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Citizenship Process

    1. Move your Nation to Greater Olympus

      Might seem obvious, but citizenship requires living in the region before the process can begin. If you leave the region during the process you must begin again. "Service Guarantees Citizenship" =p

    2. Read through any dispatches pinned to the Gateway

      Rules, General Etiquette, and other important information may be contained here, following them will speed up the application process tremendously.

    3. Put Claim on The Regional Map Thread

      Putting a claim on the map thread lets other applicant know what land is being claimed where. This is to prevent confusion and overlapping claims. If your Application is rejected you will have to reapply to the thread. Below is the basic application more details can be found on the Thread itself. There are two maps of the region, the Regional Map and the Political Map. For your purpose, the Political Map is what you will be working with.

      Regional Map Application

      • Display Name: (If the nation you wish to roleplay is not the same as your NS name)

      • Capital City: Name & Location

      • Claim: (The official territory of your country, map image is preferred. A general description of your territory is not sufficient.)

    4. Wait for your Land Bio

      A basic outline of your choosen lands will be sent to you. It will show climate, population, trade power, and other important information for completing the Full Citizen Application. It is a basic structure and by no means to intensive giving the Nation lots of wiggle room to customize their nation

    5. Fill out the LinkSpecializations Form

      Once you have received your Landbio and Economy Type, fill out the Specializations Form. The form allows you to focus your nations economy and gives you a basic idea of your trade priorities and interactions. Similarly it focuses on what type of Military doctrine your nation would be using. Please only submit the form once. If you wish to change your answers after submission please consult the Archons.

      You can view submitted specializations Linkhere to see where untapped and saturated markets are.

    6. Fill out the Full Application

      The Citizenship Application should be approached with care and caution the information has a certain degree of flexibility as things change over time through Roleplays, but by in large shouldn't change greatly. When the application is completed put it in a dispatch and telegram the link to Greater Olympia, and link the initial Map Application.

      [list][*][b]Display Name[/b]: (If the nation you wish to roleplay is not the same as your NS name)
      [*][b]Capital City[/b]:
      [*][b]Territory[/b]: [spoiler][img][/img][/spoiler](The official territory of your country, map image is preferred. A general description of your territory is not sufficient.)
      [*][b]Population[/b]: (This is NOT based on the population of your NationState. Rather, it is based on the territories that you are claiming in your land bio.)
      [*][b]Description of Political Environment[/b]: 
      (Give a fairly detailed description of your nations Government, including Type of Government, Head of Government/State, legislature, etc.)
      [*][b]Description of the Economy[/b]: 
      [b]Economy Type[/b]:
      | Specialization 1 | Specialization 2 | Specialization 3 | Specialization 4 | Specialization 5 |
      [b]Major Imports[/b]
      (Describe your economic system including the type of economy, the GDP in the Land Bio as well as the specializations chosen from the form. Outside of Land Bio information, be sure to tell us about how your economy operates going slightly beyond just saying "free trade")
      [*][b]Description of Resources[/b]: 
      [b]Native Food Production[/b]:
      [b]Native Energy Production[/b]
      [*][b]Description of Your Nation's Military:[/b]
      [b]Military Doctrine[/b]: (Specialized, Quality, Quantity, Balanced)
      [b]National Attitude[/b]: (Pacifist, Neutral, Defensive, Projecting, Combative, Aggressive)
      [b]Military Focus[/b]:
      6 :[b]Army[/b]
      5 :[b]Navy[/b]
      4 :[b]Air force[/b]
      0 :[b]Expeditionary[/b]
      0 :[b] Paramilitary/Militia/Gendarmes[/b]
      (Military size, type and quality of equipment, strengths/weaknesses, etc.[Size should be at most 5% of your country's population most nations should be well below that])
      [*][b]History of your Nation[/b]: (Make it sufficiently detailed to take into account all territorial claims)

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