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New Player FAQ

New Player FAQ
Last Updated 23 July 2019

Welcome to NationStates! In the course of recruiting people who are new to the game in our region, we get a lot of questions back from them about NationStates, regions, and just how to get started and what to do. In the hopes of helping other players that are new to the game, we've comprised this list of frequently asked questions along with their answers. We hope that this helps you understand some of the basic aspects of the game so you can get a better start!

If you have a NationStates question that is not answered here, feel free to send me a telegram and I'll be happy to help you out individually as well.

What do I do in NationStates?
NationStates itself is a very simple game. You answer issues which change your nation's stats, and you can participate in the World Assembly, whose passed proposals also change your nation's stats if you are a World Assembly member. For many, this may be satisfactory, but for those that would like to do more or to interact with players, check out the "What are regions?" question below.
How do I change my stats (economy, civil rights, rankings, etc)?
Your nation's stats change based on the way that you answer issues, and to a lessor extent on passed World Assembly proposals if you are a member of that body. If you want to change your stats in a particular way, answer issues in a way that will benefit it...for example, choosing a pro-business option if offered will usually raise your economy.
What about my population?
Unlike other stats, your population will grow at a fixed rate over time, at a rate of about a billion every six months. There's nothing you can do to change this rate, you just have to keep playing and have patience!
I answered an issue wrong! Can I go back and change my answer?
Not immediately, but eventually you'll get the same issue again. Just answer it a different way when you do.
What are regions? Why should I join one?
Regions are portions of the NationStates community that have their own unique people, culture, government, activities, and allegiances, much like guilds or clans do in any other game. No two regions are alike, and one will potentially offer a vastly different experience from another, so selecting a region is probably one of the most important decisions that you can make, especially if you want to socialize with region-mates or participate in group activities.

As an example of what a region can offer its members, check out Wintreath's region guide here!

Regions recruit to new and returning nations because that's the best way of bringing in new people, which they need to do in order to maintain their communities and grow. If you do not want to receive recruitment telegrams, you can block them by going to your telegram preferences, selecting block all beside the Recruitment telegram type, and hitting the Update Filter button.
What is the World Assembly?
The World Assembly is the in-game equivalent to the United Nations, and it's page can be found here. From there you can join the World Assembly and view any proposals that are up for a vote. Once you are a member, you can vote on proposals and endorse other nations. Nations need two endorsements in order to submit proposals to the World Assembly, and the nation with the most endorsements in each region becomes its delegate.

Please be aware that while you can have multiple nations in the game, according to game rules you may only have ONE nation in the World Assembly at any one time. It's recommended that you use the same email when creating all of your nations, so that you will receive a warning if you attempt to join the World Assembly on one nation while you are already in it on another.

Delegate? What's a Delegate?
The Delegate of a region is the nation with the most endorsements in that region. While most nations get one vote when voting for a resolution, the delegate gets a vote for every nation that has endorsed them. The delegate of a region may also have access to the regions controls, which allows them to update the region page, send telegrams to every nation in the region, eject nations from the region, and more.

Because the delegate of a region may have such powers over them, many regions have controls in place to ensure that the delegate selected by their own customs remains the delegate. Please be sure to read any rules or laws on endorsing other nations in your region (these can usually be found in the World Factbook Entry at the top of its region page).