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The Elite Eleven [Incomplete]

For a brief period in Drawkian sports, a group of eleven extremely skilled players dominated not just one sport, but the 4 popular team league sports in Drawkland. They're also skilled at other ventures (Olympic-types, for example), one each to his own specialization. There was a brief period in international sports where Drawkland sent out the Elite Eleven to represent Drawkland as the national team.

  • Craig Bakker (#16)

  • Dominic Southers (#0)

  • Elias Keys (#10)

  • Jaxon Madison (#1)

  • Mike Rodney (#11)

  • Nicholas Kingston (#8)

  • Richard Hanson (#2)

  • Roger Apollo (#17)

  • Ross Hunter (#5)

  • Septimus Xander (#7)

  • Trevor Garnet (#22)

They each take up a single position on a team, except for basketball, which some are benched. In all other sports, however, they all play a unique position, to each their own. Here's a list of the rosters used when the Elite Eleven play that certain sport:

Starting Pitcher: Jaxon Madison
Closing Pitcher: Elias Keys
Catcher: Richard Hanson
1st Base: Ross Hunter
2nd Base: Roger Apollo
3rd Base: Nicholas Kingston
Shortstop: Craig Bakker
Left Field: Septimus Xander
Center Field: Mike Rodney
Right Field: Trevor Garnet
Designated Hitter: Dominic Southers

Goalkeeper: Septimus Xander
Left Defender: Elias Keys
Center Defender: Nicholas Kingston
Right Defender: Craig Bakker
Left Midfielder: Trevor Garnet
Center Midfielder: Dominic Southers
Right Midfielder: Richard Hanson
Left Forward: Roger Apollo
Withdrawn Forward: Mike Rodney
Right Forward: Jaxon Madison
Center Forward: Ross Hunter

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