face, i aint playin witchu
[11:21] * JUD|KRZ uses Krav Maga on Polkopia then tactically nukes him from orbit.
[11:21] <Polkopia> RIP
[11:21] <Polkopia> </3
[11:22] * drawk tactically orbits JUD|KRZ with nukes
[11:22] <JUD|KRZ> SPLENDA!
[11:22] <drawk> wat
[11:22] <drawk> I, too, celebrate by naming popular sweetener brands
[11:24] * JUD|KRZ is not sober enough to care about grammar.
[11:24] <drawk> That's not grammar, that's spelling
[11:24] <JUD|KRZ> Or is that I'm not Sabur enough?
[11:25] <drawk> Yes Judah, you're not godly enough to care about language
[11:25] * + SJG|SSO smashes credo with a tennis ball
[11:25] * drawk smashes SJG|SSO with a 7ball
[11:26] * JUD|KRZ smashes drawk with a lance.
[11:26] * drawk is unhorsed
[11:27] * credo beans drawk on the head
[11:27] * credo serves a ball into the back of SJG's head
Drawk's WC83 Roster 8/1/2019
[7:37 PM] Nephara: drawk with the 9D chess
[7:37 PM] Nephara: same 23 guys for a decade and now all hurled out at once for super-soldiers

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